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New to aneros and what happened on my first time yesterday
  • LantisLantis
    Posts: 3
    Hello to everybody, I've received my first aneros yesterday. it is a new mgx model.
    after all I've read about it and the many videos I saw I really wanted to try it.
    I'm not really new to anal play, I've had the doc johnson's magic wand and a nexus, and haven't felt much..(I haven't used them a lot though), however I wanted to try the aneros, because it seems a more serious toy, patented and reliable. so I bought it.
    I'm a gay male, but even though I'm in my mid twenties I have never had anal sex. it's somehow scary and painful , but I'm really curious about it. Im very desperate, I'm a bit over anxious so anal sex has never happened . so I though maybe a toy was better to start.

    anyway, here is how it went for the first time: I put a condom around it (I'll explain later why), and I inserted it, (I was sitting on my chair). it all went in, with a bit of problem, but it went in, easily, to be the first time.. I lied on the floor on my left side and bent my right leg higher than the left one.and IMMEDATELY started feeling like the toy had touch something insidde me, a weird feeling started and the head of my penis was really really PURPLE. what shcoked me the most was that I had just lied on the floor for around 5 seconds and BAM! my dick's head was purple and biiig , and my breathing started to go faster, I started thinkong, no way no way it's comming NO way. I even put a shirt on my mouth, because I was not alone in the house (just in case of the moaning :P ) so I stayed there with this sensation for around 20 seconds..I started precumming but after those 20 to 30 secons..the feeling fade away and never penis was limp ....
    I read that you have to be aroused before you start the insertion...I watched some porn, but I don't know why, when I'm about to have anal play it is hard for me to get horny... I think I get to excited and cannot concentrate properly .....I tried the aneros in many positions but nope nothing else happened....however the best positions seems lying on my side with my left bent...that makes me precummmmm, even though I had sometimes the feeling of the end I wanked and the orgasm felt better than a normal wanking session .
    another thing, about the contractions.. I felt some involuntary contractions, but everytime one came, I sort of couldn't control my muscles and ended up making a deep contraction and that screwed it :S
    I got the twitching feeling I've read about...but everytime I felt something involuntary or that the aneros was moving inside me...I screwed it with a deep contraction :( don't really know how to control myself or what to do.. I've read that you have to enhance the feeliing or to foster the sensation with gentle contractions.....but I couldn't make it!
    what really pissed me off was that the p-tab never stayed where it is supposed to be pressing! grrrrr
    and my aneros kept tilting to the left side , everytime I contracted deeply, the handle would press against my butt cheek and that really pissed me off! it sort of slips from my preineum center.
    what can I do to solve this?! I even tried putting a small piiece of toilet paper and nothing.....this was what pissed me off the most!

    I want to try it without the condom, but here's my worry. I bought the aneros here

    in internet it's a web page like ebay for latinamerica (I'm from Mexico ;) ) and when it was sent to me, the plastic box where it is kept is sort of open on its sides..I mean I could take it out without breaking the plastic ..since I don't do I know that the aneros hasn't been used by another person before :S ? so I washed it with water and soap, alcohol and then washed it again in very hot water, just to be sure.. but I'm not sure about inserting it without a condom. was your package a but open on it's sides like that? and what can I do really desinfect it properly?


    I don't understand , once inserted and comfortable with it.. some people say you have to be realex and other that you have to get horny! which one?! I have problems getting horny with it don't know why!!!! I miss wanking I guess :S

    after that I went to the supermarket and while I was driving I started the contractions again...don't know why maybe my ass felt sort of weird? and I got some nice weak sensations in my penis heheheh :D

    I won't be using it for a day or two, I'm a little sore, because I'm not used to it's form.

    I would like to read your comments please !
  • gm501gm501
    Posts: 87
    It sounds like you are having great sensations already. So I think you are on the right track.

    Regarding the packaging, I've noticed that the packages are not really sealed very well and are rather flimsy. But the device itself is very easy to clean and sanitize, so I wouldn't worry too much about that.
  • ViggenViggen
    Posts: 20
    Don't sweat it if the P-Tab doesn't always stay in the center. It sounds like you had a good ride even with out it in the center all the time. Some of us have cut off the handles on our Anreos, This helps in a couple of things, One you don't bump the handle and two it tends to move more freely without the handle rubbing against the butt cheeks.

    You will get better with your contractions as you have more sessions under your belt. It's all a little new to you yet.

    As far as the cleaning sounds like you already cleaned it properly. Good luck and have fun.
  • newbie2009newbie2009
    Posts: 268
    Congratulations on a good starting session. I like an occasional condom-lube session with lube inside and outside the condom. -- see the Wiki on this.

    My definitions:

    Relaxed = being comfortable with it inside you. it's temperature is the same as yours and the lube is well distributed so that it "floats." I've started thinking of this as a 'mating process.'

    Horny = Interested, anally stimulated. Maybe not ejaculating for 24-36 hours before the session. At the start this is the horniness that you feel in your penis and pelvis. After a few sessions you may feel a prostate horniness.