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Is this really only a gay thing?
  • I am really hesitant about this whole anal thing. I don't have a girlfriend right now (totally not getting laid) and I just bought a Fleshlight. People keep talking about the Super-O and I'm just not sure. I was repulsed when I heard about this queer guy giving his 15 year-old brother the thing. Any words of encouragement? I'm still very much on the fence, so much so that I'm still on the other side.
  • jonsterjonster
    Posts: 8
    I would have to say no tha this isn't a gay thing. I'd have to say this is a mature sex thing, an exploration thing an alternative health thing with excellant side benefits.

    Several of the folks who post on this are married or in a relationship with a woman. myself I have been married 17 years with the same woman. I have had the Aneros MGX for almost two years and my experiences have varried. When I bought it, I was in an explorartory mood after one night in bed with her in which we explored somethings and she tickled the right spot. At the same time we (cause I bought it with her ) picked up a book called

    Anal Pleasure & Health: A Guide for Men and Women (Paperback)
    by Jack Morin (Author)

    Whic the people in the store said was a better explaination of how things worked. before I even started with the Aneros I read the book. I did a lot of research prior to putting it in on things such as safety and health even though I had bough the aneros as I was very nervous but excitied and open minded to it. I personally have not regretted it. One of the more interesting Web sites I found was the benefit of prostate massage. One of the more humorus things I have discovered is that Doctors do this and charge a fee just like they did to women a century ago to treat hysteria. Doctors used to use Vibrators on Woman to treat depression and hysteria in women. Now I think those are an over the counter device :)

    I think that this maybe the next revolution as you will note that the advent of Prostate Cancer, one of the big killers of men, is on the rise and that studies have shown that prostate massage is preventative medicine. I like this because it isn't a drug. One of the beneficial things that has occured is that when I am with my wife I last longer in the saddle. So hopefully that clears up your question.
  • cetcet
    Posts: 32
    The Aneros isn't designed as a product specific for any particular sexual orientation.

    Rather, it is a device that is exceedingly good at stimulating several of the key components in the male body that contibute to a sexually euphoric state.

    Ooh, that actually sounds like great Ad Copy! ;)

    The rub (pardon the pun) is that in order to best access these areas, the Aneros takes the most direct route for solid contact, and that just happens to be where the sun don't shine.

    Whatever your sexual orientation, if you are a male, the aneros can be put to work for you as a tool to heighten your sexual experiences.

    There is always a good deal of confusion among straight men, and believe me, there was a time I asked myself the same questions (i.e. Does exploring anal play make a person gay or bi? etc.), but frankly, I personally consider the answer to be one of partner preference, not what I do with my own body to maximize my experiences.

    Of course, this could turn into an age-old debate, and that's not what we're all here for ... regardless of orientation, we're all looking for that extra something that we can incorporate into our lives to make them better.

    I do hope that helps, and remember, you'll hear from all sorts on this forum, so take everything you read with a grain of salt, and do only what you personally feel comfortable with.


  • gourdygourdy
    Posts: 20
    It is definitely for almost anyone of either orientation. Anal has the gay stigma attached to it...its a taboo subject for most people. You have to learn to reject societal views in order to understand the truth here.

    Dont be led astray by the inklings of the masses. Pop culture nullified the soul of individuality.
  • I am 100 percent str8...i have had several gfs into fisting me seemed gay ..but they wanted to do it...i of course suggested it ...=)
  • Aneros is not a gay, bi, or straight thing, it's the Aneros.
  • InverseInverse
    Posts: 36
    Dude, everyone has the same body parts as everyone else. Thinking giving yourself pleasure in the ass is gay is like saying jerking off is gay because you're touching a penis.

    OMG, there is a penis in your hand... your penis! You must be gay?

    Now replace the concept of playing with YOUR penis, with playing with YOUR ass.

    Get it? It's fucking masturbation for gods sake. How can it possibly be gay?

    Not to mention, dude we need to get out of this fuckin' sexual blockade we got going on this century. Did you know that once upon a time anal sex in general was considered gay? Like if a guy wanted to give a girl anal, girls thought he was gay right off the bat. Aren't they stupid?

    Also, less than a century ago, going down on someone was considered gross and unsanitary and pretty hardcore. Silly as hell to think about that now!

    The point is, sexuality in general is really stuck in the stoneage even today. The prostate is like a female gspot, just in guys. They just recently really talked about the Gspot in women less than 20 years ago. We're fucking infants when it comes to sex dude. We're repressed, closeted people. The idea of anal pleasure for men is stuck in that same time zone of bullshit, where WE are like our GRANDFATHERS putting taboo on stuff that's pretty fucking innocent.

    I hope in 100 years people laugh when they hear "LoL what? Pegging was considered gay? How about if a chick did it?" "Yep! Most guys didn't even know they could have orgasms in there." "Oh you got to be shitting me".
  • 2-year old thread necromancy here...
  • InverseInverse
    Posts: 36
    FUUUU, someone necro'd this and I didn't notice. ><
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Not to worry Inverse! :lol:

    The problem is still the same. Thanks for the remider EB81. Inverse, your rant is a great addition!

    More infonecromancy:

    OK All, more fresh ideas on combating this male-wounding social paradigm we have transcended???...

    orgasmic bioenergetics open and available for all men

  • Indeed artform, let's re-frame the question:
    Is Aneros a catalyst for an ontology / epistemology through orgasm for all humans?
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Hi again HB! :D

    Indeed artform, let's re-frame the question:
    Is Aneros a catalyst for an ontology / epistemology through orgasm for all humans?

    I couldn't agree more! Care to begin making notes here on this? I'm game.

    How has your journey been unfolding/recreating?

    all knowledge and being within without