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Tell me how much you love the Progasm.. I want your reviews!
  • I have not purchased an Aneros product yet and being that I am into anal stimulation I would like to hear everyone's reviews for the Progasm. Pros, Cons, and what it does for you in comparison to the Helix and other models. Thanks you all so much.. I look forward to having my first super-o and I want to purchase the right one.
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,460
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    Hi charlottean,

    Welcome to the Forum.

    In regard to choosing a first Aneros model, I recommend that you first read the following : Selection Guide from the Aneros HOME page, "Choosing a Model" from the WIKI and “Which model is best for new users?” from the Community Polls Forum. For additional information and reviews, you may wish to read the Sticky: ANEROS THE NEXT GEN, PROGASM, & PERIDISE REVIEWED.

    While the Progasm is a perfectly good model, it is not the model I would suggest for a first time user. Typically, I recommend either the Helix or MGX as a first model. If you choose the MGX (or SGX) and purchase it through the Aneros website you can also get a money back guarantee from the company.
    If you read the "Insertion" paragraph in the WIKI and follow those suggestions you should have no problems inserting any of the models.
  • newbie2009newbie2009
    Posts: 268
    Althouth I write as a nube that came here with very limited anal experience I second rumel's nomination regarding models of choice.

    The Progasm is a great muscle bulking tool and be there no doubt that it's, "inthere."

    I think though that, agility counts big at the start and that's where rumel's recommendations shine. If you've already got the muscle bulk, the smaller tools will help with muscle definition and delineation.

    ng9. Toolbox: Helix, SGX, Progasm, Eupho (and a couple of offbrands that were a waste of $$$)
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  • gm501gm501
    Posts: 87
    I would also suggest you NOT start with the Progasm. I have one, but I don't use it much anymore because I get more from the Helix. But I know a lot of guys love it, so it is very individual.
  • I know I can handle the progasm's size because I have been known to enjoy dildo's once I got past my obvious reservations. I happen to love the full feeling of a dildo while I am cumming.. however I do understand that this is totally different. I guess I may try both the progasm simply because I like the full feeling and know I would enjoy its larger size but I think that the helix will probably do more to stimulate my prostate which is something I haven't actually experienced yet.. Dildo's were more about the intensity of not being able to squeeze down when I climax which makes it so very intense. I am very interested in experiencing what you all call the super o.
  • eddy99eddy99
    Posts: 26
    I started out with MGX and then got the progasm and really liked it now I use the peridise almost all of the time.
  • Practice with the MGX (and Peridise if you wish) first for a while and then move to the Progasm but I wouldn't recommend starting out with the Progasm. The Progasm is very nice and I consider the Crystal Wand, MGX, Peridise, and Progasm essentials when it comes to prostate massage.