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Traumatic Masturbatory Syndrome (TMS) (off topic)
  • Anybody ever heard of anything like this or have experience with this problem....because according to this i have been jerking off the wrong way my whole life....

  • InverseInverse
    Posts: 36
    I couldn't tell you if it's normal or not, but I've never heard of someone rubbing against something else like a mattress to get off. I can see why it would cause problems.

    I bet most of the guys who do this are circumsized. I am truly willing to bet.
  • well that is one of the things that they discuss....using a mattress or pillow to rub up against but i have never done it that way....i just use the old but i was more saying the leaning over the mattress kinda like the missonary position....i have noticed a decrease in my sensitivity and the lack of being able to orgasm during oral sex....this guy claims that jerking off that way puts alot of stress on your penis....if you read the whole thing you will get wat i'm saying...he claims the proper way to jerk off is laying on your back....

  • :shock: :?: :idea:
  • newbie2009newbie2009
    Posts: 268

    Very Very interesting. Makes me wonder if I should choose another position with my progasm instead of my stomach. hmmmm :shock: :?: :idea:

    I'd not sweat it but adopting popo's belly pillow might be a good ploy if one takes this seriously. :)

    A mattress never turned me on and I've always been more imaginative and better lubed for belly mb.

    The "Off Topic" (OT) note was somewhat of a misnomer. Theres some data in there on measuring abstinence versus horniness. Possibly worthwhile when assembling a weeks worth of conflicting activities. (Dame Aneros, sig-other, etc.) Particularly valuable for the "more mature" set with a refractory no longer measured in minutes! :roll: