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Another leap forward with peridise - 'dry' orgasms
  • VicViperVicViper
    Posts: 17
    Hello everyone,

    As you may remember, I purchased the peridise beginners pack last year and have been experimenting on and off with it. It's taken a while, with plenty of less eventful sessions and the odd jump forward (butt flutters, involuntaries, etc), but a couple of days ago I had my biggest success so far.

    I was lying in bed reading a book that night, not really thinking about anything arousing when I started to notice that the way I was sitting in bed seemed to be pushing on my prostate slightly, causing a pleasant warming sensation and a sense of fullness.

    I put my book down and started to concentrate on the feelings, and after a couple of minutes the warmth started to spread and vibrate as involuntaries started. My penis started to get a warm buzzing sensation that syched with my prostate and grew more and more pleasurable. Soon I started to have what I can only describe as a 'dry', totally hands-free orgasm that went on for about 15-20 seconds. It was quite gentle compared to a regular orgasm, but every bit as nice.

    I then popped my largest peridise model in, and after about 10 minutes of adjusting to it the feelings returned, along with a new feeling that I have seen mentioned here, a kind of squirming or rolling of the muscles around the a peridise and an intense rush of electric warmth around my penis and prostate. I had two more dry orgasms, both lasting around 10 seconds each, before I was too tired to go on.

    The really interesting thing is that since then, I've gotten almost constant 'radio chatter' from my prostate, I feel much more aware of its presence now and it starts sending warm, fluttering sensations at the slightest touch. My whole anal region is also similarly sensitised.

    This may sound silly, but It's almost like how I'd imagine having a vagina might feel. My prostate starts to engorge and the muscles twitch at the first sign of arousal, and the surrounding area lights up like christmas tree and almost begs for something to be inserted in it ASAP. It's not an easy sensation to ignore!

    It's truly wonderful that men can experience so much more pleasure just by exploring themselves honestly and doing what feels good regardless of public preconceptions of male sexuality!
  • The_BishopThe_Bishop
    Posts: 836
    'radio chatter', I like that! I need more 'radio chatter' myself!
    Good luck with future sessions. :D
  • TipherethTiphereth
    Posts: 146
    VicViper, the stage you describe I think is a time where the pleasure you get from
    this sort of thing is amplified by many times or the pleasure will increase rapidly session to session.
    Start makeing some sounds, moans etc. Make especially when in orgasm and the sound will combine with and help circulate orgasm energy.