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Newbie Aneros Helix Gen. Anul Query
  • Hi,
    I looked at a lot of threads for some advice but .. i'd just like to share from my own perspective.
    I've tried using it half a dozen times & would like some further tips.

    The aneros has a habit of slipping out of it's advisory correct position, and will twirl out of place.

    it also states stimulation of the penis is unnecessary but an errection seems to aid me in gaining better contact with the prostate & keeps the Aneros locked in place

    Also, a build up of wind happens after a not so long period of full insertion & i wonder if this could be hindering the Aneros's performance.

    I tend to lie on my back. When i of tilt my hips ever so slightly upwards, i also seem to get better contact.

    I tend to get frustrated in the end and masturbate with the aneros inside me. I must say, it decreases the distance/ force of my ejaculation...

    Anyways... If someone could hellp, please post your advice:)

    On a slightly different not.When i thrust the aneros in and out of my anus, ussing it as a dildo as such, i get a build of pressure and it causes me to urinate.
    Is this normal?
    Am i doing something wrong?
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Welcome big_fella!

    Do I detect anxiety in your post? Every man's journey here is unique, and we all need to see what our body, actually integrated body/mind, has to tell us as we experiment and integrate what happens as we explore this great potential.

    It is great that you have been reading the sections of this site, butt ultimately your body/mind is your primary guide for you in this adventure. Patience is essential, for some it takes months or more. The guidelines are assists and reference points, not rules applicable to every man.

    I would suggest first that you refrain from using your aneros as a dildo. This may add confusion to your body/mind expectations and trigger system, slowing your prostate awakening and the sensations your have read about. Do you empty your bladder before sessions and refrain from liquid intakes for awhile before too?

    Are you beginning your sessions aroused, but also relaxed, having no expectations?

    When this "habit of slipping out" and "twirling out of place" happens, are you making contractions, or lying still and awaiting involuntaries? Do you get good perineum contact from your p-tab, or is it not making contact when you position your aneros?

    There will be the personal right path (or paths) for you as you relax into the various approaches here and explore which and what is going to work best for you! :D

    let's see where we all get to as we each journey ever onward

  • Hi, Thanks for your response.
    I had a session of the aneros there (before reading you post) and it's the best I've had so far.
    I did everything I've done previosuly but nothing.
    I then lay flat on the floor and was twirling at my flacid penis & the aneros began to give off sensations... but i was interrupted and had to start again.

    I then found this to be my best position. Standing up, and thrusting. This proved to be the best. Gravity continually pulling the aneros out of m anus but my thrusting was yanking it back in, so to be speak... Unfortunately, i found it difficult to keep the rhythm and the pleasure/pregasm stopped.

    I tried thrusting in every other position but all were unsuccesful.

    I'm beginning to think, perhaps, I may have the wrong Aneros?

  • InverseInverse
    Posts: 36
    No you don't, honestly I think the thought "I have the wrong Aneros" is a phase. Look at my post history and a lot of peoples post history and it's the same thing. In fact in the wiki it has that on the list of milestones. You're just going through what we all did. :)

    First off, you say it keeps slipping out... now let me ask you this, are you doing slow, yet strong contractions inward to keep it in place? Not an in-out-in-out rythm exactly but a slow intake and then holding it into position?

    You see, for weeks I thought I had to produce the motions of the aneros myself in and out to stimulate the prostate, but I realized after a particularly long session that really, what you want is a kind of "pressure" on your prostate, allowing your muscles to "squeeze" the aneros. You want to relax, breath and focus on these slow contractions and then hold them. 15 seconds at first, then 30 seconds... relax, yet keep a little tension, then squeeze again... adding a little bit of strength at a time.

    Obviously, this can make your muscles tired down there. You're not used to it. But when you think about giving up, give it that extra squeeze and hold it, hold it... keep repeating that for some time and then let go. This may be difficult at first, when I first discovered that this is what they meant by contractions I didn't have the strength to continue. I felt that pleasure SURGE through me but just didn't have the endurance in those muscles to do it for very long.

    It's getting better by the week. Like any muscle, they grow strong, and have more endurance and definition.

    What is amazing is the involuntary contractions. This is a BREAKTHROUGH for me I'm sharing here since making a new thread seems silly. You know when you do pushups? Try doing as many pushups as you can until you hit muscle failure...

    You know that last pushup? The one you just can't do? You push and push but your muscles are shaking and you can't go higher?

    Well the PC muscle eventually will do that. You'll squeeze so hard and gentle for so long that eventually it starts "shaking" and doing rythmic contractions all by itself. The aneros just shivers in and out due to this action and you keep going until obviously you just have to release due to exhaustion... then repeat the process a few seconds later for another surge of pleasure.

    I was doing it all wrong. I was trying to force the toy to do as I pleased and although it felt good, it wasn't until I learned this "squeeze" that it took a life of its own.

    Aneros forum vets, this technique seems obvious to some of you, but I honestly never saw it written or understood until now.

    What helped me, honestly was the Hypnoaerossesion by Rummel. The woman on the CD told me exactly what to do. When she started saying "...hold it, hold it, keep squeezing..." I was like "well wtf, I can't squeeze fore~...oh shit!"

    You guys really need to make that technique clearer. What a fucking difference!
  • That post was beautiful and revelatory, Inverse. Thank you.

    All this time I've wondered what everyone meant by holding contractions. I've been doing the "in-out" thing and while I've felt some really good sensations, I haven't made significant progress.

    I'll have to try it the way you suggested.
  • Iceman99Iceman99
    Posts: 12
    Very nice post Inverse - I've just recently started getting a bit of an understanding of what I need to do, and your post is pretty much bang on.
  • WoodsmanWoodsman
    Posts: 102
    Great post, Inverse. It’s comments like this that encourage me to hang in there. I have just had six sessions with my new Helix and now understand that the initial learning process, at least for me, will take some time and patience. On first use I was pleasantly surprised to find that insertion was easier than I expected, and once in place, the tool was more comfortable than I thought it could be, in fact I fell asleep for a couple of hours. What was a little disappointing was that I felt absolutely nothing, other than its presence. Nothing from the prostate, or the perineum. I began wondering if I even had a prostate. I didn’t expect a whole lot, but I thought there might at least be a little tingle. The second session was a little more promising, I discovered that with strong contractions, there was a slightly different feeling from what must be the prostate. No pleasure attached to the feeling, but at least it was distinguishable from the general sensation that something was in my rectum. This is partly, I’m sure, due to the fact that there’s never been anything in there except my doctor’s finger (and he didn’t say anything, so I assume whatever he felt was normal). So I am starting from ground zero. Same with the perineum, I have never paid any attention to this area until now, and try as I might, I can’t identify any sensitive point. It seems that part of the process is learning to isolate the subtle signals from the magic organ from the “noise” of all the other nerve endings in the area, and part of is to wake up the organ to stimulation it’s never had before. After all, we’ve spent our lives convinced that all the action was at the “delivery” end of our genital system and never giving a thought to the “production” end.
    This forum has been a tremendous education so far, and I am grateful to all the participants who have spent so much time and effort to help us beginners. I remain confident that the Aneros will do for me what it has done for so many of you.
  • Hello & thanks for your reply.

    What i meant from slipping out was... When i begin to do the contractions, it will tilt to either side of my perineum.

    Perhaps i do have to put more time & focus into it but it was totally sensational the pleasure i was getting from thrusting when standing & doing the squeeze.