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Sedation at dentist aneros use after??
  • PromassPromass
    Posts: 84
    Hey so i have some issues with several teeth i need iv sedation so the dentist can perform this work. I will be sedated today and driven home by the dentist. I read that the iv sedation makes you very relaxed would being in this very relaxed state be any fun with the aneros?

    I am taking tomorrow off due to this and could spend the day tomorrow rocking my aneros collection. So has anyone tried this i get pretty excited thinking about it.
    I will probably not be back on the pc today as the procedure is at 4pm and around 5-6pm i will be brought home and likely go to bed unless i try the aneros.
  • gm501gm501
    Posts: 87
    I hope your procedure went OK. I suspect that after a procedure requiring sedation that you wouldn't be in much of a mood to do anything, including using the Aneros.
  • PromassPromass
    Posts: 84
    Well the procedure went ok my mouth is not in pain just sore i had to have several dead/neglected molars removed. I lost them when i was younger but never had the money to get them taken out. Anyways when i got home i was a bit groggy but also pretty happy probably because i had finally managed to get the needed work done.

    I went to bed later and did not use the aneros but my body was acting like i was using the aneros i kept on having pulses and contractions of my rectum and prostate area. I tried to ignore it but it resulted in an erection that led to a bit of pre cum and p-waves before i finally fell asleep lol.

    I have to go back to the dentist this morning just for a check up to make sure blood clots are setting correctly in the now empty sockets to avoid painful dry socket. If all is good i may hope to have an aneros session as my last one was 5 days ago and i have been having these dry aneros urges at night.