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how close was I to a super o?
  • john dohjohn doh
    Posts: 1
    I dont have that much experience with the aneros. The only position that it feels good for me is if Im laying on my stomach. Well I have used it for about a month now and everytime it seems to get better and better. Last night I had been using it for about twenty minutes before I started feeling pleasure waves. Started in my feet and radiated all the way up my whole body. They kept getting more and more intense. With in seconds it seemed like I could feel my heart about to pop out of my chest and my breathing was going crazy, waves of very intense tingling shot through my whole body(toe to head), my brain felt like it was "cloudy" and I felt like I was about to just shake uncontrollably but I never made it that far. I felt like I was right on the brink of a super o but never crossed over. I didnt get that orgasm feeling if you know what I mean. I tried to get there again for several hours and though I still got pleasure waves and felt good it was NO WHERE near what I had felt before.

    For those of you that have acheived a super o, do these feelings feel similar to what you felt? or is that a super o? Is the super o an actual orgasm without ejaculation or is it the feelings that I described above?

    Im curious because it felt like it left more to be desired and I want to reach that point. I was starting to have doubts about a prostate orgasm until last night. I just hope that it gets better because I didnt feel fulfilled. Like I was almost there but didnt quite reach it.

    Also different methods that I have tried have been unsuccessful. The one that got me to where I was last night was I tightend up just a tiny bit and layed there. When I started to feel the really really intense pleasure I couldnt help but tighten up more. Is there a guarenteed way to get to where I want to go?
  • gm501gm501
    Posts: 87
    Sounds like you are very very very very close to a super O. Let it happen, but don't force it.
  • Sounds like a good session, don't worry about it. Just enjoy the ride. It'll come in good time.
  • MartyBMartyB
    Posts: 80
    I have been at this point many times with the same thoughts. Even after my 1st Super-O, I find myself here often. Getting close can sometimes make us expect more. Expecting it, is the first step to not getting it, trying to get it, is the second step to not getting it.

    I've had one super-o in my sleep, so I can't tell you what the feelings and sensations were leading up to it. I can say I wasn't expecting or trying a thing when it happened.

    When I put the pieces of the puzzle together, I'll let you know.

    Hang in there, just enjoy everything. Let every little (and big) sensation come as a complete surprise to you. When your mind is ready, it will really surprise you.

    Enjoy the journey,
  • TremeloTremelo
    Posts: 141
    Hey John, I'm relatively new at this too, but I've knocked myself out exploring it, am enjoying some great results, and have a couple of observations for you.

    The process is aided by increasing awareness of your own muscular process of having orgasms. Some of these can be explored (and become more familiar with) during "regular" hands-on masturbation (or, heaven forbid, during some kindly lover giving you great head), and (especially in my case) during "non-super" prostate orgasms.

    In particular, we have a certain muscle behavior for "holding back the orgasm," and another for "letting go and releasing." It's been important for me to "learn" them because I have a tendency to get up into pre-orgasmic bliss and then plateau there myself.

    So when I feel myself sort of "stalling out" in the plateau phase, I do one of three things. Whereas I've mostly been letting the process guide itself, I intervene with these "active" moments to start rising from the plateau again.

    Sometimes, I trigger my "release" muscle action, which doesn't necessarily lead to the orgasm itself, but at least kicks me up from the plateau into a new bliss (which feels much like "whooshing" spew without corresponding expulsion contractions), and then the automatic responses start me back higher up again.

    Sometimes, I engage my "hold back" muscles (i.e., trying NOT to have an orgasm) and hold them for a minute or so, feel new pressure building up, and then release them to let my automatic responses take over again.

    And sometimes, I've learned that a single quick outward thrust of all the activity (in effect, pushing me "full" in the opposite direction) gets me out of any "rut" and sets whole new involuntary responses in motion.

    Worth noting: I have found that familiarity with that "release" muscle action has been absolutely essential to achieving unambiguously satisfying orgasms. (Only the "deep in the back" anal orgasms don't seem to require that conscious "unlocking," but I find them the least satisfying, personally.) So make it a point (during ANY of your masturbation) to learn to feel this "unlocking" in your body. If you like, during regular hands-on masturbation, become especially aware of your "holding back" reflexes, and then notice the specific muscle behaviors associated with "deciding to let go."

    I find "deciding to let go" (and basically allowing the key muscle to "twitch" in the opposite direction from the hold back instinct) either leads to the orgasm itself, or takes me up to ever-higher levels, in which the pressure to come builds up ever further, and I can "let go" again, and it usually cycles up a few times before I actually DO come.

    Now, I didn't learn this myself so explicitly from "hands on" masturbation, but rather from learning to have reliable prostatic orgasms (i.e., that are less completely overwhelming as the fabled super-O's themselves). These (eventually) "easy" prostatic orgasms came from learning to apply and maintain light/middle tingling pressure against my prostate until the ecstasy and pressure built up so much that my body itself "taught" me to "burst."

    Personally, I've found this process easier to master and study while viewing porn. That is, "taking in" the arousal within the porn, and feeling every nuance and escalation that I observe as a heightening of the activities within me pressed against my prostate. (I have, incidentally, become so conditioned now that I can have these same kinds of orgasms to porn without any device insertion whatsoever.) I.e., everything that excites me within the porn, I feel as an addition to the vibration within me, a heightening-upon-heightening-upon-heightening-... Point being, I've needed the porn stimulus to learn to let myself feel "egged on ever further."

    (Perhaps hilariously, I also find "talking dirty" TO the porn to egg me on further as well. It makes me feel like I'm "participating" in a way that really maximizes my internal churn.)

    And just to be clear (because I remember feeling many of your same confusions only a couple of weeks ago myself), when you have the "non-super prostatic orgasm," you will not feel any doubt about it. You'll feel as if you're gushing a geyser of spew so hard that you're painting the ceiling with it. (I.e., even the "non-super" orgasm is absolutely fantastic.)

    So I'd suggest working on that for the moment. Even as I've become quite advanced at this, I still find I need to let rip a few of those first before I can then lie back and relax and let my body know what it's doing toward the deeper and more profound super-O's. I've had some fantastic super-O's at this point, but so far never without first "reminding" my body how to have an orgasm generally (with the more deliberate process of applying tingle against my prostate).

    Hope this helps. Reply here or PM me if I could explain anything better.