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peridise=exercises kegel?
  • plantationplantation
    Posts: 253
    hello all small information j' has; the peridise my question uses is by using the peridise we make exercises kegel? my second east question can one hope after several months d' drives with the peridise to have the same result that this video? thank you for your assistance
  • GrandTigerGrandTiger
    Posts: 325
    Yes Plantation, using the Peridise or any of the Aneros devices is an excellent enhancement to doing Kegels. The contractions are the same, but much more effective with the Aneros devices.

    I watched the video, though I wish I hadn't, but I did not consider it to be anything extraordinary. I would have thought that any healthy guy would be able to do the same. So I was not inspired by this ungroomed guy's performance with his very mediocre and rather ugly looking piece of equipment!