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Customs Clearing experience
  • alvalv
    Posts: 179
    After a long wait finally I received notification to collect the parcel from the post office. I was pleased as the content was a Helix a Eupho and a competitors model ordered over the internet. Now this may not be anything special to most of you – but living in Dubai it was a small achievement as I had to circumvent the Internet provider's block of this site and also the distributers (sex shops) are also banned on the Internet her in the United Arab Emirates.

    Anyway I arrive at the post office, parcel gets fetched, sent through an x-ray machine, a Emirati lady dressed in a abaya fully covered head to toe only here eyes are visible, she inspects the TV screen and orders the parcel to be opened for inspection. My thoughts “bye bye what bad luck”

    She inspects the products, she picks out package containing the Eupho, holds the package by extended two fingers as if it were contagious, looks at it from all angles, but fortunate for me her English comprehension and reading skills were well below average so she could not make sense of what she is looking at, she asked me to explain what it is, I simply answered “recommended by my doctor - they are the latest personal massage aids” with that she closed the box and I was on my way home.

    Two nights later the Super-O, that is another story.
  • It's a shame that where you live there can be closed minded people. They should have realised that this site is not a pornography site. It should not have been blocked. oppression....
  • GrandTigerGrandTiger
    Posts: 325
    Hello Alv,

    You can get around ISP blocks easily with VPN. I recommend this:

    Then you emerge on the internet anonymously in Zurich and cannot be traced back to you. Only $5/month.

    But better still, get your ass outa there while it's still only two or three ft away from your head!!!

    Best wishes,

  • Anon17564Anon17564
    Posts: 57
    To quote Steven Fry:

    "Religion: Shit it."

    There's nothing immoral or perverse about pleasure, and I really wish this was the common view point. Congratulations on the excuse, though: enjoy the Aneros, you earned it.