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What is the best Aneros for milking the prostate for chronic
  • I looked through the forums where it talked about when you should do milking and when you shouldn't (something to do with bacterial vs non-bacterial).

    Either way, I have to go to my doctor twice a week to do the milking, for 2 months, and pay 35 dollars each visit, not withstanding that it takes me 1.5 hours to get there.

    So which Aneros is best for me?

    Things you need to know / teach me:

    [1] I will be doing this almost everyday. Do you think having one with a wide diameter all over would not be a good idea because it would stretch my rectum too much?

    [2] Do you think it would be good if i get a big head because that way it will be easier to massage the prostate?

    [3] Which Aneros has a flat head instead of a pointy one?

  • I think it depends. Does the doc try and release fluid built up in the prostate (milking) or is the purpose of the massage to oxygenate the area and aid blood flow (massage)?

    Each of the massagers work a little differently for each individual. The Helix is a little more vigorous than the MGX, while the Eupho is more subtle. The Progasm is big but not big enough to stretch you and it will give a massage to the entire area.