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Newbies first time
  • icemamicemam
    Posts: 1
    G'day all. Had my first ever session today.

    Basic background - Never have done anything like this before, but was curious, and intrigued by some of the posts here. Happily married - not gay. Using the Helix model.

    So, I did this on the couch - on my back with legs up/bent. Went in fairly easily - had the sensation that I needed to poo on the way in (and when taking it out), but assume that's normal. Was watching a porn to get me aroused (not sure if this is the right thing to do or not). Didn't get an erection unless I was touching my penis. Tried to relax, and focus on breathing, but my mind really tends to wander, so the focus part will be tough for me.

    Didn't really feel it massaging anything, and didn't really feel the perenium massager do much either (might have been expecting too much, and yes, I believe I did have it in the correct way).
    A couple of times, I got a weird sensation in my chest like something was building up, but it never really lasted. A couple of times I had a breif buzzing feeling in my anus as well, but quickly dissapated.

    Had to poo in the middle of it all, but after finishing that, and cleaning up, I went back to it.
    Second half seemed to go better, as I started mastrabating along with it, and this really seemed to help, but I'm thinking the Helix was helping the mastrabation. The climax of the mastrabation was more pleasureable, but nothing mind blowing.

    Just wondering if any of you can offer advice on what to do with my next session, and maybe when I should look at trying it.
  • Diesel2215Diesel2215
    Posts: 105
    Hi Iceman

    Its a good thing that you felt any sensation at all. I suggest is to read the WIKI and some of the post on this thread to get advice. I also did exactly what you did. In the beginning I also masturbated, but this is not the way to go. You should not touch your penis at all.


  • Sounds like you are right on target. It will take a few sessions just like this one before things will get going.

    Perhaps try a few insert and forget sessions ignoring the toy altogether and just relax and watch porn. You now have to let your body get used to the aneros (rewire).

    Dont expect too much and dont look for something to happen. When you are ready it will happen all on its own. This is not something that can be forced.
  • IndyguyIndyguy
    Posts: 2
    It can take awhile to really get much response - but keep trying! I agree totally with Diesel2215 when he advises not to touch your penis at all while using the Aneros - your goal is to separate orgasm from ejaculation. If you play with your penis you're just reinforcing the old habit that has you linking them.

    One thing that I found critical in achieving continuous orgasms was conditioning the muscles that allow you to pull the Aneros into your rectum. Practicing Kegel exercises (basically, using the muscles that you would use to stop urinating mid-stream) are a huge benefit. I had to practice till i could contract and relax these muscles over and over, for minutes at a time (and believe me, you can get some painful cramps while you're building them up).

    Since you're not gay, you may find the sensation odd at first, but try contracting and relaxing your pelvic muscles in a slow and steady rhythm. The Aneros will move in and out, slightly, with each contraction. Try varying the strength of the contractions - sometimes I find that tiny, barely perceptible contractions repeated for several minutes can lead to some earth-shattering orgasms.