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45+ min dry orgasm?
  • Hello everyone,

    About a year ago now I had an one off session where i reached a dry orgasm that wouldnt stop! i measured it to be over 45mins and had to masterbate to ejaculation to stop myself from having the dry O as i needed to go somewhere. Not to mention taht the ejacualtion was increadible as I had that underlining dry O while having a wet one on top.

    I ahve never been able to re create this and wanted to ask if anyone has actually had a dry O lasting that long? Im not talking about successive dry Os but one long one with no dips in pleasure at all?
  • Has no one really had such a long dry O happen like this?

    I would like to recreate it but so far I havnt had any luck at all.
  • It almost sounds like you were on a kind of high, hahaha.

    A 45 minute orgasm?

    WOW. :shock: