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Very basic newby type questions
  • zebrazebra
    Posts: 1
    Hello everyone.

    My wife and I have just started using toys in our lovemaking for the first time ever and that's how I came to find out about the Aneros. I was wondering how usable people find the Aneros for "ordinary" (perhaps not the right choice of word...) sex, bearing in mind it seems to take a long time to reprogramme the body to enjoy it in the first place. My wife has a new vibrator, which she loves (of course!) and we wanted to get something to improve sex for me. I wouldn't want you to think that I'm not prepared to spend the time to learn how to use the thing, but how practical is it for people to use in couple sex? We do have time constraints, in that we both work, and have a young child, so sex-time can be limited somewhat. Is it possible to get to the point with the Aneros where it would be useful in a 30 minute session or is that unlikely?

    I have the MGX by the way.

  • The aneros will give you an immediate boost in sex but the sensations from solo play will be differenet.

    If is unlikely you will be able to have multiple dry orgasm while having sex as it might in solo play however this is not impossible. You will not need time to rewire to have fun with the aneros during sex.

    I would caution to be carefull once you have solo sessions not to compare them to intercourse as for me anyway the sensations are very different.
  • helixbillhelixbill
    Posts: 148
    After using the Helix and Eupho in solo sessions for a couple of months I find that I can have multiple dry orgasms while having intercourse.

    It is also possible to start having the orgasms within a couple of minutes of the beginning of intercourse.

    One thing that I think has made a difference for me is the practice of KSMO Meditation which I highly recommend as a companion to Aneros use.
  • newguy8762newguy8762
    Posts: 198
    Hey...great question. I think alone time practice definitely helps tune your body in to the new sensations and gives you a chance to explore and learn in a way that you're not feeling performance pressure or worried about your partner getting bored, loosing interest and such. Once you get the hang of it on your own or if your relationship is such that your wife really enjoys taking her time pleasuring you, you'll get a real kick out of using it together, I think. Doing it on my own helped me learn what to feel for but doing it with my wife has been extremely fun too. My wive LOVES to watch me writhe in ecstasy. She loves sucking my nipples and balls while I have the Aneros in. It gets her hot. You should all be so lucky to have a wife like mine. We sometimes use it in foreplay. I'll bring her to orgasm by hand first, then insert the Aneros, she'll play with me for a long time and then we finish with intercourse. During her period, she sometimes just likes to "do me"...sucking my nipples, package, etc. for an hour or more without any expectation in return. She likes using the Peridise herself from time to time. It really has spiced things up and made for a more intimate time together, that's for sure. Enjoy!
  • newbie2009newbie2009
    Posts: 268
    Started using the Helix on Valentine's day just for sex. (I had no clue about MMO etc.) We've had seven or eight encounters with it and all have been good. Bought it as a replacement for a p-vibe that wouldn't stay in place. This device stays put, is smooth enough to not cut you and leaks less than other butt-toys I've tried.

    (Hadn't read all the package instructions and hadn't checked the website--just lubed it a lot and we were doing our thing. I liked the "bulky" feeling near my prostate. Wife liked some of the 'micro' pelvic moves I adopted to enhance my senses. She also likes to get my reaction when she tweaks the handle. Tied a long shoestring to the handle on one occasion.

    We've tried the SGX once and even though it didn't really shove against my prostate it did make for a good flow of pre-cum, about what I used to produce 30 years ago.

    I liked anal play with the ribbed stem to shorten my refractory and keep my interest active going. The MGX shares that stem so you might give it some play.

    Warning, if you get into big play (large contractions and big "bear-downs" with the SGX; and, probably with the MGX), you are applying steadily increasing pressure during the 'downstroke.' When you get to the end of the tapered stem, there's no 'stop sign' there and you transition onto to a smooth surface where you loose your grip. That recently happened to me (fortunately not during sex). The SGX was ejected and catapulted several feet. Then there was a large butt-burp. Might be an "unwelcome distraction" :shock:

    Because of possible leakage we don't do Missionary when I've used a liquid lube. When we plan Missionary (which my wife likes) I don't do a heavy pre-lube.

    My prep for sex is simple. I don't bother with an anal rinse (enema). Just use a small amount of pre-lube and plenty of Crisco with some Prep-H for tool lube. There's no need to 'establish a meditative mood' so, do the insertion in the shower and it's off to the sack or massage table.

    Cleanup is with Dawn. It does a good job on the 'used' Crisco.

  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,443
    (Note : Underlined Text is a Hyper-Link)

    I have one note of caution for you. I would NOT recommend that you use Preparation H as a lubricant. There has been and continues to be much discussion on this Forum regarding types, efficacy and safety of various employed lubricants. Preparation H is not intended to be used in the rectum, it is a topical application designed to shrink swollen hemorrhoidal tissue when it protrudes outside the anal opening. It contains numerous chemical constituents whose toxicity through long term usage when absorbed through the rectal lining are not documented. It also contains a topical anesthetic which will have the effect of dulling the sensations you might otherwise feel while using your massager. You may be limiting yourself from achieving your highest level of sensations if you are anesthetizing your prostate, anus and rectum!
    There are many other effective lubrications you may employ that do not have the drawbacks of Preparation H, please opt to use one of them, so you can enjoy an even more intense ride. Whatever compound you ultimately use, if the label reads "FOR EXTERNAL USE ONLY" you should think long and hard about using it in your rectum! From the WIKI - "Introducing any chemical compounds into your rectum has inherent risks of toxicity. Please remember your rectum’s lining is a very permeable membrane allowing chemicals to pass directly into your bloodstream, which is why medical suppositories are so effective. You certainly do not want to inadvertently poison yourself, be safe and only use personal lubricants specifically permitted for internal use. Most veteran users recommend use of water based lubrication, with the simplest chemical formulation possible." I suggest you re-read the Lubrication section in the WIKI for guidance.
  • newbie2009newbie2009
    Posts: 268
    tks rumel. Well written and, very much appreciated !!!

    Was aware of that warning or a similar one, perhaps a decade ago. I thot they'd modified the formula.

    My current use had been just a small smear around the lower edge of the Aneros stem. I fully share in your thoughts and will stick to just Crisco during intercourse.

    I'm an easy bleeder so try to take care. I've got a surgical appointment in a couple of weeks to debrief a Colonography so will ask the surgeon for his/her suggestions.

    tks again.