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Major, major progress!!
  • OBoyOBoy
    Posts: 18
    Hi Everyone,

    My last post a few days ago told of what I thought was really good progress. Approx 3 or 4 dry orgasms of good intensity (my only comparison has been regular orgasm through ejaculation) in a row. Short duration but nonetheless really nice. I could quite happily have lived with repeats of that session for each subsequent future sessions and been content with what the aneros has provided.

    Well, the slippery sucker showed some more colour and shocked me again, and all this progress in only a week after approx 4 months of just nice tingles and some severe, almost painful, full body contractions.

    I'm still shaking after my last session that just ended. Full of energy oddly but a burning need to tell the world.

    I managed the same dry orgasms within I think about 15 minutes. These were roughly of the same intensity that I'd had before and about 5 minutes apart. This was great again I thought, but I realised what it was that made them come on. Apart from the deep belly breathing which is essential, I found that if upon feeling the aneros touch my prostate I said in my mind something like "god that felt good" it somehow bolstered the feeling. After repeats of this I found I could sustain and even intensify the next dry orgasm.

    I repeated the theory so many times over about 2 hours (checked the clock after) and experienced so much:

    1. A dry orgasm that increased in intensity and felt like I was continously cumming for, I dunno, it felt likes minutes.

    2. A full on single intense wave like orgasm including a sensation straight after like something was tickling the inside of my anus. This feeling also intensified the more I relaxed and continued the deep belly breathing and kept telling myself how good it was. This then moved into several more dry orgasms - no idea how many, I just kept it going - that stayed at high intensity for much longer than the first ones i had.

    I found once I was at orgasm it was relatively easy to stay highly aroused and induce another orgasm.

    3. Now, I thought there couldn't possibly be anymore. Oh no! I was about to give up so started to really relax and just naturally went into more deep belly breathing. This time I had a dry orgasm - incidentally every one of the dry orgasms feel like i am ejaculating but I'm not - but I continued to stay relaxed and breath. And all what follows is accompanied by an intense continuous wave that seems to cover all of me. I'm grinning all the time.

    At this point I had moved my legs far apart - sorry, should have said i was on my back - with my left leg resting on the bed and my right leg at vertical or slightly more of an angle. My right leg and bottom began twitching uncontrollably but would dissappear then reappear. I decided not to think about it.

    Seconds later I could feel my prostate like it was swelling. My heart rate was always fast and beats like a drum when I'm approaching orgasm and at orgasm but this seemed to move down to my stomach now. It felt like my stomach/torso was expanding. This culminated in a long period of feeling the worm like tickling in my anus, with the full on intense wave over me and a wonderful intense pulsing of my lower abdomen - no idea if this was my stomach muscles or even a bit deeper than that like my prostate. It felt fantastic is all I can say and just feels like the orgasm is centred in my lower abdomen. And it lasted forever, or at least feels like it's never going to end. My body finally gave in after a few minutes and the feeling subsided at which point I called it a day and checked the clock.

    I cannot believe how much pleasure this little thing has helped my body produce. I feel like I've had 3 different types of orgasm and multiples of each all in the space of 2 hours. Ejaculation is great don't get me wrong but this is mind blowing.

    Even though I've tried to describe the feelings there is no way I could have related feelings to words until I experienced the feeling myself. It's true what people say, "You will know when you are having an orgasm."

    My immense thanks to those who've offered advice and also who contribute to this forum. I'm enjoying the journey more than I could possibly believe possible.

    Good luck to all.
  • CarolinaguyCarolinaguy
    Posts: 67
    Excellent! Just got there myself recently and I know the rush.
    One of the first things I did was post my experience. The cool thing is that you know it's only going to get better from here. Congrats!
  • Diesel2215Diesel2215
    Posts: 105
    Thanks Again for posting your experiences, it really motivates me to carry on.

  • helixbillhelixbill
    Posts: 148
    Thanks for mentioning the deep breathing and relaxation, that was the key for me when I started just a couple of months ago.

    I still have to remind myself to relax and just let it happen. I find myself 'trying' and have to back off to a relaxed state.

    Glad to hear of your progress!
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,782
    Thank you for such a good post OBoy. :)
    It's a good reinforcing reminder for me to keep following the relaxation route.

  • OBoyOBoy
    Posts: 18
    Relaxation and deep breathing are definitely the keys. I too find myself speeding my breathing up naturally as arousal intensified and I now notice when I'm doing it so force myself back into deep, long breaths. It's as if the time just after exhaling a deep breath naturally intensifies any nice feeling I already have. A faster and faster shallow breath increases nothing. Maintaining a slight contraction on the aneros to hold it on a nice feeling whilst deep breathing as arousal intensifies has been something I found difficult but now find easier with practice.

    I've had such a restless night's sleep as I've had this constant itch on my prostate that I hadn't noticed before. I tried deep breathing and relaxing just to see what would happen. Another dry orgasm but this time without the aneros. Not as intense but really surprising.

    I thought that might be enough but the arousal never dissipates. It's like I tell myself enough is enough, I stop thinking about what I'm doing and just when I think I might actually get some sleep the arousal begins again. This has been going on for hours but has finally subsided. Talk about after effects!
  • Damn that a great post.

    hough i have to admit that non relaxation i.e chasing sessions can still be very pleasureable although they have never culminated in anyhting for me.
  • OBoyOBoy
    Posts: 18

    Thanks for the support and glad people find the information useful.

    Between session times have been something of a new experience to get used to, in addition to the sessions themselves. Most of the time I can feel a definite itch-like feeling on my prostate. I notice it more when I'm not mentally engaged in other activites. Although requiring mental agility and concentration, driving my car does accentuate the feeling, maybe because of subtle vibrations and the fact that sitting is putting pressure on my perinium.

    The prostate itch, if accentuated, always seems to keep me aroused. It's a pleasant feeling and I've managed to achieve some dry Os just by relaxing and breathing in a seated position on the sofa. All very nice, and all without the aneros in place.

    I've had 3 really good sessions since the last post. Tried with the SGX, MGX, Helix and my Progasm. All produce results. It doesn't seem to matter which one now. My body seems permanently turned on to the sensations I feel inside as opposed to the feelings I obtain through my penis.

    The session before last produced 3 full-body shakes. My legs were shaking as were my arms. But also my body seemed to generate some resonance with the bed as it went into spasm rapidly centred at my pelvis. The feeling during the spasm, which lasted about 30 seconds, wasn't as intense as other orgasms but the feeling felt much more intense when it ended, like I was drained.

    My last session was the best and lasted for 3 hours but felt like an hour. Many dry Os were had using the Helix, no spasms this time.

    One dry O was particularly intense. It was similar to a few others in that I could feel my heartbeat really strongly in my abdomen. This feels like a pulsing wave in my stomach and at the same time feels like my stomach is tightening up. I kept relaxing but also kept telling myself how good this felt. The more I accentuated the feeling with praise the more the feeling spread outwards and up into my chest. I could feel my whole torso and head beating. The feeling was quite eupohoric and had me thinking of nothing but the sensation. It had taken me over completely. I can feel my heartbeat racing now just thinking about it. Fantastic. This felt much more intense than a traditional orgasm and continued for minutes. A little lul in intensity for a few minutes and then the heartbeat would come back strong again. I was worn out after this so ended the session.

    I'm constantly surprised by what is possible, and I think I now at least experience something similar to what my partner feels when she has multiple orgasms. Whilst we can never truly experience the same thing being 2 different people, we have discussed the feelings we both have and she describes the feelings in much the same way as I feel them.

    This journey just keeps getting better.
  • The_BishopThe_Bishop
    Posts: 862
    Great posts oboy, very inspirational. :)
  • hlaser99hlaser99
    Posts: 785
    Hi OBoy!

    Way to go, Man!

    Congrats on your success!

    Keep us posted on your continuing techniques . . .

    Later, Hlaser99