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Possible Breakthrough for troubled user
  • hamptonbdsmhamptonbdsm
    Posts: 50
    I thought I'd share an interesting experience I had recently. I've been using all 4 models of Aneros for approx 2-3 years with limited success. The only success I've had is lying on my stomach where I have some mini-O's about 10-15% of the time. I don't usually squeeze but just relax and let things happen.

    The other day I decided to try something different. I had to run some errands and decided to insert the eupho (my least favorite and never had 1 mini-O) while driving around etc.

    When I first got in my truck I noticed that things felt pretty good right away. After a few minutes this subsided. Over a period of 2-3 hours I would start to feel some good feelings that would come very very slowly and subtle and then would fade away. Often these feelings seemed to be triggered by riding over bumpy or jouncy roads. Even though this happened a bunch of times it never got to the point of a mini-O or anything else.

    But then at one point I was parked and it started again. I closed my eyes and waited to see what would happen. Eventually I noticed a pulsating action of the Aneros that was rythmic but going all on its own. I had NEVER had "involuntaries" before but I think this was the first time. This was accompanied by a slow building sensation that was a mild sort of mini-O but then it faded.

    I continued on and a few miles down the road while driving I started to feel another buildup but this time if felt stronger. It felt like it was in my prostate area or centered in my pelvis and pictured it like a small gumball that was starting to grow and vibrate at the same time. I started to wonder if I was going to have my first super-O while driving! I didn't want to change anything but got a little nervous and pulled over. The feeling lasted another 15 seconds and then faded.

    Soon after I had to go home and remove the Aneros, but I'm wondering a few things:

    1. Did the seated position provide the same angles as the back/knees bent position? I've never liked lying on my back because I feel like my legs always want slide down and I can't relax..

    2. Did the seated position put added pressure on the perineum that isn't possible without contracting the Aneros which in my case has almost always been counterproductive to any pleasure I was feeling?

    3. Were the bumps and jouncing from my truck providing the correct stimulation while still allowing me to relax therefore circumventing the catch 22 of having contractions kill the pleasure?

    4. I drive a diesel pickup and it has quite a bit more vibration at idle than a gas truck. I found that while standing still this seemed to give a little bit extra.

    5. This was done with the Eupho which is a solid last place on my list considered with its performance with the other 3.

    These are just my observations but I'm hoping some with more experience might be able to analyze what happened and see some common threads that might lead me to try something different in a "normal" session.
  • churneychurney
    Posts: 42
    hamptonbdsm I am glad to hear you are making progress. Can I ask the general area that you live and drive? .... so I can stay off the roads.