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Ever good to hold your breath
  • I instinctively hold my breath when I get hit with a P-Wave and then have to remind myself to breath again. Is there any benefit to taking a deep breath and holding when sensations begin or should I train myself out of the practice?
  • Hi all,

    I'm a fairly new user of this product and I am starting to have pleasurable sessions. I have been getting p-waves (repeatedly) in my sessions and once it hits I find it dissipates almost as quickly.

    I did a search and found this post from December around holding your breath. I tend to do this while not even thinking about it - it just happens naturally. I also find that my legs and toes tense up and my back arches a little bit forward. It is about this time that the p-wave goes away.

    I am doing my best to just let things happen but this goes against the idea of being relaxed.

    Any advice? is holding your breath a "bad" thing?

    Thanks in advance.
  • thhnthhn
    Posts: 426
    I have been reading the book "Tantra Between the sheets" and that book teaches to do just the opposite and realax, breathe. To move the energy from the pelvis though the spine to the brain.
    I would say no to holding your breath
  • J4J4
    Posts: 124

    No matter how you slice it, holding your breath CAN NOT be the answer! Forgetting to breathe during p-waves is natural so don’t sweat it. Holding your breath does seem to momentarily heighten a pleasurable feeling, though, doesn’t it? Search this site, or youtube, for tantric breathing techniques – I use a beginning tantric “larynx breathing” style to get me through my session fun spots and keep me conscious.

    After awhile and your body lets you have 20 minute p-waves, you will begin to see the necessity of mastering some sort of breathing technique!

    The other “technique” I use is just plain experimenting. I have no idea when I had my first p-wave – I wouldn’t have known what to call it. Then when you first start getting them and knowing what they are, you’ll do anything to keep them coming. But for me, the p-waves came for awhile and then left for awhile.

    Keep having sessions and eventually they will come back – they have for me! And then, when they are coming over and over again, you will get the chance to see what combination of muscular tension, contractions, relaxing or rhythmic breathing brings about the best results.

    Keep at it - the p-waves may go away for weeks (like mine did), but just "log the hours", keep a good attitude, and they will come back for you to play with!

  • BadgerBadger
    Posts: 777
    Hyperventilating works as well, at least for me when I normally O. I read about it in a magazine article a long time ago, and I tried it the next time I ML to my wife. It really kicked things up quite a bit. Just as the sensation of ejaculating is starting, I start to breath fast and heavy, and when it goes, WOW! Autoasphyxiation does seem to work, but trying to strangle yourself before you O many times leads to an untimely death, unless you try it by holding your breath.