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New to everything need advice
  • Hey everyone. I'm new to stimulation in my prostate and I never even used a store bought dildo before. I used 1 finger in my hole a couple months ago. A couple times I put dried prunes in my butt. Last week I peeled a banana and put about 4" of the fruit part lubed with spit up my butt and it felt great. Is leaking pre cum normal if you have something in your butt?

    I wanna buy my first aneros. Am I breaking in my hole right? What else works good? I'm pretty skinny so what model would work best? What kind of lube is good? Guys say you gotta re lube it but how often? If they send the package what name is on the box so my creep family won't know?

    How long do I leave the aneros in for first time I use it? Will it hurt my shit tube? Will I bleed? Do I have to clean out my tube with an enima before I use it? Does the thing that presses you inside bend or is it stiff?
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,460
    (Note : Underlined Text is a Hyper-Link)

    Welcome to the Forum,

    Please check your Message Center for a PM I sent you that will help you get started with some of your questions.

    “A couple times I put dried prunes in my butt.” I would advise you to be extremely careful about inserting anything into your rectum. The soft tissues in there are easily damaged and any abrasion exposes you to bacterial infections from the introduced object. Please exercise caution and good judgment to avoid needing to make an appointment with a proctologist to rectify any damage or infections. I would advise you to use commercial personal lubricants and your own fingers to massage your anus to prepare yourself for Aneros use. Other foreign objects may cause minor damage and lubricants used should be sterile.

    Pre-cum emissions from the Cowper’s gland is normal due to objects being inserted into the rectum.

    I would advise you to do extensive reading in the WIKI, first go to the FAQ section for answers to some of your questions.
  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,335

    i am not sure your post is serious.

    if it is: do not insert stupid things into your rectum.

  • PolecatPolecat
    Posts: 57

    This has to be a goof! No matter how it ends up, it's pretty obvious how it started.

    Dried prunes? Spit and mashed Bananas? FarmBoy? What's next, getting caught in the corn crib with a Roastnear up his "s@#t tube"?

    Please! LOL!

  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,778
    Rumel, that was a fantastic and well worded response to GAfarmboy.

    I'm rather surprised by darwin's and Polecat's responses, as I find them to be both abusive and harassing. Which in my mind does not fit into the spirit of this forum of users that has in most cases shown themselves to be helpful, considerate, and polite. The Aneros Terms of Use makes it very clear in The Discussion Forum area that they do not want people to post material that is abusive or harassing. Even though GAfarmboy's post was unusual, he gave no clear understanding to any of us that it was a joke. And thus, much like Rumel did, both himself and his questions should be treated with all seriousness and respect.

    I can assure you GAfarmboy, that as a regular member here, that darwin's and Polecat's responses are not indicative of the overall tone of this forum. So please do not be put off from participating here. We want anyone that joins in here to feel welcome and safe to ask any questions about Aneros use, prostrate massage, and all the other related topics that go along with this.

    Love is Peace
  • Love_is said:

    Rumel, that was a fantastic and well worded response to GAfarmboy.

    I'm rather surprised by darwin's and Polecat's responses, as I find them to be both abusive and harassing. Which in my mind does not fit into the spirit of this forum of users that has in most cases shown themselves to be helpful, considerate, and polite.
    Love is Peace

    The problem here is love he put a peeled banana up his butt!! You have to be kidding me if you think that's possible without the banana breaking or squishing in your rectum. Dried prunes? You all understand what a dried prune looks like right? Sorry I'm with Darwin on this. Peeling a banana and then sticking it up your "tube" is almost an impossible task without it squishing or breaking regardless of lube (Note: he used his spit - you really believe that?). Let's be realistic guys.

    One thing I will say though GAfarmboy, you're "breaking" your "shit tube" just fine. :roll: :shock:
  • PolecatPolecat
    Posts: 57

    With all due respect, I think you're being a little thin skinned. Neither Darwin or myself were engaging in abusive or harassing behavior, to the contrary we were simply questioning the seriousness of this post. It occurred to me that this thread was created with much tongue in cheek by the author. I simply responded to it in kind. If anything, the author's comments were a little bit out of place here, really...."breaking in (his) shit tube" ? (Btw. I deliberately avoided spelling out his vulgar terminology in my previous post).

    As I made clear, and ArticWolves made clearer...the details of this individual's "history" are just plain silly. It is highly doubtful that any of it is reality based. For example, what possible reason would a guy have to stick dried prunes up his butt? To relieve constipation? If there is some untold erotic pleasure in such a practice, perhaps GAfarmboy can enlighten us all.

    At this point I'm more inclined to believe that someone was a day or two late with his April's Fool jokes!

  • Thanks for the understanding rumel and love is. I'm straight and totally new to anus pleasure. I live in the sticks and there is nobody in the whole world i can talk to about this except you guys. I should have said green bananas because the're harder and prunes if the're cold dont melt. I figure if you can eat it its safe to put it in. Not weird like I heard some guys use like tooth brushes or pens.
    Anyway I was gonna get a smx cuz I'm skinny and new to this. I was hoping somebody could help that's all.
  • Since you're new to this whole deal I would stick with something manageable. The SGX is a great choice if you are shorter I think. However, if you're like 5'10" then go with the Eupho or if money is an issue go for the MGX. Both are equally good and not as hard to insert.

    I apologize for the misunderstanding but you're the first I have heard to successfully put a banana in your "tube" without it mushing up on you. In the future, please heed Rumel's advice.
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,778
    Your welcome GAfarmboy. :)

    The SGX is generally considered to be a good choice if you are 5'6" or less in height. Otherwise, the MGX and Helix are the two most commonly recommended beginners models.

    I hope you continue to participate here in the Aneros forum. And I wish you well on your journey of personal discovery.

    Love is Peace
  • Just keep in mind that the helix has the same "tip" diameter as the maximus (1.0625") whereas the mgx and eupho have a "tip" diameter of (0.75") making it easier for insertion. If you're used to some anal play and think you can manage the 1" diameter than go for the Helix as I hear that is the recommended model for beginners. If you rather no stress about if you can insert that then go for the MGX or Eupho.