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support: problem w/ search
  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,353

    (1) in the Hijack This! thread, pepperlibido reports a problem with search.

    if you do a search, and then go to a thread, and then hit Back to return to your search results, you get the Search page not your Results page. This forces the user to re-run the search, and then go back to the page he was on. very slow.

    if the user was clever, he could open the thread in a new tab, thereby retaining his search list.

    but, the user should not need to be so clever

    (2) the search function needs improvements in the search engine. rather than using AND and OR, etc, it should use google-like scoring. for example, if i search for "oil lube" it should order the results so that those with oil and lube near each other are first on the list.

    the search function is a VERY IMPORTANT feature of the forum, to get the most value out of all the work that posters put into their posts. it would be a big improvement to the site if the Search was "modern".

  • Hi Darwin,

    Thanks for the information. For the search results problem, when you hit the back button you actually are brought to a "page cannot be displayed" page. Hitting the back buton twice will bring you back to the search page. The reason why the "page cannot be displayed" page comes up is due to an age long html form post issue of the GET vs. the POST method. We'll try switching it to a GET method and see if that helps.

    As far as the quality of the search engine, we are limited by the version of the phpBB 2.x codebase that the forum sits on. Tne newest version, phpBB 3, *may* have better searching capabilities, but currently it's not on our list of to-dos. We've got some other projects to complete before doing an upgrade from the 2.x.

    Aneros Support
  • Darwin-

    This may be old hat to you, but I'll mention it anyway.

    For searching this site I almost always use Google. Lets say you want to search this site for alaffia.
    In Google enter: "alaffia" (without the quotation marks), then click the search button.

  • Hello Darwin and Forum Members,

    The search has now been changed so that when you hit the back button after going to a thread from the search results page, the results remain.

    Aneros Support