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Hijack This!
  • J4J4
    Posts: 124
    A comment about the interesting post going around for “PLEASE HELP ME! I've TRIED EVERYTHING !”

    I watched the process unfold and 55 posts and 4 days later I’ll bet the user feels like he learned a lot in the last 4 days.

    I thought, how lucky for this guy, and yet, tomorrow or the next day – just like there seems to be every week – someone else is going to come through here in just about the same boat and they will have none of the benefit of the exercise we just did and all the energy we poured out trying to help this one guy.

    The process ended up being (something) like this:
    1 – Frustrated user finally vents after a year of trying his Aneros with no results
    2 – Experienced users ask him what he is doing
    3 – User makes a list
    4 – Experienced users immediately pinpoint several glaring issues in the Frusterated users process – both mental and technical approaches
    5 – Aha moment

    Here’s the analogy: It’s just like they do over at the HijackThis forum for computer users with problems. Frustrated computer users do a memory dump and experienced computer users immediately pinpoint the malware or worm that is infesting their computer and offer pointers to clean it up.

    Why can’t we make up a sticky to resolve issues? Give Frustrated users a form to fill out describing their technique and process.

    How long have you been using?
    What model?
    How often do you have sessions?
    How long are your sessions?
    What’s your lube?
    Do you clean out first?
    Do you pre-lube?
    How often do you end a session with a traditional orgasm?
    Are you on any meds?
    Any health issues?

    You get the point.

    Get a few problem solving “cases on file” and pretty soon we’ll be able to answer whole categories of frustrations with ease.

    Just a thought, and I’m willing to help – I just hate to see all the hard work and effort go into cold storage where the people who might really need it won’t find it.

    What do you think? Good idea or maybe I should go find a job in middle management somewhere and make processes for somebody else?

  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,355

    hey, thanks for thinking about this.

    my response is this: the wiki. it was supposed to be a place where users can get a lot of info at their fingertips.

    now, in this situation, momeister said "i have memorized the wiki." but... if so, then how could he not know about proper lubing? so, that is weird. my point is that we have at least one resource which does not fade away, as do posts in a forum.

    my other response is this: you are overlooking the fact that answering questions is a form of recreation for the "experts." how else could you explain somebody like, say, Darwin, having some 700 posts??? obviously, the guy doesn't have anything better to do.

  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,484
    (Note : Underlined Text is a Hyper-Link)

    I think you have a good idea here. It is very much in harmony with the spirit that launched development of the WIKI, the whole intent of the WIKI was to provide a central repository of knowledge gleaned from years of posts to the Forum just so users would not have to read the entire posting history to obtain that knowledge. As ‘darwin’ alluded to, this is where we want to direct users for information.
    As a frequent responder to user RFI’s (Request For Information), It is very difficult to respond in a specific manner when a user makes extremely general statements without providing details of their specific background factors and techniques being employed. With adequate background information I can become more specific in my suggestions and avoid being accused of saying “…amazingly vague and unhelpful things…”. I think what you are proposing, perhaps titled “Asking for Help”, could be incorporated into the Getting Started page of the WIKI. I invite you to write up that section incorporating all your ideas about the types of information a potential responder needs to know to answer these RFI’s as succinctly as possible. Then submit it to the Aneros Wiki Forum for consideration.
  • lynn2694lynn2694
    Posts: 96
    We need to add a WIKI for women! :wink:
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,140
    Do we have a volunteer...Lynn 2694?

    BF Mayfield
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,484
    (Note : Underlined Text is a Hyper-Link)

    We need to add a WIKI for women!

    Do we now? :lol:

    Actually the WIKI is for Women Too, as you can see for yourself. You are cordially invited to propose some information to be added to the WIKI, it is really a uni-sex volume of information. We would welcome any relevant information you feel would help other women in their quest for orgasmic fulfillment utilizing the Aneros massagers. You too, can submit it to the Aneros Wiki Forum for consideration.
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,140
    I agree with Rumel this is a good idea! It often takes quite a bit of back and forth to determine the background of a user before we can even consider their question! Very often the responding users find that the really pertinent information gets lost in a long narratives. Creating a form for How to Ask for Help could facilitate better communication.

    Personally, I'd like to see something that involves 3 elements:

    1) Question, eg. I'm having soreness after my sessions...what's causing this? Btw. there can be more than one, but should not exceed 2 or 3. More than 2 or 3 should be addressed in another post.

    2) User background (a questionnaire, as you proposed), I would also add to that list, Describe what type of contractions you use (duration and intensity)

    3) A space for a short narrative that fleshes out the details, eg.

    Last night I had a 2 hour session that ended with a few P-waves but no Super O. Most of the time I used strong contractions, maintaining them for several minutes each as I found that it was the only way to really feel the Aneros on my prostate. Immediately following the session I noticed some soreness which has persisted for a while now. I used plenty of lube. Am I doing something wrong?

    As Rumel said, if you have the inclination to do so, please submit something.

    BF Mayfield
  • AlanaAlana
    Posts: 32

    ...and for Women everywhere (and there partners) My Goodness! I guess it must be about time to address my own Aneros discoveries for the benefit of us all.

    I vividly recall, when voicing the HypnAerosession CD's, I was So turned on by all the visuals I had from the 'guiding perspective' ...that I ended up, totally wet, soaked and euphorically ecstatic afterwards. ---That was just from voicing it. Whew!

    I was happily given a Progasm (lavender-oddly the color I LOVE to accessorize with in my home decor) in the fall and I have been testing it out in so many ways to ease my curiosity all this time.

    First of all I find that I Love the feel of its ergonomic shape in my hand...I start to get turned on just from the feel of it. I start by stroking it in one hand as if I were giving my partner a hand job, and I was quite surprised at how much this gives me the beginnings of warm feeling all over my body and as I insert the Progasm vaginally, with the tip pointed upward, I am already very wet. The material it's made of allows it to slide in (and out) with such ease...and I love the way the shape allows my vaginal muscles to naturally grasp and glide over each contour and the difference my vaginal muscles feel as it travels slowly over each elevation, low and high.

    I start slowly moving it in and out with the handle looped around one or more fingers aimed at my G-spot, but it seems to find it's own way...all this while I visualize a sexual scene in my mind, of every possible variation, each one different, scenes changing all the while as I work the Progasm in and out, but I notice my natural light pumping vaginally, without any effort from me, allows it to work Hands-free! I can do this for long periods of time and the pleasure intensifies exponentially...and when It comes to the time for my explosive female ejaculatory, very wet final orgasm, after many major pleasurable ones. .. I realize the spasms from my vagina force the Progasm out of my vagina, at the end when I'm done.

    I lay there in sheer High Bliss as I use the Taoist Micro-cosmic orbit, that I have used for years...taking/drawing/inhaling the Bliss energy up from my vagina up the back of my spine (visualizing and feeling this happen) continue up toward the crown or top of my head and down toward my forehead, passing, my pineal gland/third eye (the point right between the eyebrows, then down in front of my body where I consciously store the energy at my navel and start the cycle all over again by inhaling the orgasmic energy back up from my vagina, up along my spine, etc. repeating this cycle, slowly easily, several times. As my head, mind, body and soul continue the slow-exploding ecstatic bliss for what seems like hours.

    For variations, I use the Progasm along with my other long time preferred method, the Hitachi Magic Wand. Through the years I found I personally don't like most Dils inside (I prefer the real thing) I use the Hitachi to stimulate my pub just above the clitoris and the sides or upper labia (so as not to desensitize it over time) always with a fabric on the skin since the Hitachi, on low speed is so strong, WITH the Progasm inside, no hands necessary... and on Full moon nights I include the small or next to the smallest Peridise ....ALL 3 at once while I visualize a myriad of sexual scenes I care to experience, in my mind.

    I've even used the Peridise and Progasm alone and listened to the HypnAerosession CD's and feel the deep intensities and always end each session with intense major orgasm and then finish with the Taoist Micro Cosmic Orbit which intensifies and prolongs all...that...deep, sexy, lusty, holy Bliss.

    What I love also is the lack of noise when used! No Buzz, no sound, so no one else can hear anything, through the door, walls, etc. So I can enjoy complete blissful privacy without anyone knowing, anywhere.

    I truly hope more Aneros users will introduce this to their female partners so they can enjoy the experience as a Couple, each with their own Aneros...Its not Fair...SHARE the experience...try it with her, then perhaps let her know you enjoy pleasure to Your P-spot, once she discovers how great you made her feel with Her G-spot... Pleasure On!

    Bliss to All

  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,355

    that is a great post. hearing about your experiences making the CD is fantastic!

    can you repost it under a new thread, something like "Alana's voice"

    meanwhile, back to the other ideas on this thread.

    ok, i am somewhat on board on this idea, and, J4, thanks much for advancing it. the repetitiveness of the posts is conspicuous, as is the pattern that simple questions get lost in narrative.

    i will say, though, that there really is a need being served by this process: these guys don't just want to get their questions answered. they want to "tell their story" and get into a discussion. ie, this is back to the recreational component of posting.

    moving towards a "form" will be good for some reasons, but also is a move in a bureaucratic direction.

    if a form were to help, then, i would say, it means that the wiki is not being effective in its mission. for example, i just had a look at the FAQ. don't you guys think that a FAQ should answer most of these basic questions???

    (1) are users even finding the FAQ? ie, is it prominent enough? as i think about it, we probably need a FAQ link on the top of the forum, next to the Wiki link, that links to the FAQ in the wiki. that single thing could make a huge difference in helping this kind of repetitive questions.

    (2) does the FAQ have adequate questions and answers?

    another component could be a simple checklist. this would distill the wisdom of the wiki down to its very essentials, eg:

    Checklist. Are you:
    - trying to learn how to give yourself hands-free pleasure by keeping your penis out of the festivities?

    - using an adequate lube and a lube applicator?

    - avoiding ejaculating at the end of your session?

    - starting with relaxation

    - avoiding hard contractions, even if you think they help?


    the point of the FAQ and Checklist is to catch really obvious problems without even having the user post anything.

    so, i guess my point is: i might be ok with this form idea, but i'd want to see more details, like where it is positioned on the site. but first i think we should also make sure that the WIKI, FAQ and possibly a Checklist are doing all they should be for the users.
  • BusterBuster
    Posts: 953
    Hey Everybody,

    I think that I agree with Darwin on this. I usually am skeptical when I read how guys have read "every post and the WIKI". You guys did a fantastic job with setting that up. I think that it is easier to just fire the question out to the forum than to look it up. I know, I have certainly done it. And that is just the WIKI.

    In the thousands and thousands of threads here on the forum, everybody must realize that their questions/concerns have been discussed before. Sometimes in great detail. I love to see it when some guy resurrects an old post and adds his comment to the bottom of it. There are some classic threads that I have learned a ton from. I have tried to use the "search" function here and did not get the best results from what I recall. Is there any way to tweak that function?

    I also agree with Darwin that some guys want to tell their story and I am all for that. I think that the blog area is a great place for that. I think it would be great to see a question from someone and be able to click over to his blog to read his story. In a perfect world, I guess!

    And Alana, that was a great post. Too bad it is going to be buried in this thread, you should move it somewhere else like testimonials or something.
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,140

    Fantastic post, I agree that this deserves it's own thread!


    The concept of having a form does not mean that there would be one way to communicate in this forum. It would just be another. Really, it's saying to people, here is the quickest way to get your question answered. There are many posts in the forum that are less about the question and more about the story. For them the traditional way would still be available. Having a checklist is a great idea too. I guess it's more of an all of the above kind of thing.

    A Got Questions? section should really incorporate all of these ideas. First it should encourage users to dig deeper in the WIKI as many answers can be derived from it. Secondly, it should discuss a checklist of items that should be included while creating a thread or posting a question to an existing thread. Third, it should offer a simplified form for those who want a fast-track method. Bear in mind that they are a lot of guys out there that aren't "writers" too, a form will allow them a simplified way of communicating while touching all the bases on the information that will be needed to effectively answer their questions.

    BF Mayfield
  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,355
    yes, i like "Got Questions?"

    it would be a link in the header next to WIKI, right?

    if so, then, to conform to that style it might look like this:


    it would include:
    - link to FAQ
    - link to WIKI
    - link to Checklist
    - link to Pose a Question form
    - link to Forum

    Let me add this: As a first step, we can easily create both the Checklist and QUESTIONS page in the wiki. for this the only help we need from support is to add the QUESTIONS link to the header.

    the Pose a Question form would need to be engineered by support, and is a much heavier undertaking.

  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,355
    ok, addendum or correction on my post above.

    maybe you all had in mind a "casual form" not a real web form.

    so, i suppose it could work like this:
    the QUESTIONS page has a link to an "Ask a Good Forum Question" page in the wiki.

    that page says something like this:

    If you want to get the best help from the forum, then COPY the following into a post on the forum, and fill in the blanks:

    [b]Which products are you using?[/b]

    [b]How long have you been using it?[/b]


    (note that we would include the bold macros around the questions so that when they paste, the questions will stand out)

    we'd have to have like 20 questions to cover all the bases, which might snuff the user's enthusiasm for this method of asking a question.

    i guess the main thing is this: nobody should put too much effort into this until we get evidence that users will actually use it

  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,484
    (Note : Underlined Text is a Hyper-Link)


    I agree with ‘darwin’, ‘Buster’ and ‘BF Mayfield’, your post was so nice it needs to be seen elsewhere, as its own thread. I think ‘Buster’ got it right about copying the post over to the Testimonials Forum.


    You’ve made some very good points. We can certainly expand and add Questions and answers to the existing FAQ section of the WIKI.

    I am concerned however about adding too much complexity to this issue or making it too difficult for users to post and receive feedback. Adding information and a recommended ‘Checklist’ of background questions for posters to follow can certainly be added to the WIKI fairly easily. Creating a new, separate ”QUESTIONS” tab and form would not only take engineering by Support but it also introduces a whole new level of complexity to the Forum, is that more hindrance or help? I’m don’t know.
    I agree with your statement “… we probably need a FAQ link on the top of the forum, next to the Wiki link, that links to the FAQ in the wiki. that single thing could make a huge difference in helping this kind of repetitive questions.”

    In my initial post to this thread I suggested a section “…perhaps titled “Asking for Help”, could be incorporated into the Getting Started page of the WIKI.” I am now thinking perhaps a new page – “Got Questions?” -should be added to the WIKI which could contain the ‘Checklist’ of information needed from the questioner for respondents to consider in their answers. ‘darwin’, I think your idea of having a copy and paste form from the WIKI is great. We could make it even easier for users by just having them fill in some blanks, thusly –

    I have the ______ model(s) and have been using them for _____ month(s). I use ____________ for Aneros lubrication and _______ for pre-lube. I have ______________ experience with anal play. I ejaculate about _____ times per ______ on average. My typical session length is __________ minutes and I have sessions about _________ times per _________. I do/do not usually pre-flush my rectum. I take _____________ medications for the following conditions __________________.
    My primary goal for usage of the Aneros device is to _________....

    This would enable one to quickly provide some basic background information without having to type extensively.
  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,355

    what you are proposing is very close to what i said. i am not sure you fully got what i said.

    - instead of having the proposed FAQ link in the header, have a QUESTIONS? link
    - that link goes to an overview page, which suggests to the various ways to get answers to questions, as i listed in the post above.
    - one of those ways would be the form.

    about the form, i don't like the idea of a paragraph format like you suggest. it doesn't make it any easier to fill in; it is constricting; and it is will be hard to read... my thoughts.

  • To me it seems that it would be nearly impossible to cover the many subtleties of what makes the Aneros sing. And then there is the all-too-human characteristic of reading the words and applying one’s own preconceived ideas to those words. I like the sports stadium analogy; 30,000 people witness an event and write a story about what happened… and no two stories are the same. (Maybe this analogy doesn’t apply here, but I like using the word analogy because the first four letters spell ANAL)! :twisted:

    But if you do go ahead with this I think the first thing that needs to be mentioned is a clear description of what the super-O is and what it isn’t. The following is the clearest explanation I have seen as to what the super-O is. (Aneros home page / Learn / Benefits / The Super-O, seventh testimonial down).

    “I got that feeling you get just before you CUM in an ejaculatory Orgasm only the feeling seemed to go on and on and on!”

    And a few sentences later…

    “The waves kept coming and coming. They always seemed to start with that PONR feeling you get in a regular ejaculatory Orgasm right before you CUM but they last LONGER and STRONGER and then those sensations turn into WAVES of pleasure.”

    And the second thing that needs to be mentioned is an erection has NOTHING to do with the pleasure received from the Aneros. Most likely one WILL NOT have an erection during Aneros usage.

    Anyway, that’s my 2-cents.

  • It's a great idea guys!! 8)

  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,484
    (Note : Underlined Text is a Hyper-Link)

    I agree with your statement – ”To me it seems that it would be nearly impossible to cover the many subtleties of what makes the Aneros sing.” but we can narrow the range for discussion purposes by establishing some boundary parameters.
    I believe the WIKI already gives a very good description of what a Super-O is and is not. This question already exists in the FAQ!


    I think we are pretty much in agreement about content and purpose here. What I was proposing is certainly open to re-formatting in other manners, whether it be a paragraph style, a list of questions to be answered or a series of fill in the blank statements. I think the point is we want to make it as easy as possible for the frustrated user to provide the background information necessary to get his questions answered as succinctly as possible.


    I think it is just about as easy to copy the form from the WIKI as it would be from a Sticky. I wouldn’t want to see a ponderous new sticky full of discussions about FAQ’s.
    Nothing that we are proposing here precludes users from posting in a traditional mode or “…to tell it like it is.” The form we are suggesting is a way for other members to more rapidly assess the conditions affecting a questioners practice habits.
    You said “I wouldn't want to type an additional story describing what my problem is after filling out the form.” Isn’t that what we ask of questioners now? Don’t we often ask the questioner to provide additional information? “That form seems scary to be quite honest.” What about it scares you?
  • AlanaAlana
    Posts: 32
    To Darwin, Buster, B Mayfield and Rumel...thanks for your kind responses, and I posted it in Testimonials, under Alana's Voice...

    Your dedication to the Forum is phenomenal Gentlemen, all your efforts and expertise is greatly appreciated.

  • J4J4
    Posts: 124
    I find the wiki is a great resource for newcomers and successful people progressing nicely down the path. It is full of wonderful suggestions and years of experience. Now-a-days I also rely a lot on the search function to research topics I want to find out more about.

    The process I am suggesting is to help along people who have developed a routine (50+ sessions?) and now are stuck. It’s a troubleshooting technique to get people out of a rut.

    When I originally wrote this, I was actually thinking of an old forum guy, Archie Andrews, who gave up after a year of trying. He was a guy who made an honest effort but couldn’t make it work – he didn’t make a lot of noise on the way out, just a value decision on whether to continue with the time and effort. I wonder if a quick analysis would have helped him… ArchieA did his own data dump and I think the advice we gave him back then was first rate, it just wasn’t working for him.

    In the give and take world of this thread, I would hate to add another layer of bureaucracy to an already efficient wiki. As ‘experts’ you guys form an admirable forum response team that helps us wayfarers travel through Aneros country – but in the end you can only show us the door, you can’t make us walk through it…

    Lastly, I agree with Darwin’s comment around will people actually use it. How about trying it out on the next unsuspecting user who comes in holding up the “Help Me” sign?

    Anyways, the thread was worth it if for nothing else than to precipitate Alana’s testimonial.

  • churneychurney
    Posts: 42
    Fantastic discussion. I would like to add my 2cents as a newbie. Age might also be added to the form, cause whats good for a 20 year old might not be good for a 55 year old.

    I found all the information available (Aneros instruction, Wiki, Sticky's and Forums) overwhelming in those first few days. The questions I had did not seem to be addressed in the FAQ's. The suggestions and instructions seemed to be contradicting. Then when I tried search I found two problems. First was that I was unfamiliar with the nomenclature here and second when I started catching on, each time I used search, after viewing one post you are unable to go back, forcing you to do another search on the same subject. I spent hours and hours and days researching and reading, trying to get one simple question answered. I gave up (became a member so I could post) and took the easy road and posted to the forums for an answer. The answer now is obvious, but at the time it seemed overwhelming. And now that I am learning my way around and the lingo you experts use.... I have found my original question answered in several places.

    I know this thread is aimed at the frustrated long term user. What might also help the complete novice to anal play and Aneros use, is a simplified set of start up instructions. Similar to what you are discussing here.

    Such as:
    Lube and prelube is a must... please follow the instruction found in the wiki.
    Do not contract as hard as possible your first time... Because this will overwhelm and hide the subtle sensations.... and so on

    Then at the end refer back to the multitude of places to find more specific help and guidance.
  • I use the ‘do nothing’ procedure proving that we are all different. Other then lube up (very important) I actually do nothing. After I insert the Aneros I just lie on the bed and wait for it to happen, anywhere between instantly and at worst 30 minutes (unusual).

    I was also overwhelmed, so overwhelmed that I tossed the ‘instructions’ away. I just hate instructions; I have brain damage and find it difficult to remember them anyway. Just get them mixed up. I don’t envisage that reading instructions (wiki and forum included) while trying to have a Super O would be very productive. I found that doing nothing worked and so I have never attempted to relax, any contractions, music, or porn. I just lie there and wait for it to happen. Once I got the multiples going and a 5 minute Super O (on my second attempt) I experimented with a few different positions and that’s it.

    Perhaps the ‘do nothing protocol’ should be added to the Wiki. I’m sure it would work for some, maybe those who try too hard might benefit from this approach.

    Alana. Thanks for your wonderful post.
  • AlanaAlana
    Posts: 32
    awww, Thank You, Pepperlibido, for your kind words.

    I'm hoping you and your wife can 'soar' even higher, if she's willing...I'm sure you'll guide her gently. If a man can get the woman to a 'high fever pitch' sexually, Before he offers something new to her...the Better the guarantee that she'll go along!

    Here's to you Both!

    Sweet pleasure!