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question about the shimmeys
  • Okay I have a question about the aneros........

    When Im using it and it starts to draw in, my body does shake and rattle in the mid-section. First is this normal and second, do I let the body shake or do I try to relax? Also, is this the p-wave stage?
    I bought the download mp3 and it REALLY relaxes you! Thanks RUMEL! Highly Recommended and worth every penny.

    Looking forward to resonses.
  • Yes this is perfectly normal and is the one of the many ways in which the p-waves present themselves (It's different for everyone). Yes it seems scary and quite abnormal, but what you're experiencing is completely normal so don't worry.

    Don't try to do anything. Let your body do what it wants to do. Surrender yourself, your mind, and your body to the aneros experience! :!: 8) :wink:
  • hlaser99hlaser99
    Posts: 785
    Hi healthyprostate!

    I'm with AW here and he IS a Shaker and a Mover! LOL!

    I have shaking and quivering body parts at all different times
    during a session.

    That's just me! (we're ALL a little different!)

    Later, Hlaser99