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Please help me! I've tried everything!
  • momeistermomeister
    Posts: 20
    So i've been an Aneros user for the past 1 year and i've tried so hard with it that in all honesty, i've not put in as much effort into anything i've done in my life, be it education, work or relationships or whatever. Before i bought the Aneros, i stumbled onto this site and read all these fabulous stories about prostate massage and what people here call the "Super-O". It all sounded amazing to me, kind of too good to be true but i said what the heck, when i stick a finger in my ass it feels good so let me try this Aneros prostate massage thing.

    Over the past year, i've read hundreds and hundreds of posts here, including those from every single expert here like rumel, mayfield, darwin etc. I swear to God, i've read the Wiki so many times over the past year that i cannot even provide an estimate of the number of times. I've followed the wiki's directions as well as any human being can try to follow directions. I've read dozens and dozens of success stories here and have tried to do the same thing but i've gotten NOWHERE. I've done hundreds of hours of breathing exercises and contractions. I've tried to "notice subtle sensations". Believe me people, i've done EVERYTHING that you say. I've tried every possible combination and timing of breathing, contractions, "doing nothing", "expecting nothing"(which you all really express the importance of). I've spent hundreds of hours trying to "notice subtle sensations" and "paying attention to what's going on in there". God i don't know how else to explain you but I SWEAR TO GOD I'VE TRIED EVERYTHING but i have made absolutely no progress.

    One problem is that no one goes into the specific of how they got the Super-O. All these people who claim they have experienced the Super-O explain very vaguely, so vaguely that i cannot understand what exactly they are doing to get the Super-O. I've appeared in the chat events and tried to ask for suggestions and people like rumel say such amazingly vague and unhelpful things that they are not helpful at all. They say things like "everyone is different" and "discover yourself". How do i "discover mysefl"? Do i go see a psychologist? Do i read a book? Do i stare in the mirror to see if i learn something about myself? Please give me SPECIFIC instructions on how to try to get the Super-O. Can someone please NOT give me vague suggestions like "understand yourself" and "everybody is different" and please give me specific instructions that involve the ANEROS PROSTATE MASSAGER and my PROSTATE and HOW TO USE IT to help me achieve a Super-O ?

    Another burning question. Are only some male humans designed to be able to experience a Super-O? I'm thinking maybe my body wasn't designed by God or whatever to be able to experience it.

    Last thing is that i'm skeptical if all these stories on this website are all completely false and is a marketing scam by Aneros to sell its products. If this prostate orgasm stuff was really true, the whole World would know about it but it turns out only a few thousand people know about it. This makes me very suspicious about whether it even exists or if there are a bunch of people (you all) that post false stories so that the company can sell prostate massagers and make money.

    Please help me. I have never wanted something more than this in my life, i want to experience a Super-O. Please help me achieve it. I will be extremely greatful. I feel that if this prostate orgasm stuff is in fact true and i experience a Super-O, it'll change my life, which i want more than anything else.

    I will GREATLY appreciate help from you. And again, phrases like "discover yourself" are not gonna help me. Please explain what exactly you mean by "discover yourself" by talking in terms of the ANEROS PROSTATE MY MASSAGER and the ACT OF USING IT.

    Thank You :D
  • PolecatPolecat
    Posts: 57
    Man, you can't be serious? I don't know how in the hell you expect anybody to want to help you when you create a thread like this, dissing the product (the Aneros is a scam) and the enthusiastic users (who you presume to be shills) who have tried to help you thus far. "I WILL GREATLY APPRECIATE HELP", lol, I must say you have a funny way of showing your appreciation. I'm thinking you're a troll.

    If this post is for real, you need some serious help with your communication skills!

    Btw., for those of you who are not familiar with this term a troll is Internet slang for someone who posts controversial, inflammatory, irrelevant or off-topic messages in an online community, such as an online discussion forum or chat room, with the primary intent of provoking other users into an emotional response or to generally disrupt normal on-topic discussion. (

    To all users, don't take the bait!

  • The_BishopThe_Bishop
    Posts: 862
    I've use my aneros on and off for a year and have yet to experience anything mindblowing. I had one precious p-wave and a session that was disrupted where the aneros started to pump by itself.

    The rest of the time I have enjoyed meditating with the aneros inserted. Even if I am chasing a dream and the "O" never happens that is OK. But I've always been one of those people that enjoys the journey more than getting to the destination.
  • polecat; There's no sense in getting hostile. It may not be as easy for some as it is for others to experience a Super-O. This man seems sincere in asking for help.


    I really would like to help, but it is actually quite difficult to lay out an exact step by step procedure to experience a Super-O. I know you aren't going to like to hear this, but everyone's path IS different. An orgasm is a personal experience, and it isn't the same for everyone. Believe me, If I could give you a set of SPECIFIC instructions, I would. Heck, I have no doubt that if it was that easy and clear, it would definitely get stickied on here, and be the first thing you read in the wiki.

    Could you be a little more specific about what you have tried? What model do you use, how long are your sessions on average? Have you seriously not experienced anything at all?

    Perhaps you're looking at this all wrong in the first place if you're looking for a specific recipe to follow. Without any more details of what you are doing, all I can suggest is to keep experimenting, and try to lay aside the frustration, and the desire for a specific procedure, it will only hinder your progress.

    You also need to be aware that an orgasm is just as much of a mental experience as a physical one. Being mentally ready, and in the right state of mind is just as important as everything else. Assuming it is a specific physical procedure completely throws out this whole aspect of it.

    And one last thing... You seem sincere, but you must be aware that many people here have experienced real pleasure personally. And when they read someone denying that it exists, the first reaction may be one of hostility. You have to understand, for those that have felt it, it is like hearing a colorblind man say that color does not exist. I believe you are simply venting some frustration when you say these things, but you have to be aware that (And I hope I can speak on behalf of the community when I say this) We all want you to experience this. If there's anything that can be said here to help, we would say it.

    Anyway, hopefully I have been helpful here, sorry if some of this was what you didn't want to hear. I think I'll let other posters take over from here,

    good luck on your journey.

  • Polecat said:

    Man, you can't be serious? I don't know how in the hell you expect anybody to want to help you when you create a thread like this, dissing the product (the Aneros is a scam) and the enthusiastic users (who you presume to be shills) who have tried to help you thus far. "I WILL GREATLY APPRECIATE HELP", lol, I must say you have a funny way of showing your appreciation. I'm thinking you're a troll.

    If this post is for real, you need some serious help with your communication skills!

    Btw., for those of you who are not familiar with this term a troll is Internet slang for someone who posts controversial, inflammatory, irrelevant or off-topic messages in an online community, such as an online discussion forum or chat room, with the primary intent of provoking other users into an emotional response or to generally disrupt normal on-topic discussion. (

    To all users, don't take the bait!


    I'm with Paul on this one. You deserve no help with that kind of attitude. Until you give a formal apology there will be no help from me at least. How dare you accuse members of this website, that spend hours writing/contributing there input and advice, frauds or scams. You stepped over the line with these remarks and I highly suggest you retract them. (Sure you have a right to be upset but this is taking it too far). Whatever... Enjoy life!! :evil:

    You obviously forgot the most important thing - QUIT TRYING. It's that simple... Oh and learn what it is to take a break from this thing for a year or so and come back when you have the right attitude about it.
  • PolecatPolecat
    Posts: 57

    By way of clarification I just wanted to tell you that my intention was not to be hostile, but to call a spade a spade. Perhaps I should have mentioned also, that I happened to have logged on (anonymously) to one of the chats that Momeister was at. At first it did seem that he was about trying to gather information, but it quickly degenerated into various swipes at the company and the users of this forum. From what I saw, Rumel spent a lot of time with this guy, patiently trying to answer his questions, but no matter what he said, there was a negative answer for everything.

    Again, I've seen this type in other forums many times, and I've heard that there have been a couple here in the past as well. His approach is a classic m.o. of an internet troll.

    Like I said before, if he's really in earnest, he has a funny way of asking for help and showing his appreciation to those would give it.

    With the idea that I'm probably giving this guy exactly what he's after, (more attention), I'll sign off now and let others be the judge.

  • Yeah, I was in there too when this clown came in. Pointless wasting our time trying to help him. Hope support locks this topic.
  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,357
    i am with binaryfellow on this.

    momeister is desperate and the skeptical stuff is just frustration.

    momeister, as binaryfellow says you need to tell us what you have tried.

    describe a recent session.

    have you ever felt anything?

    what happens if you do traditional masturbation w/ the device in place?

  • kacokaco
    Posts: 12
    hello, Momeister.
    I am a newbie, with only a few results from using the aneros product.
    I can relate to your dissapointment as the aneros is not a plug and play.
    I also would love to help you, but there is no way I would want you to reference my comments in your posts like... " I've appeared in the chat events and tried to ask for suggestions and people like rumel say such amazingly vague and unhelpful things that they are not helpful at all. "
    I have an open mind and will try anything once (maybe twice). I also have read hundereds of posts and also asked people about this product not on this site.
    One reply is as follows...
    "Now.. here is my thoughts on that. I think that is highly possible because sex is all a mind thing. If you want it to happen it will happen. Well I should also say if you ALLOW it to happen. Now -- I don't know how the hell he is moving that thing in and out with his ass and not using his hands.. he has some power in that anus for sure!!! Can you do that shit??"
    This reply was from a gay guy, I talk to on line after watching Articwolf. He has never used aneros.
    As far as results, you would be a lier to say you have not had any results. Why else would you be using for about a year? Shit, if I don't like something thats it. So my helpful comment is..If it feels good do it and what happens, happens. If you think my post is bs and unhelpful maybe try the other hole lol (joking).
  • hlaser99hlaser99
    Posts: 785

    I can see both sides of this to some extent???

    I can understand your frustration, as can we ALL!

    But, after composing over 700 posts and the many hours I have spend on and off the Forum
    trying to help everyone I can to achieve these ellusive dry orgasms, I must admit I am a little

    The idea that we quote "Experts" are frauds and (if I understand correctly) on the Aneros payroll
    or whatever and part of a huge scam to seduce Guys into this with false promises of wild orgasms
    is totally preposterous!

    Trust me, Pal! . . . we are not in this Forum for the money "which doesn't exist, by the way!"

    Now that this has been made abundantly clear . . .

    The_Bishop has an amazing attitude . . . one you would do well to try and follow!

    We "are" above all, here to help; so why not start by answering binaryfellow's post
    and maybe we can actually help you in some ways???

    Later, Hlaser99
  • BusterBuster
    Posts: 953
    I will let the great hlaser99 speak for me on this one. Well said, my friend.^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,140

    If you are sincere in wanting help from those in the forum, it's not a good idea to insult the very people who could give you some answers. I know that frustration can breed contempt, but I think you'd be wise to check that at the door. I can guarantee you that it will not further you in this process at all. Several users have asked for some background on your situation. If you are truly interested in achieving the Super O, provide that information, side-step the negativity and get the ball rolling for yourself! Clearly, you've caught the attention of some experienced users. If you choose, this thread could be used to create a productive dialogue. Alternatively you can use the personal messaging system that is available to all forum members for more discrete communication.

    The choice is yours.

    BF Mayfield
  • Hi All, Sounds to me like someone is trying to hard to make it happen. Relax, take a deep breath, with the Aneros and your attitude. See Ya, W. :lol: :lol: :lol:
  • impimp
    Posts: 95
    hey mommy,

    How do i "discover mysefl"? Do i go see a psychologist?

    Yep, a few hundred hours there should do the trick!
  • GrandTigerGrandTiger
    Posts: 325
    Hlaser99 speaks well. And if Support were to lock this topic it would only make Momeister and possibly others more suspicious. I hope you are now feeling better about us, Momeister, and realize that we on this forum are just happy customers who have something wonderful we like to share.
  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,357
    this thread is becoming ridiculous.

    it is like a litmus test of posting inclination.

    has anybody noticed that there is only one post from momeister, and the rest is all of us hyperventilating

  • GrandTigerGrandTiger
    Posts: 325
    Yes, I'd noticed. He's probably laughing his socks off reading this :lol:
  • Momeister, I totally sympathize with you and think we should maybe chastise the chastisers. Somehow, the experts and those who have achieved the super O have either forgotten or have never experienced the overwhelming frustration and desperation that can beset a 'grinder'. I've been on this rollercoaster ride and it's not an enjoyable aspect of the Aneros journey. Plus, I've thrown a few tantrums of my own on this forum....right, rumel?

    I wasn't present during your chat room experience, but I was involved in a similar chat and somewhat disheartened by those who wanted to dismiss the 'complainer'. In both cases, the individuals mentioned that they have tried everything discussed on this web site and researched the Wiki and stickies until their eyes became bloodshot. They were finally at the point of total discouragement. You could tell because all suggestions were met with "I've already tried that..." and other negative responses.

    We've got to learn to be a little more empathetic, guys. If your toddler is having a tantrum, it's better to stay calm, lower your voice and work at getting them back into control rather than throwing more fuel on the inferno. In such a situation, someone has to remain in the adult role. Don't the words of ArcticWolves' "NEVER GIVE UP" apply also to how we address the desperate? I applaud Momeister for being open and honest with his display of frustration and don't think we should take any of his attack personally. (Easy for me to say since I wasn't named...!)

    Now, Momeister, the experts ARE RIGHT!! Everyone is built differently, senses things differently, and has differing mental aptitudes toward these things. If you want to keep from driving yourself nuts, then take control back from the Aneros and don't let it drive your life.

    First, accept the fact that you are a grinder and the Super O may not ever happen to you. That doesn't mean it never will, but you have to believe you can enjoy the product without having this ultimate experience. It just puts too damn much pressure on you and focuses your attention away from all the other pleasures you are going to experience.

    Second, throw out the rulebook. It was designed to give the newbie some starting pointers, but in no way is it all inclusive. If you're looking for a recipe to follow to achieve the Super O, it doesn't exist. It can't exist. The ingredients and measurements are different for everyone of us. But THIS is the liberating aspect of this message. You are no longer bound to a set of rules. You can do whatever you want to experience pleasure from your device (all right -- within reason -- don't be dangerous!!)

    Third, use the right end. I'm not talking about inserting the Aneros upside down, but the pleasure you are seeking either begins or returns to your mind. Use your brains to their full effect. Be aroused, open for the adventure, and excited about anything you experience. Avoid being critical of your sessions -- in fact remove 'critical' from your vocabulary. And don't expect to totally close your cranium, thinking it's the responsibility of the Aneros to do all the work -- it needs to be a teamwork thing.

    Fourth, savor EVERY sensation, no matter how small. Good things do come in small packages, and those tiny sensations can be wonderful yet easily overlooked because they don't knock your socks off! Even if you simply feel the device in your anus, ENJOY that sensation. You don't like being brushed off by the people on this forum, so don't brush off ANY sensations. And speaking of brushing, use brushing strokes when you are stimulating your erogenous zones. Too much pressure and you'll destroy the ever so subtle sensations. Think 'barely tickling'.

    Fifth, give up. I don't mean 'quit', but allow the Aneros to do whatever it wants and allow your body to respond however it wants. Allowing your mind to intervene is totally counterproductive. Remember, there are no rules for grinders, so cut the mind chatter and go with the flow.

    Lastly, always end on a positive. Get out while the gettin's good. Don't try to reach for something beyond what you have experienced. That leads to frustration and disappointment and, unless you enjoy chronic depression, is a dangerous trap. Be satisfied that you could relax during your session and if you happened to feel ANYTHING, celebrate that! It will make you feel better about your session and eager for your next.

    Personally, I was getting depressed when I read about the rapid success of several other users. I avoided this web site for that reason until I realized that the Johnny-Come-Quicklies miss out on all those little enjoyable sensations. They dive headfirst into the feast and start gobbling while I sit in my corner, slowly enjoying a box of fine chocolates. Someday, I may move to the table and, with the edge off my appetite, slowly begin partaking of that feast -- then again, maybe not. But this whole journey is like eating an elephant -- one bite at a time! And I'm gonna savor every mouthful!

    Enjoy your journey -- and keep it swinging! (You never know, it might connect with the ball someday!)

  • momeistermomeister
    Posts: 20
    thank you very much to everyone for their replies. I greatly appreciate it and it's very obvious to me that everyone in this community is willing to go well out of their way to help someone who has been behaving poorly. I assure you cries for help are real but they've been overshadowed by pessimism and frustration which have caused me to say things I greatly regret. I apologize to all of you who have been offended by my statements in the chat room as well as in this thread. A special thanks to rumel who despite my string of uncalled for statements was still willing to help me out. Now I am in a. Calm mood after so much encouragement from various people here and again, I assure you, my reuest for help to you al is real. Please don't lock this thread. It might likely be my only chance at achieving what I've wanted most in my life during the past year(trust me when I say that). I have Bern at work all day after starting this thread late last night. Right now I'm battling with my cellphone to tell you that my reuests are genuine and to ask you if I can have 5 more hours to get back home from work and the first thing I'll do is answer to everyone who has volunteered to help me. I look forward to talking to you all tonight.

  • momeistermomeister
    Posts: 20
    By the way, I'd even risk to use my computer at work to post but the aneros website is "blocked by surfcontrol", which sucks. Again, replying using this phone is really hard so please slow me another 5 hours to get back home and have comp access. Thank you

    For the past half an hour, ivebeen zooming in and out on my iPhone to read all of your posts and I also have a pen and stickies on which I've noted names of ppl that have responded, to help me write this reply through this phone, whose battery is almost dead now.

    Those of you who despite my offensive and pessismistic statements still gave me benefit of doubt(if I had any) and regardless of what I said, still spoke encouraging words and understanding words to me - you have just earned so much respect in my eyes that I can't explain in words. I wish I had more ppl in my like you - binary, kaco, laser, Darwin.

    Slipperyburger - wow. did you seriously take so much time to say those encouraging words. You are a phenomenal person. People like you, say optimistic things in response to my frustration and pessimism, I realize how much of a pessimistic idiot I can be. I'll forever remember that post of yours.

    Grandtiger - I can't completely show my emotions through a post, but I swear on my life this is not a joke to me. I was not laughing my ass off. Instead I'm completely taken back by many ppl here who are so willing to help me without an benefit to them.

    Arctic, polecat, mayfield - I'm sorry for offending you. I'm very very sorry. I don't blame you for reacting the way you did. I deserved those responses and now you will see the other side of me. The side that's been wanting success with the aneros more than anything. Everytime I use the aneros without any success I think about how lucky ppl like you are who have experienced Super-O's. I wish I was you, from the bottom of my heart I wish I was as lucky as you. Just like I don't know how that Super-O feels, you DO NOT know how this frustration feels. You don't know it guys, and ur lucky you don't have to. I wish I was you.

    My fingers are about to break from typing on this phone. I'll post all about my experience with the aneros after I get home around 10 pm EST.
  • gm501gm501
    Posts: 87
    momeister, rather than post something here i sent you a PM with some thoughts. Please check your mailbox.
  • I'm new here, only about 6 weeks or so. I started my own thread "Aneros-My journey starts today".

    I can relate my short time to hopefully help you out.

    First off, the Super-O is a destination, not the taxi to the airport, buying the plane tickets or even the flight to the destination. I have not yet had a super-o, but I know I will someday.

    My short journey has had sessions of success, failure and mixed results. It took me a few tries to even get a tiny sensation. Then, I tried to force more, and blew it. Trying to hard and wanting/forcing something to happen will be your demise. I have found that some sessions are just practice. But others have interesting results. My point is, that if you relax and don't force anything, you will be surprised at what happened. Once I learned to contract using my PC and Anal muscles separately, things started to happen. Once you hold a minor contraction, say at 25-30% of strength, you can feel your muscles quivering trying to hold on. Just like holding a bucket of water with an outstretched arm. Your muscles will tire and start shaking. Once you feel that, relax! Do it a few more times just for practice, nice and easy, no hard clenching. Once you feel this basic quivereing, your body will start to react in different ways. It's been quite a trip so far, read my thread to get an idea.

    Good luck!!
  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,357

    slipperybugger gave you an excellent reply.

    here are my suggestions:
    (1) don't expend any more bandwidth dramatizing your situation. we understand it. as slipperybugger tells you, you need to de-emphasize the aneros in your life at this point. it will only help.

    (2) answer the questions posed in binaryfellow's and my replies above. simple practical questions. simple practical answers.

    (3) if you are willing to throw more money at it definitely get the HypnAeroSession CD or MP3.

    (4) finally, it might make sense for you to exchange your unit for a peridise. but this will depend on some of your answers to the questions we asked. (if you bought the aneros from this site, there is a money back guarantee, so you can do the swap basically for shipping fees.)

  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,140

    I'm glad that you've taken the comments of members here in the spirit that they were intended. The truth is that we have a pretty cohesive group of people here. Everyone is very helpful, but a times a bit defensive of their fellow members ...perhaps too much so.

    Like I said before, if you're looking for help, there are many here eager to provide it. Rather than making any suggestion myself at this point I too would like to get some background on your journey thus far. Perhaps you could post to this thread, or better yet, create another thread that starts on a clean slate if you will. Giving the members some detail will enhance everyone's efforts on your behalf.

    With respect to swapping one model for another as Darwin suggested, I would add that only the MGX and SGX are covered by the return guarantee. So unless you have one of those models that option would not be open to you. That said, the source of your difficulties may not be the massager at all. But I hope to be able to help you determine that.


    BF Mayfield
  • momeistermomeister
    Posts: 20
    i've been busy since i came home so i need a couple more hours to gather my thoughts and write all about my experience.

    thanks all for your patience. I need more time because i'm trying to write a complete response to ALL of your questions. I'm trying to recall all that was said in the chat event as well. I'll address everything. Thanks for giving me some extra hours.
  • NatNat
    Posts: 90
    I did not read every response in this thread, but I think it really sucks that people assume someone is a troll, when I think they are just looking for answers. Yes, I was in the chat sessions when this all happened. But I also know the frustration of this product "just not working". Without joking at all, it literally took me close to 7 months to feel anything from my Helix. Please keep in mind that I am a patient guy. So really, you have to expect those that are not so patient to be pissed when they spend all this money on a product (because they heard all these mind blowing reviews), and nothing at all happens. Trust me, I think if my journey to finding out about Aneros was the same, I would react the same way. For me though, I didnt discover the forums and wiki until about a month in. And sorry to say, Im still only getting slight results.

    Now, I personally wont go as far as saying that everyone is telling a lie. But like I said in the last chat session, I sometimes think that this big super o is really a lot less likely or intense as experienced members say. To compare this, I think of it as a blockbuster movie. The movie comes out and all the experts praise it and say how great even the credits were. However, the movie gets so hyped up, that when the average viewer watches it, they think it sucks. So when looking at the majority of members on here that actively get super o sensations, I think its important to look at their use. Maybe the experts can answer a few questions for me :

    How long have you been using Aneros (I bet its been A LOT longer than a year..)

    How long are your sessions? (I have heard of 3 to 4 hour long sessions, when in reality, most people just dont have that kind of time to set aside for a sex toy.)

    What lead you to Aneros? (Because for most members using it for a few years time, I doubt it was the idea of a super o.)

    To agree with the original poster, I do also wonder if some bodies are just not able to reach these levels of pleasure. While one member says that everyone is different. Is it possible that these differences can lead some people in a state where they are unable to feel these sensations?

    I just wonder because I feel I have been frustrated, but nice to any advice members have given me. And that over time, I believe that I am starting to lose any sensations that I at one point gained. If that makes sense.

    Anyways .. sorry to mix the pot. I just wanted to honestly play out both sides of the situation, considering I am also on the fence about this product.

    BTW : B, why is it that some Aneros models have a guarantee, and others dont? Are some models in reality more reliable than others? I just found that interesting.
  • Thank you for the sincere apology momeister. I know I came off harsh, but I do defend those that have helped me so much through my experiences. (Just as they are helping you) Anyways, I was being dead serious about quit trying. Trying to do everything just leads to frustration and depression when it doesn't happen the way you want.

    I'm going to say something that might upset you, but, you need to currently forget about this phenomena called a super-Orgasm. You are trying to "shoot for the stars" to fast and you need to slow it down a couple notches.

    Everyone is right when they say there is no "exact" recipe for a super-orgasm. It truly is a uniquely different experience for everyone. You have been given a great deal of advice already and now you must use that information. I know you have been doing this and because you aren't getting the results you "think" you should be getting it's making you very frustrated. This is what I mean by relax a little bit. Don't get so stressed out that nothing is happening. Enjoy each session for what it is.

    DO NOT attempt any session when you have set a goal for yourself, are following a list of instructions to the letter, to tired, and/or to depressed. These sessions will lead you nowhere as you're mind now has outside "noise" (distractions) that take away from your focus on the subtle sensations that you'll feel at first.

    APPROACH each session with a well relaxed open mind for what it is and have fun. Don't stress over little things. After all, this is a chance for you to understand your body like you never understood it before. Focus on any slight, tickling, or any funny sensations you feel. Savor these moments and and then let them pass. If all else fails, finish however you would like to end your session. Don't finish off with a negative or discouraged attitude though. Yes, it's all about what I like to call "mind tricks."

    One last thing, if you find yourself becoming frustrated or discouraged going into a session then it's time you take a break from it. There is nothing wrong with taking a break and coming back to it when you feel you're ready. You're only creating more stress on yourself by attempting to go on and on in that state of mind.

    I hope some of this has helped you along with all the other generous replies you have seen. Sorry about my defensive reply and I'm glad you understood from my perspective.

    Take Care,

  • GrandTigerGrandTiger
    Posts: 325
    Hello Momeister, I'm very happy that you are now feeling much better towards us and are reassured of getting the best help from your new friends here. Please forgive me for suggesting you were laughing your socks off. As you will come to know, references to socks always get a good laugh around here, so I hope you will soon appreciate the humor and laugh with us. I read somewhere that a sense of humor is essential to enjoying the best orgasms! :) Anyway, welcome new friend. Take it easy; we are spread across many time zones.

    Best wishes,

  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,140

    I'm really hoping that we can get beyond this, but suffice it to say that I get that this user has been very frustrated for some time. I also know that there are a great many understanding and compassionate folks here who've expressed an interest in helping him. I'm going to go out on a limb and say that some of us got off on the wrong foot here. Momeister seems to have recognized this as well.

    In an effort to move forward let me attempt to answer some of your questions. With regard to the descriptions that you've read seeming hyperbolic, as one who has generated his share of posts like this, I can only say to you that what I've described is absolutely true. I do not work for HIH/Aneros...I'm simply an enthusiastic user! Nonetheless I have often commented to other advanced users that we should consider toning down our enthusiasm as not to alienate some users and others not familiar with the MMO. But then, I honestly feel like that would deny others the opportunity to hear about what is possible.

    I've read posts in the past where newbies have challenged the celebrations that erupt when someone experiences a Super O for the first time . Some have denounced these posts as bragging...they are not. If anything they are a natural extension of the experience itself. It's funny, when this happened for me, I was filled with such joy and wonder that I just wanted to share it with everybody. In my case, when I looked around, there was nobody that I could be candid with about this experience. That's where this forum came in. (Actually back in those days it was just a "Guestbook"). The point is though, that this forum gave me the opportunity to express myself in an open, welcoming environment.

    On your analogy of film reviews influencing consumer opinion, I have to tell you that while things might seem that way to you....they are not. The question I have for you is, would it really be more satisfying for you to hear that the Super O was a more modest experience than some people have represented ...even if it wasn't true? Undoubtedly you've read comments from users stating that they had been skeptical, and questioned the validity of the claims made here only to find that they were true. I should also mention that there are many advanced users who have had a longer path (far longer than a year). One or two of them have responded to this thread already. If they wish to make themselves known, they will do so.

    How long have I been using the Aneros? For over 6 years. That said, I had a Super O the first time that I used it and one or two more thereafter. However, I completely lost the ability to have them for about 6 to 7 months. It was during this time that I really learned about my body....and the Super O. You want to talk about frustration? Just imagine having experienced something like this and then being unable to replicate it! There are no words to describe it, take my word for it man, it's frustration on steroids. Btw. it took me over a year to begin to have consistency with it.

    Length of sessions....nowadays many of my sessions are as short as an hour, with others that go longer.

    What led me to the Aneros was my penchant for anal play and my curiosity about prostate stimulation. I would say that I had always felt that a different kind of orgasmic experience was possible as well. (I'd read about it over the years leading up to my discovery of the Aneros).

    While it is possible that some people are incapable of this, I believe that most are. There are many factors that can hold people back, but I have always felt that men are wired for this. I'm not sure what it is that you mean about listening to other users advice, and being kind to them and subsequently losing ground in your quest for the Super O. I'm not sure what the correlation would be there, unless you're saying that another user's technique took you in the wrong direction?

    On why some Aneros models come with a guarantee while others do not... I'm assuming that the manufacturer wanted to give new users the ability to try one of their introductory models risk free. Outside of that, you might want to check with the manufacturer directly for more detail.

    Hope this helps,

    BF Mayfield
  • momeistermomeister
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    Hi all. Since mayfield suggested i start another thread, i just posted my response to you all in a new thread. The new thread has the same title. I plead to all of you for your help. I request you to read through my long post. i will be VERY greatful Thanks all! and i wouldn't ask so much effort on your part unless i thought that having success with this can really change my life and make me a much happier person !
  • momeister said:

    Having success with this can really change my life and make me a much happier person !

    Really man, find another hobby. This one is making you way to frustrated and you're becoming too obsessed at this point in time. Change your life? Yikes... Happier? hmmmm, ok.

    That depends entirely on you. If you think this is what will make you happy boy are you in for a big surprise. What else do you do for fun? Pursue that first and then come back.

    Am I being rude? Am I dismissing you?

    1. No

    2. Perhaps... Me, rumel, brian, laser, darwin, and a wealth of others have given you excellent advice. However, you're frustrated because it's not the answer you're looking for. Sorry we don't have that answer. I wish we did but we just don't. Hence, we say explore yourself. Also, it's nice to see that you have read the WIKI. However, I am noticing a pattern with you of dismissing "most" of the advice others give to you with your dismissive comments in your posts and focus on only what you want to hear and receive answers for.

    Note: This device will not bring happiness nor change your life. Only you can make that happen if you're willing to accept what we're trying to tell you instead of discounting it and only listening to what you WANT to hear. You're getting this image like the super-orgasm is some life-changing event. It is when you get to it but not until then. Stop worrying about it. It will come if you just go with the flow and let things happen.

  • NatNat
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    B, I apologize, as I thought that you in one way or another helped shape the Aneros products.

    Either way I was not saying that people were making up their experiences. I was just stating that we should not get pissed at a member who might think so, because we all have different levels of frustration. I do personally agree with what other members are saying about the original posters situation, but I am still skeptical myself. No one has given me bad advice. If anything members such as Rumel have tried to help me on my journey. But it really isnt a "journey" when no progress is being made, or the little progress you have made is being taken away. You know .. I never was fully focused on just getting a super o. I think I was more interested in seeing what these "different" out of place sensations actually felt like. But its weird, because after a year, I would figure the rewiring process would have kick started itself.

    Im not asking for anyone to assess my situation, but its hard to tell what is up and what is down, when you are playing by the book and not getting much result.

    Please, no need to turn down the posts with wonderful experiences. I just think that it throws off a lot of new users. They buy it for prostate stimulation, and then go on here and find out there is a whole other world with this product. For some it might be overwhelming.
  • VoyagerVoyager
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    Having been on this journey for 5 or 6 months now
    it seems as if some people are blessed with a welcoming prostate.
    Others have to work at it.
    Thats my 2 cents worth.
    If anybody wants me I will be under the bridge waiting for passers by.
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
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    Nat said:

    B, I apologize, as I thought that you in one way or another helped shape the Aneros products.

    Please, no need to turn down the posts with wonderful experiences. I just think that it throws off a lot of new users. They buy it for prostate stimulation, and then go on here and find out there is a whole other world with this product. For some it might be overwhelming.

    Yeah, it's a line that we walk on around here, many users are turned on by the detailed descriptions of the Super O, but others are put off by them. Ultimately I think we should all be true to ourselves...tell it like it is and let everyone make their own judgment.

    On being involved with Aneros product development, in all honesty, I would have to say that I am and have been...albeit indirectly. As I've said in the past, I am an enthusiatic..almost evangelical user. The company has sought my input on their products and I've always given them my honest assessment. I should make clear however that this is an unpaid relationship. This has allowed me the freedom to speak my mind at all times.

    BF Mayfield