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Beware the statins
  • About six months ago (before Aneros) my doc prescribed Simvastatin to get my high cholesterol under control. The drug worked wonders on my cholesterol, in less than three months it had dropped significantly. But there was an unwanted side effect… my ability to get and maintain an erection was greatly diminished. :( (Just what one doesn’t need when he is 66 years old)!

    Now I didn’t really notice anything was amiss until a few months later when I happened upon the Aneros and this forum while searching for sex toys to spice up me and the wife’s sex life. The purchase and use of the helix and the reading of this forum suddenly brought all thoughts sexual in nature from my sub-conscious (back-burner) to the forefront (front-burner) of my mind. Hmmm… was it just a coincidence that about the same time I started taking Simvastatin me and the wife’s sex life went from infrequent to almost non-existent? That my frequency of masturbation dropped considerably? That erotic thoughts almost never entered my mind? That when I stimulated my nipples about all I got “down there” was a dull feeling that something should be happening?

    Once I became aware of what was going on I decided I should stop taking the Simvastatin for a couple of weeks to see if that was the reason “wicked Willie” had gone dormant. After about a week I started to notice some changes in Willie’s behavior… he began to wake-up, he was becoming a little more interested in “playing with others.” Erotic thoughts created a stir “down there.” Nipple stim brought him to attention. I was a happy, happy camper once again! :D :D :D :D

    After I told my doc about my little “test” he took me off the Simvastatin and wrote me a prescription for another type of cholesterol lowering drug called Cholestyramine. (A bile acid sequestrant). Hopefully the new drug will keep my cholesterol at a level that satisfies my doc and not cause me any problems. I do know one thing though…. If it comes to choosing between a decent erection and lower cholesterol I’m going to choose the boner!

    BTW, because I haven’t used the Aneros for that long I can’t really say for sure if the Simvastatin had any negative effect on the pleasure I was receiving. I could achieve super-O’s just fine while on the drug…but who knows, maybe they will become even more pleasurable once the drug is totally out of my system.

  • GrandTigerGrandTiger
    Posts: 325
    Hello SWW,

    The drugs lower cholesterol too much! Cholesterol is the raw building material for making our hormones. No wonder you lost it.

    Good news is that you don't need drugs to deal with cholesterol. Take Omega-RX omega-3 fish oil recommended by Zane. Also a couple of heaped spoons lecithin granules on your breakfast cereal. Not only are these good for lowering your total cholesterol and raising your HDL, the fish oil enhances your orgasms, and the lecithin provides you with increased fire power! When you open the tub of lecithin and sniff it, you'll know what I mean!

    By the way, I had chelation therapy to clean out my arteries and I'm more horny now than when I was 16!

    Best wishes,

  • I have been taking simvistatin for at least a year now, maybe longer. It's actually been fairly low dose (10mg), and I have had some great experiences with the aneros, but now I'm worried that it could be effecting me negatively after reading this. I plan to stop taking it for a few weeks and see what happens.
  • lynn2694lynn2694
    Posts: 96

    I have been taking simvistatin for at least a year now, maybe longer. It's actually been fairly low dose (10mg), and I have had some great experiences with the aneros, but now I'm worried that it could be effecting me negatively after reading this. I plan to stop taking it for a few weeks and see what happens.

    Be careful starting or stopping prescriptions without talking to your doctor about it....especially if you haven't had any negative side affects. I wouldn't want anyone on here to do something potentially dangerous!! You all are too nice to have something bad happen!!! :wink:
  • GrandTigerGrandTiger
    Posts: 325
    MD's, what do they know? They have an interest in keeping their patients on drugs. They are in the sickness business. I just say "No" to drugs. Quite honestly, on account of my experiences, I have utter contempt for the pharmaceutical industry and those who prescribe that crap. This time will go down in history as the dark age of medicine. They can all go and get stuffed as far as I'm concerned.
  • Lynn, glad you are concerned. It should be alright though as I am already taking high dose fish oil for the cholesterol. I can't find any reactions to stopping simvastatin, and it is low dose anyway.

    Grandtiger, amen to that. My family doctor is actually a DO, and he tries to do offer natural remedies when he can. That is what I love about him.

    Modern Medicine is what I like to call "shotgun science" That is they come up with a new chemical and have no idea what it might do, so they give a bunch of "volunteers" a low dose and see what happens to them. If something desirable happens amidst all the side effects and chaos, then they get it patented and call it a new medication. In many cases, they have no idea what is really going on or what other bad things this unknown chemical that has never been consumed by a human before might do. I guess my point is that it isn't like other scientific fields where they have a precise theory and math to explain in a very detailed and rigorous way what is really going on.
  • Car_01Car_01
    Posts: 58
    The true incidence of side effects from statins is way underreported. They also cause muscle pain and weakness and in some cases muscle wasting. The pharmaceutical companies have done a great job suppressing the information on side effects.

    Statins put my dad in the nursing home with dementia. I know so many people who have had bad side effects from statins and the side effects went away when they quit taking them. That is proof enough for me regardless of what big pharma says!

    Some things to keep in mind: Cholesterol is used in the synthesis of Vitamin D, and cholesterol acts as insulation for the nerves. 50% of those who suffer from heart attacks and strokes have normal cholesterol levels. Consumer beware!

  • GrandTiger- In a period of three months my total cholesterol went from 246 to 164. Initially I thought that was a really good thing, but the more I read about cholesterol the more concerned I became that it was now becoming too low.

    I did buy some omega-3 fish oil, but have only taken a few so far.... those capsules are friggin' huge! :shock:

    Binaryfellow- I was taking 20 mg tablets. About one week after I stopped taking the simvastatin I began to notice a change in my ability to achieve erections. At two weeks the change was quite noticeable. After two weeks had passed I started taking the simvastatin again...things went downhill pretty fast. During this time I didn't really notice any change in the pleasure I received from mistress Aneros.

    Thanks to all for your thoughtful comments...this forum is the best. :) :)

  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Great discussion guys and gal.

    I agree that statin side effects are seriously under-reported. I was put on Lipitor and developed both quite a noticeable memory problem beyond normal "seniors' moments", and a debilitating pain in muscles in my left wrist and elbow. A friend recommended a non-statin, non-pharmaceutical alternative that is a mix of four fibre types, vitamins and minerals including a special chromium formulation called BiosLife. I got my doctors' agreement to test it and at the five month test it was doing an great job; lowering the bad and raising the good cholesterol. That along with the occasional red wine which also helps the good cholesterol!

    The memory problem disappeared as the drug got cleaned out of my system and the muscle problems slowly improved and are virtually gone now. I would never go on a statin drug again.

    I also take omega 3 oils capsules twice a day. Unfortunately, I have to take another heart related drug, a beta-blocker, and they are all also Erectile Dysfunction inducing. :cry:

    Butt, my aneros or mrs. a's finger can get a rise at the right time most of the time! :lol: It's also why I sought and got my cardiologist's approval for using e-stim generally and particularly our Slightest Touch. I think we have to make these changes with the involvement of our health team (doctors, specialists, physios et al) so that we don't set up contradictory therapy situations.

    the best of health and energy life all

  • Artform-

    I tried e-stim on my pecker one time, thought I killed it as it was numb for three days. :cry:

  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Dear SWW!

    Yikes! Try the back of your calves or lower back and at very low levels! See the Aneros users pdf for males using the Slightest Touch.

    No fried bananas please.

  • eddy99eddy99
    Posts: 26
    I have been on Simvastatin 20mg, which is the generic for Zocar, for over a year and don't notice any problem. There are more problems with blood pressure meds as far as erections go but there are a lot of different kinds that don't have these side effects. My cholestrol went from 249 to 160 in less than three months on Simvastatin. :D
  • gm501gm501
    Posts: 87
    I've done a lot of studying on statins, and because I'm diabetic my doc says it's especially important for my numbers to be low. There have been huge studies done on the safety of statins, sponsored by scientific organizations that are not connected to the drug companies. I'm convinced that they're reasonably safe. Nevertheless, there are books about how bad statins are, and I've read a couple. They are chuck full of mostly anecdotal evidence that doesn't hold up under scientific scrutiny. I still have nagging doubts about taking those pills, tho', so I cut my tablets in half and take lots of fish oil.

    Not sure what point I'm trying to make here, just wanted to share my thoughts. I haven't noticed any effects of the drug on my libido or performance abilities.
  • MouseyMousey
    Posts: 7
    Statins can lower your testosterone level and consequently your libido. My doc has put me 40mg per day and I notice a definite change in my ability to get an erection and very difficult to reach an ejaculation even with my wife's help. When I told the doc about this he put me viagara but this didn't help and now I am Cialis which helps a little but not a lot. Doc says I should be on statins because I am diabetic and not because my cholesterol is high. My cholesterol is normal and the satins push it lower. I think after reading the above posts I will come off the tabs for a while and see what happens. My age is 73 and still want to enjoy my helix sessions and normal sex with my wife. It seems a while since that has happened.