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Prostate cradle
  • I was wondering if anybody has heard or played with the prostate cradle.( I was just wondering if it is worth the money, or if it is just a scam. Thanks
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    It's a fun toy, but not in the same league as the Aneros.
    It's small enough to fit in your coat pocket so you can take it and use it anywhere, work, the bus, the baseball stadium, the theatre, and noone can tell your sitting on it.

    I like to put a vibrating bullet in one of the wholes for added stimulation. Sometimes I use it when practacing KMSO.
  • Thanks, I was mainly wondering if it would hold up as an alternitive to the aneros when I would need somthing a little less evasive. also, I was wondering if there is any learning curve, and how good the orgasms are. there is very little about this anywere else.Thanks
  • PuckPuck
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    You're gonna have to invade... you just have to....
  • CollinCollin
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    Thanks to your post, Carpaltunnel, I learned of the "prostate cradle" and ordered one a week ago. I really love it. I've been using Jack Johnston's KSMO for a while and the Aneros. Now I have a third tool in the cradle to help me to multiple orgasms, so thanks so much. When I first started with the KSMO Multiples technique, I found that pressing on the pressure sensitive points along the perineum was very helpful to me in achieving the dry orgasms. I was actually using certain homemade things to sit on to help me get deeper pressure along those areas, so I had a feeling that the prostate cradle would work well for me. Well, man has it ever! For some reason it works just as well or better for me to apply the external pressure to the prostate as it does when I use the aneros. Since you mentioned that you may like to try something less invasive, I'd give it a try.

    The thing I like about it is that when I get in the mood and feel very aroused with those feelings starting to build, it's very easy for me to grab the cradle and sit on it as opposed to taking the time to insert the aneros. I sometimes find that by the time I go through the process of inserting it, I get sidetracked from the initial arousal. I still will continue to use the aneros as I've had some great results with it, I'm just glad that I found something else that works for me. Last night I had a session with the cradle that was incredibly intense. It was awesome and not something I'll forget anytime soon.

    Wishing you all the best!
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    Yes the prostate cradle is great!
    I use mine along with the minimasseuse.
  • PanPan
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    This thing sounds pretty interesting!

    I'm wondering if anyone can describe approximately how soft it is?

    Also, to Hitachi:

    Where do you apply the minimasseuse and what does it do for you? Can you compare it to the Slightest Touch device?


  • CollinCollin
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    (this post was edited 2007-04-11 17:10:40)

    Hi Pan,

    It's great to see your posts again. I hope you are doing well!
    The cradle is made of silicone. I'd compare the material to that of a soft rubber bouncing ball. It actually gives fairly easily to the touch, but I was surprised just how firm it feels under you. It gives a pretty firm pressure. You can always put a soft cloth over it to cushion it a bit. The other thing that can be done is to put some towels around it to support and raise your legs which will also ease the pressure of it.

    For anyone who tries it, I'd advise you to take it easy at first. The instructions talk about the ways to cushion it.

  • Originally Posted By: Pan
    Also, to Hitachi:

    Where do you apply the minimasseuse and what does it do for you? Can you compare it to the Slightest Touch device?



    I have the 4 electrodes I put the 2 small ones on the inside of my thigh about 2 inches from my groin, I put the big ones on the outside of my thigh and I keep the power at 30 out of 100. I like it better than the slightest touch because I like the massaging feeling, I can feel a tingling feeling in my groin simalar to what I feel with the slightest touch. I've played around with some medical tens units also, but I like the cheap minimasseuse the best.

    The prostate cradle reminds me of a soft solid red rubber ball and suprisingly I don't like putting a vibrator in the holes.

    I'm kind of a pervert and love using these both in public places where I can get off without anyone knowing.
  • PanPan
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    Thanks for your detailed reply Collin.

    And I hope you also doing well!

    I have to say I can really identify with the feeling of sometimes wanting prostate stimulation without full-blown anal insertion. For me, the Aneros is something I have to be in the mood for, whereas I always seem to be up for little perineum massage!

    And there are plenty of days when I'd prefer to just keep my clothes on and enjoy a "prostatic quickie," so the Cradle certainly sounds like a great little toy to have around.

    Also, thanks Hitachi for the more detailed explanation of the minimasseuse

  • PanPan
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    Just wanted to mention, I went ahead and ordered a Prostate Cradle and received it in the mail yesterday.

    I have to say that I had hoped it would be a bit softer. Even with a LOT of cushioning, it still provides a surprisingly deep massage and consequently I have experienced some mild soreness. However, I have also experienced some pretty wonderful orgasmic sensations at the same time.

    It's a great idea, and I think it has the potential to be a helpful supplement to anyone's Aneros practice. I just really wish it was made from softer material. At this point, I simply can't imagine using it comfortably straight out of the box.

    Then again, maybe after a week or two I'll feel more accustomed to it. I guess I'll report back as things develop.

    Collin, do you use yours with or without cushioning? Have you experienced any soreness or discomfort? If so, did it subside over time?


  • CollinCollin
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    (this post was edited 2007-04-20 22:20:33)

    Hi Pan,

    Yes, I did experience some soreness after using it. I didn't use cushion with it. The deep massage felt so good and gave such good results the first couple of times I used it, I may have gone overboard. I realized that I need to take it slower with it and perhaps use some cushion. The soreness went away fairly quickly. It does still sometimes feel uncomfortable when I use it again. I agree with you that the cradle does feel harder than you would think when it's under you.

    I'm glad to hear that it gave you some nice feelings though. I had a couple of really awesome experiences with it since I've had it. Then the other times I tried it not much happened other than feeling discomfort. It's just like with all other tools we use isn't it? Our body, mind, and spirit need to be receptive and "in the mood".

  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,357
    i've joined the cradle club. it really is quite excellent to slip it under you so conveniently.

    it is pretty intense.

    i'm still trying to get the hang of it. in each of my two sessions so far i managed briefly to hit it just right and felt very wonderful strong orgasms, and the most distinct sensation of "milking" i've yet felt. but, a good bit of the time i'm also not quite hitting it right, and it feels kind a harsh. i've tried it with maxed out cushioning, medium and none. i'll try putting towels next to it soon. it is probably a learning curve thing.

    one thing that might carry over to the aneros: the instructions tell you how to massage your prostate from your belly side.

    here is what i did, and it feels amazing. put your hand on your belly, below your belly button, and slide it down to near or in your pubes, and you will feel your pelvis bone. back up a bit and kind of gently dig your fingers in under the bone. push there with a massaging motion, and, at least w/ the cradle, you get a very strong extra level of prostate massage from the top.


  • PanPan
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    Hey Darwin,

    I'm glad you decided to join the club!

    I agree, the Cradle can be harsh at times. After just over a week of use, I'm still getting the hang of it.

    So far, I've found that rather than placing a towel on top of the Cradle to soften it (as suggested by the manufacturer), what works better for me is to place the Cradle on top of a very thick and soft tempurpedic pillow so that when I sit on it, it sinks deep into the pillow, providing my buttocks with more support on either side, which reduces the pressure on my perineum.

    So far, this seems to give me the best results - maximum stimulation with minimal discomfort.

    I know what you mean about that "distinct sensation of prostate milking." When I read your description I was like, "yeah, that exactly how it feels!" It's an amazing feeling, but so far I'm still figuring out how best to achieve and maintain it.

    I'm still playing around to uncover best ways of using this device, but I can't help but think that the design is essentially flawed in that the material is simply too hard and the shape is not a "one size fits all."

    I think the manufacturer should consider making a softer (or "beginner") version (hey, how about an inflatable version for travelers!), and perhaps consider making different heights as well.

    It recently occurred to me that if the Cradle was shorter (or if my backside was bigger), the pressure would be more evenly distributed across each buttock as well as my perineum, which would make it more comfortable to use. My experiments with the tempurpedic pillow seem to confirm this so far.

    Well, at the very least I think it's an excellent idea with a lot of potential. It just needs some of the bugs worked out...


  • darwindarwin
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    ok, i've gotten the hang of the cradle.

    it is very very excellent.

    in my view it is in a league with the Aneros.

    i think we should all extend some serious respect to the maker of the cradle. Why?

    First, because whoever it is (a fellow in Alaska), he presumably independently arrived at the phenomenon of male multiple orgasm through prostate and acupressure stimulation. Obviously i don't know the whole story (nor do i know the whole story behind the aneros), but the documentation that comes with it clearly describes what we all understand to be rewiring and the O-zone of continuous orgasms. I am very interested in general in the history of this phenomenon. From what I can tell, this is alluded to in tantric practices, but was not fully realized until KSMO and the Aneros. (B and/or support, is that correct?)

    Second, like the Aneros, it does its work by having your body move to it, rather than vice versa. Orgasming against the cradle involves the same kind of involuntaries as the Aneros.

    Third, and most intriguingly, the cradle's rear hump clearly and profoundly stimulates the Kundalini acupressure spot that the Progasm K-tab is going for. I can tell you this: that spot rocks. To me, it is almost the equivalent of direct anal and rectal stimulation. So, to rephrase this, the cradle, for me, gets the same spots as does the Aneros, but does so indirectly through acupressure spots externally, rather than directly internally.

    Finally, once you get the hang of it, the cradle is devilishly delicious and addictive. I can not get enough of it.

    So, my current assessment is that the cradle is a must have adjunct to the aneros.

    [i am going to stop on this post now and hit the sack, but will continue it sometime over the weekend. at that time i'll describe how i use it, what i experienced, and how not to use it]

  • CollinCollin
    Posts: 56
    I've been having fun with the cradle again as well, darwin. I'd really like to hear the details of how you've been using your cradle. I have to agree that the external spot it hits really can give some amazing results. This last session I tried your suggestion of massaging that area in front, a couple of inches above the penis, below the naval. Wow. It really did help send me over the edge into some serious waves!
  • PanPan
    Posts: 249
    Hey Darwin,

    I would also love to hear more of your experiences with the Prostate Cradle in detail. I have to agree, I also feel that it rivals (or rather compliments) the Aneros in it's capabilities.

    For clarification, the use of the "P-Spot" or orgasmic spot in the perineum has actually been much more than just alluded to in the Tantric tradition. It has also been extensively documented in Taoist Health and Sexual practices for well over a thousand years. It is well known among teachers of sexual practices, acupuncturists, and practitioners of things like Tai Chi and Chi Gung.

    Not to take anything away from the Prostate Cradle (like I said, I think it's a wonderful invention and about time someone created one!) but this is a definitely another case of "re-inventing the wheel."


  • CollinCollin
    Posts: 56
    (this post was edited 2007-04-30 12:13:14)

    (this post was edited 2007-04-30 12:10:38)

    As Pan talked about in one the previous posts, I too have been experiencing some soreness with the Cradle. As good as it can make you feel, I feel some discomfort when I use it. I understand the cushioning thing, and Pan you gave some very good suggestions about that, but I still find that using less cushion is what gives me the strong orgasms. Darwin, I'd like to hear how you handle that aspect of it.

    While I'm using the cradle and enjoying the orgasmic waves, the soreness starts to distract me. I usually say "ouuuchh" while I slowly ease off of the thing and take it out from under me. It does hurt sometimes, but do agree with Darwin calling the good sensations it gives "delicious"!

    Thanks everyone!
  • darwindarwin
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    (this post was edited 2007-04-30 17:02:58)

    ok, here is what i've figured out so far.

    most importantly, like the aneros, the cradle takes time to figure out.

    the particular strengths of the cradle, relative to the aneros, for me, are:
    - psychologically, a cradle session is less of a commitment: (a) you don't necessarily need to take off your clothes (more on that below); (b) you can interrupt on a moment's notice (very good for maintaining proper family life while kindling your addiction); (c) the cradle is "clean cut" relative to the aneros in that you don't get involved with rectal penetration. for me this means that i feel less "private" about using the cradle. for example, i would feel more comfortable suggesting the cradle to a friend than the aneros. as i said, this is a "psychological" perspective and clearly is very individualistic. In sum, the cradle is more "family/wife/friend friendly" for those of us who have that as an issue. you can get up and stir the soup, and get right back on it.

    - because you can adjust the forward/backward position of it, you can more easily play around with it to find your way to your sweet spot. with the aneros, you kind of have to modify the device to make fit adjustments.

    - the cradle gives a very deep massage, as Pan pointed out. As we both noted, you can get more of a sense of being milked from the cradle than i've had with the aneros. this is the feeling like you are continually secreting. this is not to say that one couldn't achieve this with the aneros, and i'm sure plenty of guys have (eg, the guy in the "half-decent" video). but, it seems to come more naturally w/ the cradle. and, that feels very good. furthermore, for me, the depth of the perineal massage gives a particular character to the pleasure, a kind of "cradle" pleasure (different than the aneros's own special kinds of pleasure).

    - the rear hump hits my K-spot in a way that is just intoxicating. it brings to bear a whole different set of muscles and engages my pelvic floor in ways different from the aneros.

    - these last two points lead me to have a very particular "cradle horniness" a strong longing that arises from my loins, pushing me to use it. now it is also true that many of us know what "aneros hornines" is, and that the aneros has its own form of it. so, it may be that my "attraction" to the cradle is partly due to its novelty for me now.

    the cradle and aneros can be friends, not enemies

    These advantages to the cradle in no way detract from the aneros. they both give very intense pleasure, but do so using a slightly different approach that leads to a qualitatively different experience.

    For example, you won't get the feeling of being fucked from the cradle. it is not as dynamic as the aneros. and, you won't get that great feeling in your k-spot from the aneros.

    Also, while i've had very strong orgasms w/ the cradle (including convulsions), i haven't felt myself go over the top into super-O. i suspect this may only be a matter of time. but, even if not, the cradle still rocks and is definitely worth having.

    I hate to say this, but, it might be that one considers the cradle as an alternative to, say, one's second or third aneros model. I would hate to have to feel that these two excellent products must compete with each other.

    Indeed, i suspect that the untapped market is so huge for both that their mutual ability to bring men into this arena for each other should seriously outweigh any market share loss they each could incur on each other. besides, we all know that once a guy has felt this, he's gonna spend his expendable income on getting more of it.

    how i used the cradle

    from what i can tell there are three "adjustments"
    (1) how you cushion it, ie, what you are sitting on
    (2) how you position yourself on it, front to back
    (3) how you comport yourself during its use

    (1) like pan described, a good way to reduce the pressure is to put the cradle on a cushion (this is suggested by the manufacturer). i personally don't recommend putting towels over the unit (also recommended by the manufacturer) as this seems to me to reduce the effectiveness of the massage, but i definitely suggest experimenting here.

    once you get more accustomed to the cradle, i don't think you'll want to blunt it with anything on top of it. the shape of it specifically stimulates you in a desirable way that is dulled with stuff over it. dulling it may even lead you to push your weight down on it harder in search of pleasure, so may be counter-productive.

    i found these extremely good surfaces to be on (all of which soften the cradle's attack a bit, sidestepping the soreness issues):
    - my tilting office chair (at home). it has a leather (vinyl) cushion that softens the cradle and give my cheeks a little support. i very much like tilting back the chair.

    - my "orgasm chair," which is a LaFuma Recliner. It is kind of an outdoor chair with a suspended fine mesh surface. i can go back into a full recline and the mesh has enough bounce for me to kind of flex the chair rhythmically, which feels really good

    - lying on my back in my bed. this one i highly recommend because it really softens the attach, yet feels incredible. (it is subtle at first so don't give up if you don't feel anything at first.) unlike with the aneros, with the cradle you keep your legs straight on the bed so the p-hump engages your perineum. it gives me the very same feeling of "super boner" that the helix gives me.

    (2) the front to back positioning is a very interesting question. i suggest, first, that you really play with this. for me, i found that having the cradle more forward on me, so that the rear hump is near my hole and the p-hump is a little more forward on my perineum was a good way to get used to the device. you will know when the p-hump is on your sweet spot. you get a very distinctive tingle. once you get the hang of the unit, you will find yourself varying the forward-back position for the different variants of cradle pleasure they give.

    note: to adjust forward/back, i find that raising myself up a bit off the cradle and using the other hand to reposition the cradle is easier and more accurate than trying to readjust my body relative to it. one more thing: the cradle does not slide. the silicone base forms a kind of suction, so you have to peel the unit up and adjust it. do this carefully so you can make fine adjustments.

    if you feel something is sore, then change position. for example if the p-hump is feeling too much, move yourself back relative to the unit to decrease its attack.

    about wearing pants. it seems to me that you need to wear baggy pants, boxers or nothing at all. the reason is that you want the rear hump to be nestled in your crack. if you have enough loose fabric for that to happen then you're good to go. otherwise peal off a layer. you might even want to spread your cheeks when things get heavy.

    (3) how your comport yourself. i suspect the main thing here is to relax and deep belly breath. my theory is that the soreness is more muscle soreness than organ soreness, and that by relaxing your muscles you get more pleasure and less soreness. (this is what is suggested by the manufacturer's instructions, and i think it makes sense.)

    also, as the manufacturer suggests, try changing your body angle by leaning forward or backward or left to right. further, as he suggests, if you find a slight pleasure from that adjustment, linger there and let the pleasure build.

    finally, you did not hear from me the suggestion to try the cradle on a train ride.

  • PanPan
    Posts: 249
    Hey Darwin,

    thanks for your EXCELLENT analysis of the Prostate Cradle.

    I have to say my experience reflects just about everything said, although I have not yet tried it lying down or on a train...

    Also, I just wanted to confirm some of the points you made:

    - I think placing any kind of padding on top of the Cradle reduces it's effectiveness. In my experience, cushioning is most effective underneath and/or around the device.

    - Although the manufacturer claims one may use the device while wearing clothes, I agree that they must be loose fitting. For instance, I have only used it while wearing sweatpants. I can't imagine this thing massaging very well through a pair of denim jeans.

    - As you said, lifting one's body from the device and adjusting the Cradle with one hand before re-settling seems to be the fastest and easiest way to find the sweet spot.

    - I also agree that relaxed abdominal breathing is important. And on that note I just wanted to add one thing I discovered which is that one possible way to help induce the prostatic orgasms is to use the Tantric "Breath of Fire" for short burts (perhaps 60 seconds or less) at a time.

    The Breath of Fire is really just a simple breathing pattern that involves abdominal panting for short periods of time.

    I noticed that when I am close the edge, brief periods of panting from the lower abdomen will trigger orgasms in a similar manner to the abdominal self-massage method that the manufacturer recommends.

    Well, that's all I've got for now.

    Thanks again Darwin for writing the first "How-To" Prostate Cradle Guide in the forum!


  • darwindarwin
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    well, i said i thought it would only be a matter of time....

    i'm just back from my first cradle super-O.

    oh my god it felt good.

    here are various discoveries i made:

    (1) lying down position is good for beginners because it is less aggressive

    (2) i was wrong, you don't have to keep your legs straight when lying down. you can bend, hump, undulate etc. lying down requires a bit more careful adjustment to get the p-hump in correct position.

    (3) i believe soreness comes from having the cradle to far back. if you feel soreness, move the cradle a tad forward. the rear hump should be quite close to your hole.

    (4) it is most excellent to use it in a tilting back chair. it is more intense than lying down.

    (5) you can try these positions:
    - legs tight together
    - feet up on chair, with knees near chin
    - legs spread wide

    (6) when you are ready for a super-O, put your hand in the soft spot above your pubes, where you can feel the edge of your pelvic bone, and rub in a circular fashion, like the manufacture suggests.

    (7) when you are super-O-ing, the entire length of the cradle from hump, to valley, to hump, offers unbelievably good feelings in that lowest part of your body. you will be grinding against it.

    (8) let me re-iterate, if you are feeling soreness move the cradle forward a tad.


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    Has any man tried the sybian ?
    I think it looks like fun.
  • PanPan
    Posts: 249
    The Prostate Cradle *IS* the Sybian for men.

  • EnemagraEnemagra
    Posts: 104
    sorry to bump an old post guys but i have a few prostate cradle questions:
    first and foremost, im wondering if those of you who reported big findings with the cradle initially are still actively enjoying and using it regularily? when this post originally arose, it really caught my eye as i had actually been thinking for awhile of ways to stimulate the prostate through the perenium alone. i often find that inserting the aneros can kill the great 'chair' feelings i have going at the beginning of a session as it distracts me and sort of 'brings me back to earth', where as perenium stimulation doesnt have the same effect. i had actually been thinking that sitting on a large marble or something to that effect might do the trick but never actually went for it.

    secondly... im wondering if any cradle owners might have opinions on the subject of making one myself? the cradle doesnt seem quite as technically brilliant in design as the aneros and i think i could quite easily get my hands on a tough brick of foam. do you think this feat might be possible? i hate the idea of shelling out a bunch of cash yet again as my 'prostate' fees seem to be getting up there!

    any futher input would be great. hope everyone is still having an 'awe'some time!

  • CollinCollin
    Posts: 56
    Hi Enemagra,

    I have not been using the cradle so much anymore. Initially I had some really great experiences with it, but then it started to give me a numb feeling rather than pleasure, so I slacked off on using it. I'll probably pick it up again soon to give it another try. When I think back to my first tries with the Aneros it was sort of the same thing. I didn't really have that much success with the Aneros early on, but then when I started using it again a year or so later it really took off for me.

    I can understand you wanting to try something homemade. I used to do that myself for pressure in that area. I used certain things to press and would sit on certain objects. I actually had some great waves doing that sort of thing, but one must be careful. I would often end up sore if the objects I was using were too hard. For me, sitting on certain things like the handle of a plastic comb and putting heavy pressure in and around those areas led to some great dry orgasms, but I do wonder if it is now the cause of some of my back problems. It's not entirely impossible that I threw something out of line there.

    So, as far as recommending the Cradle, I guess I'm feeling 50/50 about it now. I have had some nice orgasms with it, but then it's like everything else. It comes and goes. Sometimes my body is responsive to it and other times not so much.

    It would be interesting to know if Pan and Darwin are still using it and what their thoughts are on it currently.

    Good luck and have fun!
  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,357
    i also have put it aside for a time. i did so because my old pain issues seem to have come back, so i gave both the cradle and the aneros a rest.

    i've brought the aneros back and will do so w/ the cradle soon.

    i still really like the cradle. it gives a different experience than the aneros and can be deployed in different ways.

    i do think you need to be a little cautious about putting too much pressure on the front hump.

    about making a home made one, i think that seriously underestimates the cleverness of the cradle design.

  • freetoshfreetosh
    Posts: 1
    I have started using the cradle and at first it made me sore. I stopped using it for a short time. I tried using it again while reading at this site and it helped because I started feeling sensations that were almost as intense when I use the aneros. I recently purchased the Progasm and I enjoy it tremendously. l can't say at this writing if the cradle equals the aneros but it gets pretty close. One thing that I have to say is this site is giving us men the freedom to enjoy our bodies without criticism.
  • masterAmasterA
    Posts: 3
    I experienced some soreness with the prostate cradle from sitting on it too much.... it's difficult not to! Get up slowly afterward to maintain that "delicious" afterglow collin!

    Now I take more breaks or use cushioning for long sessions or I alternate massage with my trusted mgx aneros, fingers, etc. -- even sitting on a tightly rolled up towel when I'm in a "softer" mood. Sometimes sitting on the floor + mental + is enough to trigger waves of pleasure... Variety is the best spice!
  • tballtball
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    After reading about it here, I decided to give the cradle a try. I have to say that I'm quite impressed. I used a tempurpedic pillow under the cradle and I've yet to get sore. I've experienced much the same feelings as the Aneros and have been able to achieve Super-O's as well.

    I highly recommend it to others.

  • marmotmarmot
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    I got a Cradle a week ago and get almost as much pleasure from it as from the Helix, the major exception being the absence of direct prostate stimulation. Nevertheless it is easy to reach mini-O's with it. It's chief advantage is the ease of use. I'm still working out the padding problem. Surprisingly, I find that more padding gives greater pleasure and comfort than less. I think most Aneros owners will find the Prostate Cradle a valuable addition to their bag of pleasures.

  • TaurusTaurus
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    When using my prostate cradle for about 6 to 7 minutes I find my dick goes absolutly numb, has anyone else experienced this problem? I've attempted to adjust positioning but it doesn't seem to have any effect.

    One thing's for sure, I now have a pretty good idea what it feels like not to have a penis. :shock:

  • AshlenAshlen
    Posts: 149
    In 7 days it's going to fall off ;)

    Seriously though, never had that happen, probably just put it to sleep somehow.
  • PanPan
    Posts: 249

    If the Prostate Cradle is causing genital numbness you should stop using it immediately. It could be a sign of potential nerve damage.

    Are you using any kind of cushioning with the Cradle?

    You might want to play around with different ways to relieve some of the pressure on your perineum. Personally, I place the Cradle in the center of a very deep, and very soft Tempurpedic pillow, so that when I settle on top of it, the Cradle sinks down and most of my weight is actually distributed around the pillow and not on the device itself. I've never been able to comfortably sit on the Cradle with my full weight, so I never do. I wouldn't take the risk.

    If you can find a safe level of pressure from the Cradle that provides prostate stimulation without any numbness or discomfort, then you should be fine. But if you can't find a way to use the Cradle without experiencing side-effects like numbness or pain, avoid the thing entirely. It's just not worth it.
  • TaurusTaurus
    Posts: 33

    Thanks for the advice. Normally I sit on the couch when using the prostate cradle which I thought would be adequate as it sinks down quite a bit but I guess there's a possibility that even though the cushion sinks down it may still be too firm.

    I've never been able to sit directly on it either the material is just too hard.

    I don't really use the prostate cradle very often as it's never really done anything for me so whenever I have used it the session only lasted around 4 minutes then I got bored.

    I've just recently started using it again because my Aneros sessions have been really bad for the last few months but I'm beginning to think the prostate cradle is not for me because I've never found a position that gives me any kind of response.

    Maybe I will try a few things first like removing pressure from the prostate cradle by putting it in the middle of 2 cushions.

    Where do you generally position the prostate cradle? The other thing I was wondering is do you just sit on it or move back and forth on it the way the instructions suggest?


  • CollinCollin
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    Taurus, I'm glad you brought up the numbness. I too have been having the same thing happen to my penis the last few times I've used the Prostate Cradle. It never used to do that to me, but it has made it go numb in recent sessions.

    Pan, thanks so much for your advice. I never considered that it could be doing nerve damage. I rarely use the cradle anymore, especially since I got a Progasm, but if I do, I'll be much more careful.
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    Hey Guys,

    I'm really glad you mentioned this numbness problem. I think it's a serious issue that people should be aware of, especially the manufacturer of the Prostate Cradle. If you (and anyone else who's experienced pain or numbness while using the Prostate Cradle) would send him a quick email, maybe he'd reconsider the design or at least give a more detailed warning about the potential side-effects.

    Personally, I was quite disappointed when mine arrived. I've always thought it was way to firm and should have been made from a much softer grade of silicone (at least twice as soft if not more). I suppose I should send him an email too...

    Even though I eventually found a way to make it work for me, and I actually really enjoy using the Cradle, I've always been extremely careful with it.

    To answer your question Taurus, I never rock back and forth on the Prostate Cradle or do any kind of major movements at all. I settle down on it slowly, and simply rest on it. I use mental stimulation only to achieve orgasms with the Cradle. And I always have my hands on each side of a folding chair so I can easily adjust my weight and position.

    For me, the Cradle is just a kind of "finale" that I like to do after I've already had a bunch of non-ejaculatory orgasms (usually without the Aneros). When my prostate is really humming after a session, resting on the Cradle for a few minutes and entertaining some erotic thoughts gives me some intense Super-O's. But I rarely spend more than 5-10 minutes on it at a time.

    I've found that for some reason, the Cradle only feels really good when I'm already "warmed up" down there from a nice long session. And I'm guessing that the increased blood flow from multiple orgasmic contractions may help make my perineum more pliable and able to accommodate the Cradle's pressure.

    It might be that "cold-starting" with the Cradle is part of the problem for some guys? I dunno, maybe a nice long bath before hand would help?

    Anyway, Taurus, I could recommend various ways to try and work with the Cradle, but I really think that for now, it would be best if you explored more gentle ways to stimulate your perineum.

    I experienced my very first multiple orgasms by learning a technique called KSMO ( which includes learning how to massage one's perineum in order to "wake up" your prostate's erotic sensitivity. I gently massaged my perineum with nothing but my hand and some lubricant every night for about three weeks. The first week, I felt a lot of soreness down there. By the second week, it felt kinda good. By the third week, it felt absolutely orgasmic!

    Toys and massagers like the Cradle can be great, but in my opinion, nothing beats the sensitivity and skill of your own fingertips. If you spend a little time every night massaging that area yourself, you'll have a much clearer awareness of how healthy it is and over time, you may be surprised at how much pleasure you can feel down there with even the slightest touch.

    Hope this helps.

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    Hi Pan,

    Thanks for the great insight, I may just contact the manufacturer regarding the numbness and see what he has to say but at this point I really don't foresee the prostate cradle becoming anything more than a once in a blue moon toy. At present I'm more focused on trying to get back on track with my Aneros sessions and after reading your post I'm thinking it may be time to take a look at KSMO again.

    Thanks again.

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    Hi, Pan and Collin

    What is your prostate cardle (Extra Large, Large, Medium) and what is your intended use (medical use,sensual use,both)?

    It seem that the large size can stimulate more, which may cause some soreness.
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    Hi jly,

    I don't know what size my Cradle is. There was only one size and one color available when I purchased mine. Funny, that's how it was when I got my first Aneros...

    I'm more interested in the density of the material then the actual size though. If the manufacturer were to produce a softer model, I would definitely be interested.
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    Now, there are different sizes and different colors. And when you order the product, there is a seletion that ask you what is your intend use.
  • Ok, I contacted the cradle manufacturer. In order to avoid numbness he said to use more cushioning and take more frequent breaks (makes sense). Also he said softer materials do not provide enough stimulation hence the need for cushioning. For me, both the mgx and the cradle have been useful in discovering parts of my body I didn't know existed. Now my prostate and my feet are basically turned on all the time! Yeah 'foot super O's' -- often simultaneously with prostate O's -- get a small round foot massage device and put it under the center of the feet then flex -- *Wow*!

    What a great forum. Where else could we discuss this stuff?!
  • I guess the idea of using a stiffer material is that you can soften it up with padding but you can't go the other way and make it stiffer.

    I bought one a few months ago and use it occasionally. It initially caused me discomfort and I couldn't find the right combination of padding and positioning to make it feel good, so I put it aside. Fast forward a few months and I thought I'd try it while masturbating. I had previously used it just by itself without doing anything else. I placed it on a closed toilet seat and was able to sit on it without needing any additional padding. I'm not sure why that is but perhaps my perineum is used to more stimulation now. It could also be that I was able to spread my legs more while sitting rather than having to have them pretty much pointing forward due to the sides of the chair that I was using restricting my movement. Very little if any ejaculate came out when I ejaculated, much like when I've clenched my PC muscles before ejaculation. It was a different feeling though than when you clench your PC muscles. It wasn't bad but it didn't really feel good either and I still felt the refractory period kick in as is the case when I've clenched my PC muscles. I've only used the cradle a couple of times for masturbation but it isn't something that I want to keep doing since I'm concerned about retrograde ejaculation. I also don't clench my PC muscles anymore when ejaculating. I've seen how it feels and decided I really don't like it, so I don't use those techniques anymore. If the ejaculatory contractions start, I just let them proceed and don't stop the process.

    There was only one size available when I bought it so I checked on the site recently since I was curious about the different sizes. They are based on your weight. If you are 150 - 200lbs, then that's the regular size. They offer a larger size for those over 200lbs and a smaller size for those under 150lbs. It also comes in two colors although I can't recall what they are, blue and purple I think. The price is also slightly different based on these sizes. I assume that when they were only selling one size, that it was for the 150 - 200lb range.

    They are in the process of adding a Forum although it isn't up yet. They also have a video that I thought would show how to use it, but it's only 30 seconds and shows the cradle by itself from the side and the front. Perhaps a more detailed video is in the works.

  • I noticed the retro ejac feeling a little when I press down on the front of the cradle but pressing on the center feels good. Really it's the feeling after normal peak 'O' that I like. While still sitting on the cradle sometimes my prostate becomes ecstatic with no pulsations.... super O's.... like the aneros
  • I have read lots of users talking about KMSO and despite my best efforts havent found exactly what it is/how to do it. The closest I can get is a link to the guy who discovered/invented its website, but then it asks you to purchase the audio.
    Can anyone help me on this subject please?
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    Hi playfulpair,

    Welcome to the Forum,

    It’s unfortunate that you missed Saturday’s Chat Session here with Jack Johnston (member name = HydraulicJack - developer of KSMO) and other Forum members regarding his technique. A partial transcript of the Chat Session is available here - . You can check out a reference in the WIKI at for a little information, but Jack’s site at is really where you need to look for detailed information.
    Jack’s technique is based upon proper articulation of a particular vocalization, as such one must listen to it to learn the technique, thus the need to purchase the audio.
    On the audio recording Jack explains the technique and teaches you how to properly articulate the Key Sound Multiple Orgasm protocol.
  • The Prostate Cradle looks interesting. There are definately times when I feel that the fuss and muss of insertion seems a bit much. Kind of nice to have a simple and quick alternative.

    One thing I noticed is that it comes in three sizes. I am 167 pounds, and at 5'9" rather thinly built. When buying shirts, I go for medium. Can anyone venture a guess as to whether I should purchase the medium or large Cradle? If I just go by the recommendations by weight, the choice would be the large.
  • How safe is the Prostate Cradle? It is shaped like a bike saddle and I lost circulation once. How much like a bike saddle is it in shape and all? It's been said that bike saddles have damaged nerves and blood vessels and cut off circulation in the perineum and root of the penis which can lead to temporary or permanent erectile dysfunction and sensitivity decrease or loss. Why they still shape bicycle saddles like that when manufactured is beyond me? Boys and men ride bikes all the time and they could have problems in the future for sitting on the saddles and riding long distances doing that? I wonder if these factors can cause women and girls problems. Is the Cradle shaped in a way to where it cannot damage like a bike saddle? Their literature says it's safe but is it really? Was this created by a doctor? I would like to use mine more but have been skittish about it because I don't want to damage my male organs. Does anyone have any advice for me on this or assurance it is safe or how to safely use it?
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    i have the cradle and i have not gotten the results any of you have me its like sitting on a are you supposed to position that thing?????and how exactly does it work???and how long do you have to sit on it????? the directions they give you are to vague and not helpful at all...i have trying padding it in different ways and have been unsucessfull....
  • It's too bad their site doesn't give a forum like this one or longer and more detailed instructions. Their site is I think the Prostate Cradle and The Crystal Wand ( and go along good with the Aneros. I don't see any of these products as competitors but more like friends of each other which coexist and that each have their own uniqueness.
  • I can't enter Hope they didn't take it offline.
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    The correct link to the Tao Bums is I just tried it and it is functioning properly.