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Preparing to start!
  • WeaselWeasel
    Posts: 6
    Hi to everyone! I've been lurking about for awhile, like many others, and I'm not just about ready to get my toe into the water (of course there's a better organ to use! :wink: ). Before I get to my questions, my experiences with anal play has been limited. Many, many years ago, at my physical for being hired at work, I was probed by the doctor to such an extent that I felt like I was about to be engaged! Made me nervous to as to what kind of place I was going to be working at! But I made mental notes of what I was feeling, because it was rather pleasurable! After the anal probe he proceeded to examine the rest of me, and thoroughly handled the rest of my equipment. I was shocked, as he wrote his notes, when he asked me if I was circumcised. How did he miss that? I shan't tell you all, as I wish to me a "man of mystery"! Anyway, from time to time, I begged my wife to try "finger-fucking" me, which she was reluctant to do. Her feelings were that this was pretty dirty, considering what comes out! She's pretty straight-laced on things, but I love her anyway! Anyway, once I got her to try putting hand lotion on her finger, as before she would only go in a little, and wow!, I don't know what happened but I arched my body, and wildly exploded! She was surprised at the intensity, as was I. Unfortunately, these have been rare occurrences, but I am eager to explore this more, even if it is on a solitary basis. Perhaps time, and growth, will open more doors for us.

    Anyway, after reading many posts I am pretty well settled on getting the Helix as my first, but I can't help wondering if the Eupho or the Maximus might be a better choice -- particularly after I saw Arctic Wolf's video with the Eupho! Have any of you use those as firsts, or would I be better off with the Helix? The notes I've read indicate you need greater sphincter control with the Eupho, but the stem looks a whole lot smaller than the Helix? It seems counter-intuitive to me. But what do I know! What with the economy I just want to get the best possible for me with what I've saved up.

    The next question is the retail cost. I found one store, a bit far from me, that carried the Helix, which was asking $121, which seemed way excessive. The Progasm was in the 80's! And it's way bigger (won't try that one...yet.). I did find another store, using the "find a retailer", that was way further from me, but asking $79. I'm going to go there, and even with the cost of gas, I'd spend less than if I went to the nearer store. The question is is this kind of mark up to be expected in adult toy stores?

    Well, I'm looking forward to starting my own Journey soon! Thanks for letting this weasel squeak!
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,460
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    Hi Weasel,

    Welcome to the Forum,

    Before you waste a bunch of gas driving to that store, I think you may wish to consider the Helix Holiday Special set ordered through the Aneros site. This makes an excellent starter set and it gets delivered to you!
  • lynn2694lynn2694
    Posts: 96

    I ordered a Helix for my S.O. and a Peridise (for me) through this site. It's a lot cheaper than the prices you mentioned and it arrived within 4 days in a discreet package. You'll get a good deal through here. I would suggest either the Helix or the Peridise (which would give you two and can be used by either man or woman). If your wife becomes more interested in anal play, that would be a great option for her. Feel free to read my post..."woman in peridise" to give you an idea of my experience. Both should be amazing choices for you.

  • WeaselWeasel
    Posts: 6
    Thank you, Rumel and Lynn for responding. I'll have to give this some thought. Those package deals sure look mighty tempting! I complicated the difficulty by saving up cash these pass many months! I think I thought I could just walk into any sex store and buy one!! Am I wrong and surprised! I would have thought these gems would be everywhere. Not sure how to send off a check or use the card without giving it away to the Mrs. on what I want to experiment with! That will take some explaining. Still, where there's a will there's a way! ( or as Tolkien puts in The Lord of the Rings, "Where there's a whip there's a way"!). Again thanks!
  • pnomanpnoman
    Posts: 145

    They are all great models. I started with the Helix/MGX combo set that comes with the Higginson Syringe. It was a great way to do it. Cleaning beforehand is a vital part of the process for me! The prices at the store around you seem way overly inflated. Buy online from here or another online shop. Be sure to get some lube too! I suggest the big pump sized bottle of PROBE. It has a really thick consistency and lasts a long time without drying out. There are a million lubes out there to try, but this is a pretty good one to start with. Another good way to lube is with ALBOLENE (It's marketed mainly as a makeup remover and it's sold at CVS and stores like that.) Albolene is a cousin to vaseline that is more viscous and lasts pretty long as well!

    The two models you get (MGX and HELIX) are a great way to start because they both provide great stimulation, but are different. I started with those about a year ago and now own the Progasm, Eupho, and Peridise sets as well. (I like them all, but my faves are the MGX and the EUPHO.) I don't think starting with the EUPHO is a good idea as a starter. I think the MGX is the best all-around model. If you can only get one- get the MGX!

    Welcum to the club! May all your O's be super.
  • Weasel...
    I think you would better off and be able to save a little money by purchasing on this web-site rather than a "sex shop." That way you can start saving for other models, if you are so inclined. If you go to a quick-shop or a lot of grocery stores you can for a small fee purchase a money order. I have found my best prices on money orders at a quick-shop - but then again - it has been some time since I've needed a money order.

    Best of times of time to you!!!
  • Hey Weasel, it's hard to recommend something as all have their strengths and weaknesses.:idea:

    Here is a list of most of the products in order from largest to smallest. (NOTE: Click on "COLORED" words for more information about products.)

    If you like big things and you want the biggest ANEROS has to offer, then I would go with a PROGASM to knock your "socks" off. If you want to step down the size a little bit then a MAXIMUS will do the trick to get that fuller feeling. If you want to be gentler on yourself then you could try your hand at the HELIX or MGX. If you want something that moves around more freely then go with the EUPHO.

    As you can see each offers something! It all comes down to what you prefer the most. Hopefully, this has helped you out a little bit better in making your choice. Who knows??? Maybe you'll own the whole collection of aneros products one of these days!! :twisted:

    Good luck in your future pursuits and welcome to this wonderful community!! 8)

    -ArcticWolves :wink:

    P.S. Don't remain a man of mystery! Have you restored your foreskin? If so congrats!! If you have no idea what I'm talking about then disregard this. :lol:
  • pnomanpnoman
    Posts: 145

    I would go with a PROGASM to knock your "socks" off.

    Hilarious! Your videos with the socks are my favorite!!!
  • WeaselWeasel
    Posts: 6
    It's been so busy at work I've hardly have had time to reply! But thanks, pnoman, ArcticWolves, GeminiDon, for your added responses. Its all been helpful. And I'm getting more excited about starting the Journey! There is a certain pleasure in the preparation for it, in the anticipation. Almost like going out window-shopping before the holidays actually arrive, and you wonder what it will be like, and do you want to ask for this or for that? Wow! Helix or Eupho? I luxuriate under the thought. But I think Helix is what I really want to start with for now! I know I won't be disappointed. And it will be the first of many future Aneros's for me. There are always Holidays ahead, that's the great thing about time! And I appreciate the advice about lube's and cleaning -- another part of the preparation, which I haven't given adequate thought to. While I'm planning ahead I'm going to sit down with the Wicki and really get to know the path ahead! I'm looking forward to making progress reports once the Journey begins. Thank you all for your guidance!!

    Note to ArcticWolves on my being a "man of mystery": O.K., as a Bookman, (I love reading), I'm "Abridged". A nice way of putting it! Of course some books are better for it! But I'm glad there are those who've become the restored edition!