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Now this chair could lead to a interesting experience...
  • Yes, I see the potential....

    What's really funny is reading all the comments below the display. I wish I had a tenth of that humor...
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,484
    How cool would this be?
  • Does it come in actel?
  • lynn2694lynn2694
    Posts: 96
    Do stirrups come with it?

  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,140
    Rumel, you know, those SOS logos on there almost look like eyes, and if you stare at it for a second or two....this appears to be one pissed off chair!

    I'm thinking those legs look like mandibles almost like...Predator! The darn thing even has a six-pack!

    Be afraid, very afraid. LOL

    BF Mayfield
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488

    Right on lynn2694 on the need for stirrups! 8) Either that BF, or some seriously startled chair!:shock:

    This opens up the search for aneros compatible furnishings and other aneros use design compatibility...

    Check out some of these bicycle seats!

    and particularly this one

    Perineum pressure, blood flow restriction and nerve damage is a real health danger and threat to erotic energies possibilities for males riding conventional bicycles, or even unicycles or tricycles! :lol: An SOS Ecstatic Bi-Saddle!

    And ya know! Aye laddies! What we all really need for such a ride, and for all times, is the SOS kilt and sporran to hold our growing :oops: toolkit!!!

    What a convenient bike ride that should turn out to be! :wink:

    or in leather, hemp or denim

    and toolkits and this is where our AnerosCrafts could cum in

    And then back t' thee auld croft veranda for rocks off, no; rock offs, no; something on the rocks... in R's custom devouring rocker there! SOS, indeed! Say R!, could ya work up a nice SOS kilt and sporran now?:D

    available in Irish style and thoroughly green for next Tuesday too

    hoist one all

  • Why are bike saddles still designed the same way on most bikes if it causes ED, decreased sensitivity, and blood vessel and nerve damage? How does a bike saddle and Prostate Cradle differ if the Prostate Cradle can supposedly do the complete opposite of the harm a bike saddle can cause? My doctor told me the Prostate Cradle looks EXACTLY like a bike saddle.
  • I stopped riding my bike for this very reason. Actually, I had no problem riding one as a child or young teen. After stopping for a few years and going back into riding it I noticed my butt was very sensitive and it downright hurt as I felt it crushing my prostate. After that I vowed to never ride a bike again. I didn't do any research for this. I didn't need research to listen to what my body was telling me. Anyways, sorry for going off-topic...

    This chair would be quite an interesting experience!! It's got a nice big space for your inserting pleasure!! The only thing I would worry about is gravity might cause the darned thing to fall out at the worst possible moment! :P :oops: :lol:
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,782
    It's a very good point about traditional bicycle saddles causing damage resulting in erectile dysfunction. I'm one of the ones that experiences this greatly. On the traditional saddle that originally came with my bicycle when it was purchased new. I could not ride for more than 30 to 45 minutes before I get numbness and pain in my whole crotch and buttock area. Not a good thing!

    So now I'm on my third attempt of finding a good saddle that does not cut off circulation or put pressure in the perineum area. I'm convinced nose-less saddles are not the answer. You need the nose to provide balance.

    My first attempt was the Spongy Wonder. Unfortunately I couldn't even try it as the owner sold me on the heavy duty model, which he neglected to tell me uses a non-standard frame. So I couldn't even mount it to my seat post as the bolt in my seat post was too short, and is is a non-standard size metric allen key head bolt, that you can't even buy in the USA. So using a longer bolt was not an option. That seat got returned.

    I next tried the Spiderflex. Similar idea as the Spongy Wonder, but slightly different in design. The design makes sense when you look at. But when you try it, you quickly realize why traditional saddles all have noses on them. Balancing is very difficult without a nose on the saddle. With the Spiderflex I was not able to safely remove one hand from the handle bar to make hand signals in traffic. And don't even think about riding no handed! Plus the way the buttocks and "sit bones" are supported on the seat, when you push down on the pedals, muscles in your buttocks and the rear part of your upper thigh move against the front seat edge causing the rear end of the bike to be pushed to one side. So as you pedal fast, the whole back end rocks from side to side. Tilting the seat forward did not make this any better. The Hobson Easyseat's may alleviate this problem. But I'm skeptical. Plus you still have the balance issue because of no nose. The Spiderflex seat also got returned.

    Now I'm on a Selle Royal Respiro (Men's moderate size)

    This one is a step in the right direction! When I first mounted it to the seat post and tried it, I instantly knew it was better. And after trying it for a while I found that I could ride for longer than my original traditional saddle, but similar problems occurred. If I sit towards the back of the seat so that most of my weight is on my "sit bones". It gets uncomfortably painful after a while, and some nerves are pinched resulting in some uncomfortable tingling in one leg. If I sit more forward so the area between the nose and the rear of the seat supports my crotch area, I start to eventually get the same numbness and pain in my pelvic area. Even though there is no pressure on the perineum. I think that circulation is still cut off from the sides of the seat digging into where your thigh meets your crotch. I suspect that the design is not completely bad. But more that the seat is too wide for my pelvis. (Mens pelvises are narrower than womens) I'm no expert in bicycle saddles, but I get the feeling that a proper saddle should cradle your buttocks somewhat between the "sit bones". Where as with the Respiro, I feel like my sit bones are sitting on top of the saddle. Which is not comfortable.

    My next seat I will try this spring is a Terry Liberator Race Gel Saddle. It's a similar idea as the Respiro, which is a traditional saddle with a center cutaway. But this seat is narrower than my respiro.

    I hope it works. As I thoroughly enjoy the thrill of going fast on my bicycle. If there is any men here that have had some success with finding a bicycle saddle with a nose that does not cut off circulation and put pressure in the perineum area. I'd sure like to hear about it. Thanks. :)

    That rocking chair could also very easily be made into the lazy man's (or woman's) TV entertainment chair! Place a mini fridge stocked with snacks and your favorite alcoholic beverage underneath it, with a bed pan on top. And you never have to get up to go to the bathroom or get another beer while your watching your favorite program! LOL :lol:

  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,782
    Hello everyone, :)

    So this is a follow up of my quest to find a comfortable non-damaging to me bicycle saddle.

    So after the Selle Royal Respiro, instead of the Terry Liberator race gel, I tried the Terry Fly Cromoly Gel.

    This was the smallest in width saddle I've tried so far. It was a step in the right direction. More comfortable than the Respiro. But same problem of pain and numbness in the pelvic area within 20 minutes of riding, but also pain on my sit bones. Even after riding it many times to allow time for my sit bones to toughen up. This is a very firm seat. And I had to constantly move my butt around on it to find a spot that wasn't excruciating. Which was not always possible. In hindsight, going to the bike shop yesterday, I found out that the non-gel version of this saddle is much more softer. I had thought it was the other way around, which is why I purchased the gel version.

    In my attempt to make my ride more comfortable I started researching suspension seat posts. I ride a fitness hybrid, aluminum frame and wheels, with no suspension and 100PSI tires that puts my upper torso in the touring position, which is about a 45 degree angle. It's a fast, but very hard ride. But my bottom takes the impact of every little bump as the majority of my weight is placed on the seat. More so than a racing street bike where your torso is closer to horizontal. I ended up getting a Thudbuster LT.

    This product is fantastic! And does what it says! Yes it's pricey, but if you really need added comfort, it's really great! It gets talked up a lot in the user reviews at the following link, and I can see why.

    I have no more fear of going over bumps. And the majority of them I can stay seated with no problem! :D

    But ultimately the Terry Cromoly Gel just wasn't working, so I sent it back for a refund. They are nice enough to give you 30 days to try it, and get a refund, or exchange it for another model.

    I opted to go to my small local bike shop and work with them this time. And boy am I glad I did! As I found a saddle that works for me now. Yeah!!! I brought my bike, and they let me mount whatever saddle I wanted on it, and take it for a spin. I tried three saddles, and it ended up being the first one that he recommended that I was initially skeptical of that I ended up buying. It's a Planet Bike A.R.S. Classic.

    This saddle is so amazingly comfortable, that the first few minutes of riding it in the trial of seats, I couldn't believe what I was feeling. :lol: For my anatomy, it appears that seats where the outer edges of the widest part of the seat where in most it slopes downward, does not give me correct support. Whereas, if you look at the picture of this seat, it has a flat area where your sit bones go. And it seams that I need a very soft seat as my sit bones seem to be particularly sensitive. And this seat is soft like a cloud. :D And to top it all off, this was the least expensive of all the seats I tried, at $32 and change USD. And they seem to be an ethically minded business, as they donate 25% of all profits to grassroots organizations that facilitate the use of bicycles. In addition, the packaging is minimal and is made of 100% recycled paper with vegetable based inks so as to have a lower impact on our environment. Yeah!!! I like!

    So there you have it. :D

  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,782
    One other thought to add...

    When I took my bicycle with my new Planet Bike A.R.S. saddle for my normal 16 mile ride yesterday. I noticed some rather minor twinges of discomfort and pain, which at this point I attribute to being forcedly trained not to relax out of habit from the pain and discomfort of saddles that did not support me correctly. There is something about an uncomfortable wedge of a seat being forced into your neither regions, particularly when going over bumps that has unconsciously made me clench down there. And so I noticed that I was still doing that during my ride. I feel that now I have to un-train myself of doing this. Now that I have a comfortable saddle, I need to learn to relax my whole pelvic area as I ride. And that this should eliminate the rest of this minor pain.

  • Hi, all.

    I love that chair. I only wish they made one for computer users or chair sleepers in mind. I have a big problem with sitting in regular chairs for long periods and seeing this one gives me a few ideas now.

    My prob with regular chairs is the fact that if you sit for like 8 to 10 hours or more, you get that pressure feeling over the entire region that makes everything uncomfortable.

    With the bike seat pictured, I might be looking into how to design a bike seat chair like this. Thanks for all the info on the bike seats Love_is. That info is great, maybe I could start riding mine again with such a seat. :)

    Again, What a Chair! Just wish I had one now. :(
  • I think I have found another chair suitable for Aneros use. Click on link.

    Haratech Veneto Highback Ergonomic Chair
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,140
    [QUOTE=churney;86406]I think I have found another chair suitable for Aneros use. Click on link.

    Haratech Veneto Highback Ergonomic Chair

    Another wild chair! This one would be quite useful for an Aneros session. I kind of wonder though if my friends would get the impression that I was sidelining, performing pelvic exams in my time off! NEXT ! image

    BF Mayfield