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Trying to satisfy the "itch"
  • bad andybad andy
    Posts: 4
    :) I have had my Progasm for about three months now and this thing is amazing. Wish I discovered it 20 years ago! I have found just exactly what works for me. I lay on my back, knees bent, deep breathing and concentration. The deep breathing exercises ,when fully expelling, actually pull the Progasm into the anus. I will then slowely gyrate my hips and do small thrusts alternating this back and forth when I start the involuntary abdominal contractions. I have gotten to the point that I squirm uncontrollably all over the bed and develope an "itch". Sort of the "itch" I get before I orgasm regularly, but much deeper and not penile related. I have worn myself out twice now trying to satisfy the "itch" and feel the super O is just around the corner. Anyone else experience the "itch" and the best way to "scratch" it ?
  • charliecharlie
    Posts: 124
    Hello Bad Andy.

    Your body is responding to new and pleasurable sensations. Just relax and let the progasm lead you to your first "Super-O."

    Good luck.


    Charlie :)
  • tdt422tdt422
    Posts: 43
    I know what you mean about the itch. I discovered my progasm really feels nice when I do the side to side wiggle, it gives me a little tickle right at my anus too. Sometimes it feels like it is a part of my body and blends in. Then I let contractions take hold of it, I stop when I get short of breath, but then resume another round. No super-O yet, but enjoying the ride.