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wow, what a shocker
  • kacokaco
    Posts: 12
    Today, my wife bought me a Eupho Prostate Massager. Unfortionally, on line, so I won't beable to test drive it until tuesday night. With out doing the the home work, we hope that the Eupho will be fun and easy to use for a newby. I will continue to update. With every thing I have read the eupho sounds like it can be fun. love to read conments so please leave one thx.
  • kacokaco
    Posts: 12
    Tuesday, ups has been and gone. My wife (of 9 years) and I were very excited maybe to excited because I don't think I had to much in reserve. (Beening in my early 30s) I thought I should be go to go. My body was, but my equipment was not. I gave it a go, to my suprise and some play time the toy slipped in with no pain and some pleasure. I spent 25 mins in bed rocking, flexing and touching. It was interesting. Before ending I hoped in the jaccuzi with my wife and her new toy.
    Late Tuesday night I tried it again, this time watching TV. As I relaxed, I flexed my pc(?) muscle and held for minutes at a time. This time the feelings were more intense as I was fully relaxed with no expectations. I will have to try it again soon. If you have any advise or conments please pm me or leave a conment thx.
  • Hi kaco,
    remember to always relax... It is interesting you were trying to watch TV at the same time, unless it was pornographic material. :lol:

    Never have expectations also, that is usually what will slow the process of the rewire.

    One of the muscles is the PC muscles, your are correct. You also have another that is just below the top of your pubic hair. so you really have two in the front, and they are independent of each other, but both can help to get to the super-O.

    You are doing correct in holding the PC, but do it gently... out of 1 to 10 presure, about a 3.
    hold for about 20 seconds, then release. continue to do this for a time... you may feel a flutter at times, this is usually what will lead to other better things. :lol:
    Have fun!!
  • Hi, welcome from one newbie to another. I'm a woman who bought a Helix for the man in her life. :wink: . (We are also in our early 30's). I'm not the Guru, he's the one who can give you a ton of insight. PM (private message) Brian Mayfield. He's helped me out a lot with a ton of information. His words have been more than magic when it comes to helping me understand this new adventure that my S.O and (hopefully) I will encounter. From what I've learned so far...the advice I hear given the most....relax and stop thinking. The more you fixate on what you hope to achieve with it, the more you miss out. It's like the old saying...."A watched pot never boils". Nothing could be more accurate than that. Remember the time you took when trying to explore your wife and what makes her filled with pleasure? Take that same time for you. Explore yourself, but don't focus on trying to find what instantly feels good. DON'T LOOK FOR THAT INSTANT GRATIFICATION!!!!! From what I've learned, it's worth the wait. Not to mention the long term benefits and what levels of enjoyment you can reach. What I've learned is pretty amazing and will drive your woman wild too. Some women won't cum if their mind is on everything else but what they are feeling, we have to be in the right mindset. You are no different in this aspect. In your seemed to be a little tooo eager. Turn on some relaxing music (what's relaxing to you, not saying some instrumental verson of "Love Story" or anything), but what works for you. Turn down the lights and listen to your body. Instead of concentrating on what's not happening, think lightly of what has happened that turned you on. A sexy weekend with your wife, a time you two had together that was special. I'm sure she bought this for you as an opportunity to bring you two closer. Take that opportunity!! You and she will love that you did. I hope this helps. I really don't have any authority to give technical advice, but those who are pro's (compared to our new status), might agree a bit with what I'm saying. Enjoy yourself and her. Have fun.
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,087
    Thanks for the accolade Lynn2694!

    Lynn has captured an element that is rarely mentioned around here....romance. This can be of particular importance in the couples setting. Users often get way too hung up on technique at the expense of their own enjoyment. Technique has it's place, but at some point one must put it aside and look to generating and experiencing arousal and sensation. Check out the WIKI, in the Getting Started section for further information.


    BF Mayfield