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First session with my MGX
  • I had a get acquainted session with my MGX and took the advice of several helpful forum members and made it a solo session ; wife was watching tv in another room . I had no trouble inserting the MGX and it felt really nice when it was fully inserted . In fact my rear kind off drew it in once it was in just a little . It was a nice tingly feeling with no motion at all , so I started some slow but strong contractions holding at the top of the squeeze for a half a minute or so . That felt really awesome , like nothing I experienced before ! I kept that up for about three minutes or maybe more ; never getting an erection and never touching my penis . After a bit more time tere was this amazing sweet , electric feeling from deep inside and all the way to the tip of my still flacid penis as my prostate emptied in a non orgasmic flow . It was not what I expected , but I was not disappointed and I look forward to my next solo session and eventually sharing the expreience with my wife .
  • hlaser99hlaser99
    Posts: 785
    Wow, drjohnny!

    You hit the prostate on the first try and sounds like you
    had a prostate milking experience and P-waves!

    Amazing progress from the first session!

    Congrats, and just continue down this path . . . and so,
    your Journey begins!!!

    Just Great, Man!

    Later, Hlaser99