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Aneros-My journey starts today - Yet, another update 3/19/09
  • Here we go! After reading the forums I purchased the Helix this weekend. I've dabbled in the past with dildos/vibrators, and have always known there was a sensitive spot down there, but could never get anywhere. The feeling of something in my bum is not brand new to me, so I'm hoping that my success level can be fairly quick.

    Here's my plan:

    Tonight, I have 45 minutes set aside to quietly get to know my new friend. I'm taking a shower, inserting a few cc's of lube, then relaxing to the bedroom. I'm going to start on my side, and follow the basic instructions of breathing and then small contractions. I don't expect a lot tonight, except for the hope that this is the beginning of a journey. I have some time set aside in the next week to have 3 or 4 more sessions and will report back what happens.

    Any suggestions or comments? Otherwise, I will report back!

    Update at the bottom of this post, Multiple orgasms!
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,140
    Welcome Tacomaguy2000!,

    Hey, you've got a great Aneros, and a great attitude, all of the makings for a wonderful journey. If you've not done so already, I might suggest that you take some time to familiarize yourself with the WIKI, in particular the Getting Started section.

    Enjoy the ride!

    BF Mayfield
  • Got home from work tonight, and couldn't wait. Had a nice quiet house, and the bed to myself. Got lubed up and laid on my side with one leg in the fetal position. Boy, this thing sure feels good. I didn't have any expectations, just my first trial run. Nothing else happened, except moving around a bit to find the best feeling position.

    Had some errands to run and after I got back, had the house again to myself for an hour. I lubed up and inserted again. Earlier, I learned that laying on my back with my feet flat and my knees bent up seemed to feel the best with a little rocking. This was only my second session, so again my expectations were low, just another trial run to get the feeling. This time, something happened. As I was laying there, I got a mild jolt. The same feeling a ways back when my girlfriend inserted her dildo up me and hit my prostate for the first time. Anyway, after this jolt tonight, I felt better knowing this thing was on target and I could expect better things. Right when I relaxed, something came over me. Remember, I'm on my back knees bent up but my feet flat. My thighs started quivering, and I had a few involuntary contractions. Then, as I contracted, my thighs quivered again, then each time I contracted. I was so surprised I was startled and stopped. I then remembered something I read on one of these forums: "relax and enjoy anything that feels pleasurable, its a journey." I relaxed again, and started contracting, the feeling spread from my thighs to my anal area, where all of a sudden it felt numb, and I couldn't feel the Aneros inside me. I checked and sure enough it was there. I contracted and had the quivering thighs for about 10 more minutes, when I had to clean up and get ready for visitors.

    After everything I've read on here, I had a prostate awakening and my first "P" waves!

    I'll post more in the next few days when I can fit in another session or 2.
  • tdt422tdt422
    Posts: 43
    My first p-waves came I think when let my hips wiggle side to side, I just went with the flow. I was on my back with knees up, feet on the bed. I get leg shakes and I don't try to stop them, eventually I would feel my progasm right where it enters my anus and my hips just start to swing back and forth.
    It sends chills up my back.
  • Well, I planned to have my 3rd session for an hour last night for another "get to know" session. No expectations and only concentrate on lubing, inserting and positions that felt good. Nothing happened except a few thigh tingles, which to me means I'm hitting the right spots.

    For my 4th session, I had this morning off today and had the house to myself for 3 hours. No planned visitors either... I took my time, inserted some lube but no tap water douche. I took a big BM earlier and that felt good enough. This morning, I kept getting distracted by the handle on the helix. Not the Ptab. but the curly removal handle. It finally distracted me enough that I cut it off about 1/2 inch before the base. It seemed to have sharp edges, so I took a lighter and gently heated it and made the end round.

    I reinserted and instantly could focus on the proper feelings, not how the handle was touching my butt cheeks.

    After the usual 15-20 minutes of relaxation, contractions and breathing, I moved off the bed, got on all fours and draped my arms over the bed. I felt some good feelings and had leg twitches as my prostate was touched. I got back up on the bed in my favorite position so far: on my back, feet flat and a rolled up towel under the small of my back. Now things escalated.

    I got the familiar thighs shaking but that quickly passed and I felt myself doing full, hard anal contractions while breathing out on the out stroke and in while I was drawing it in. One of the forums suggested rocking your hips side to side and/or forward and backwards. I started rocking forward and backward while contracting quickly. I think the contractions were involuntary. At this point I couldn't tell anymore, but went with it. I grabbed the headboard posts behind me and started literally bouncing up and down. I was concerned that the bouncing would give my penis stimulation, but I was too far gone and said the heck with it. I kept bouncing, contracting, rocking my hips faster and faster. I started moaning out load. This kept going for about 45 seconds and I orgasmed, hard. But this was not a normal orgasm/ejaculation. It was very different. I had been dripping lots of precum the whole time, but this orgasm made me shoot one big load, without an erection. As a matter of fact, I don't think it was penile centered in anyway. I think this was a one-shot prostate milking, and not a "dry-o".

    Interestingly enough, I only had one big orgasm, and was done. I sat there for a minute and seriously had a hard time recalling it. You really are on a different mental plane when this happens!

    I seriously don't think I had a Super O, but this, in my opinion, was the biggest orgasm I have ever had.

    If there is something more intense than this, bring it on! I'm ready.

    Things to note during this session that brought success:

    1) Quiet and relaxation. Think about something that normally think about during the day, but doesn't get you all flustered. I turned on some porn on the TV, but only had the should on low, no visual.

    2) I didn't douche, but took a big BM instead. No worries about that helped me relax.

    3) Cutting off the handle of the Helix. This allowed me to focus on only the feelings that mattered, not the handle rubbing my butt cheeks. It also allows you to lay flat on the floor on your back, and the handle doesn't touch the floor.

    4) Lube - I use astroglide as a lube. It's cheap so there is no reason to not use enough. I insert an eye dropper full inside me then cover the first 1/3 of the helix with it before I put it in. You drip a little, but in your rectum, not enough lube is a bad thing. Astroglide cleans up quick too!

    5) Move around and try different positions, but don't get frustrated. If you don't have feelings in one position, SLOWLY move to another. For example, Don't jump up and get on all fours. Slowly move to this position and feel EVERY move inside you. I bet you will feel something good as you move between positions.

    6) Believe that this thing works. Read the forums, get some ideas, but don't get hung up on the package instructions or on any one method. I've never felt anything on my side as the package suggests. Take an hour here or there with the goal of learning about your new toy, not to get a super-O.

    Then, when you have 2-3 hours, use what you've learned to relax. breathe, move and maximize any good feelings you have.

    7) Always remember this is for pleasure. enjoy it and learn from each session. Don't be afraid to try a different location or sounds or complete quiet.

    Good luck!
  • Wow .. you are making some quick progress. Great job and thanks for taking the time to post.

    It's so funny how the journey takes on different paths: I've had Super O's but never had the ejaculation without an erection (sounds fun). The bouncing sounds like maybe you were indeed milking -- has anyone else experienced this (and perhaps could suggest techniques most likely to make it happen)? I'd like to try that one out at some point.
  • Hello gentlemen! I have a question concerning the last posts. Milking the prostate. I understand the biology in that...that's not the issue. I took it as that is one part or (medical) reason to use the Areros. I would think that would feel fantastic for a man. I know that my S.O. would enjoy a large wet orgasm like that. What should he/we do to help him achieve that as well. Would sex do it or should I bounce him on the bed? :wink: I love it when he bounces All is fair, right? I'm kidding. But I am serious about my prostate milking question and also serious about my Jim having ton's of pleasure. Thanks for answering guys.
  • Well, I had another thing happen. You know how you wake up in the middle of the night with raging hard-on and usually get up, take a leak and go back to bed?

    I woke up about 12:30 am with my PC muscle doing contractions. I must have been having a dream but instead of pitching wood, my muscles were contracting. This has never happened before and I'm sure is a result of me learning and exercising my new muscle groups due the aneros usage!

    This weekend is a nice mellow weekend with nothing planned. I hope to get 2 sessions in.....
  • Well, I had another thing happen. You know how you wake up in the middle of the night with raging hard-on and usually get up, take a leak and go back to bed?

    I woke up about 12:30 am with my PC muscle doing contractions. I must have been having a dream but instead of pitching wood, my muscles were contracting. This has never happened before and I'm sure is a result of me learning and exercising my new muscle groups due the aneros usage!

    This weekend is a nice mellow weekend with nothing planned. I hope to get 2 sessions in.....


    It seems as though nocturnal super O's are going around. Check out Brian Mayfields thread that he posted just last night. Your not alone. It sounded like he had an amazing night as well. I'm a woman...recently I woke up having the most amazing orgasm myself. Must be something in the water.
  • Great posts Taco, thanks for sharing your success with us! :D
  • This helix thing is going to be the end of me! I had the house to myself for the weekend. This session was going to be a concentrated, focused session on getting results. I lowered the lights got everything ready. I had a BM so didn't douche. I inserted about an eyedropper full of astroglide and laid down.

    I knew from my previous session that when I felt the tingling in the thighs, to start rocking and keep going. Not this time. I have been reading more of the forums and one of the things is to try and hold a PC contraction and/or do nothing. I practiced the pc contractions at my desk at work and in the car on the way home.

    So after about 20 minutes I got the tingling and paused. If I was in just the right spot (on my back, knees up, feet flat on the bed with a rolled up towel under the small of my back) the tingling didn't go away! I then did about a 50% pc contraction and held it as long as I could. I could feel the tingling getting stronger and stronger. Then my body started to shake, then my fists clenched, then I started to convulse from the fetal position to flat on my back. It got stronger and stronger. I was convulsing so fast I couldn't control it. My eyes went into the back of my head and then it was over. I though "HOLY SHIT" a dry-O!!! Yippee, I did it. Well, my thighs were still tingling and I tried it again. Hold a 50% contraction, then 75%, then 100% as hard as I could. This time was even more intense and severe. For about 20-30 seconds I was literally spasming, unable to stop it. I screamed "OH MY GOD" and finally went back to my position on my back. I tried it again and had, no lie, 8 more smaller, but still intense orgasms. I even tried the position recommend on your side, and had a small orgasm as well.

    All this time, I had no erection and totally focused on not feeling my penis when it rubbed on something.

    I had some cum dripping, but had no ejaculatory orgasm. During the most intense orgasm, every muscle was clenched, my fists, face arms legs, but I could still see there was someplace to go. I 'm not sure where, but I just couldn't hold on long enough. Next time, I will hold on and see where that next step is. Or, have another different experience. Tonight's was intense, unexpected, fulfilling and violent. I want more :-)

    Okay, I'm spent. And have no desire to masturbate. Only the dry-O's for me!
  • Congrats on the success, tacomaguy. Pretty damn incredible what a little of plastic can do, huh?

  • So I'm reading all the posts and wondering how to get to the next level I had good weekend, a few 2 hour sessions with lots of violent shaking episodes. When I get in the "ZONE" I can be in almost any position and have a mild shaking wave. These must be p-waves!! I even had one in the tub with the Aneros inside.

    I'm sitting at work, and do some internet surfing looking for "Breath of Fire" references. What I found was basically rythmic panting, to over oygenate the bloodstream and get a constant body rythym.

    Keep in mind, I'm in my cubicle at work. I start to practice the breathing and almost instantly my legs started shaking. I had a shaking mini-o, p-wave kind of thing go through my body. It only lasted about 5 seconds. I had 2 more and had to stop. I can't wait to get home, and try it with the Aneros inside me.. Sounds like my re-wiring has begun.
  • tdt422tdt422
    Posts: 43
    At night for the last 2 days I had about 1 1/2 hour sessions with my progasm before sleep. I woke up the first night about 4 hours later to find myself holding contractions in my anus. I was pretty charged up and could still feel quite aroused inside. I had no opportunity at that time to get into another session and it took about an hour to get back to sleep. I enjoyed a few p waves without the aneros in. I think that after an hour and a half with it in me, it still felt like it was there and was fairly easy to pretend at that point. The 2nd night I didn't seem to feel as much as the 1st one, but still pleasant. But what a nice weird feeling to wake up to. The contraction was holding all by itself. I hope for more just like it!
  • I have been having chair mini-o's all day today and yesterday. If I think about creating one, all I have to do is do a few slight contractions, pause during the release where your body shakes before releasing.
    I've had about 10 of these today, one or 2 in the elevator as well. It's not obvious to anybody who walks by, except maybe for the 5 second real intense mini-o where my fists were clenched.

    I can't wait to get home and either insert the Aneros and see where a super charged body goes from the start. Either that, or I'm going to have to masturbate to mellow out.

    I couldn't sleep last night and woke up several times with slight shaking.

    What is the best way to get a pre-charged body near super-o land? Any takers? I can't do the breath of fire at work, I almost scream with pleasure but might try it at home!!

    I know my prostate is awake now, and am in control of my pc and anal muscles...

    What's next?
  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,355
    hey, congrats on being in the Elevator Club!!!

    now... how about the Bicycle Club? (hint: the bicycle seat)

  • tdt422tdt422
    Posts: 43
    It's funny you mentioned that.
    I discovered after my 45 minute rides home on my bicycle that when I got off it, I could feel a deep tingling sensation.
    That was long before ever getting an Aneros and started to rewire! ummmmm there must be a connection :o
  • Robby-ORobby-O
    Posts: 17
    Congrats, Tacomaguy!

    I've been having orgasms all day today... a few approaching Super-O in intensity. What I found is that my breath has started going into Breath of Fire almost automatically.

    I am continually tempted to take the Helix for a spin, but it's too amazing to be experiencing this without it, so I'm just enjoying the day immensely. :lol:

    Have fun and see where you can go with it.

  • It's been a few weeks since I posted, so I thought posting an update might be a good idea!
    The last 2 weeks I have only had 4 sessions, due to scheduling conflicts and other things. Unless I can have at least 60 minutes of planned, uninterrupted time, It's no use to try to "force" things in a hurry.

    After insertion and relaxing, it takes about 15 minutes for me to start getting into the "zone" where I can start paying attention to what is happening down there. I can start with some slow, easy PC and/or anal contractions, and trying to slow breathing and feel where the Aneros is deciding to move today.

    Each session has been different, with different results. I posted aways back about violent convulsions and very intense shaking. Now, I can mellow out and ride the wave, so to speak. I don't clench my muscles as hard, and am able to have milder, but longer "seizures". The interesting thing, is that they are not really pleasurable. But, I'm learning how to control them, feel how they build, and am actually able in some circumstances to move my hips and have the Aneros move back and forth across my prostate. I know that this is all part of the learning and re-wiring process. I have drops of cowper's pre-cum, so I know the pressure is right on my prostate. In the future I may purchase a progasm or another unit to see if a change might trigger something new. But for now, I'm learning and patiently waiting.

    I'm not sure if these are mini-o's or what. Now, I have about 5-10 of these mild body seizures in a 60-90 minute period. Again, they are not particularly pleasurable, but not unpleasurable.
  • The_BishopThe_Bishop
    Posts: 853

    I think I have been having the exact same problem. I would try a different position that locks down your limbs more. I suggest the prayer position, which is on knees with chest and head (turned to the side)on the ground. Put your arms where ever most comfortable.
  • Robby-ORobby-O
    Posts: 17
    Hi Tacomaguy,

    Congrats on the continuing progress.

    I've found that the more I am able to minimize and internalize the tendency to seizure, the more pleasure I start to feel. In particular, by focusing that energy into my PC muscles, I can initiate a chain reaction of pleasure/PC contraction/pleasure/PC contraction, ad exhaustium. Usually in this process there's quite an excess of energy and I can't help but writhe and squirm... but it's all pretty enjoyable. :D
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,782
    Hello Lynn2694, :)

    Your question is a bit off topic from this thread, but if no one else has answered your question, I'd be happy to offer my own insight.

  • Wow, someone who can shake violently like me! :) 8)