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  • I bet that if I were to tabulate the most common post on the forum it would be questions and suggestions surrounding lube. Many of those questions relate to safety and health of using something that will get into your bloodstream as well as substances that were not a laxative or those that stood up to the robust activity maintaining slipperyness under the intense activity that we use them for. I myself am concerned about health and safety. I have read with great interest the experiments and recipes of the kitchen chemists who have conconcted very effective home made products. While I can't help but admire the skill and creativity of these folks . . . I can't follow their lead due to the fact that I need to be discrete. Also I really don't want to spend the time. I do admire and respect those of you who are blazing the trail for homemade - safe lubes though.

    This week my wife suggested that the lube we had been using for intercourse was irritating her and she suggested that we might want to go to the health foodstore and get a natural alternative. My ears perked up and I suggested that I would stop by the store and pick some up. I never realized that the health food store in question carried such products. My thought was that I could kill two birds with one stone and get lube for our trists and some for me alone. My wife is not aware of my aneros playtime.

    The health food store near us is a huge thing is part food store, part drug store, hair shop, clothing store etc. When I went in I discovered that the shelves in the personal care department had no less than 15 different choices for intimate lubes . . . much more than the drug store with conventional products. Many of the brands were very exotic professing to have the abilitty to do much more than just lube . . . . interesting but they were all safe for anal use. Some even suggeted that they could be used for inimate activity or they could als obe a sandwich spread. Wierd. Most of them were edible so I imagine that anal use would be safe as well. Looking at the ingredients in some of them they were all the same ones that forum members have talked about concocting in their kitchens. So the moral of the story is that if you want safe organic products go to a major health food store or check on line. The choices are pretty staggering. I bought two which I will test that is vitamin e based and the other that is shea butter based. So you can have safe products without causing suspicion or making a mess. Beyond the intimate products the store had almond oil, and many different food based massage oils and creams that would douple as anal lubricants and be safe. I will report what I find out from the ones that I purchased after I use them.
    So check out your health food store may be surprised.

    Just a thought to pass on.

  • Thanks for the suggestion, bigguy.

    I've started becoming concerned about finding a better lube for my sessions with the Aneros. The one great thing about my sessions without the Aneros is no need for lube! But I still enjoy the Aneros training wheels, so I appreciate as much lube advice as I can find.

  • Yes, please let us know your results! :D
  • ndrondro
    Posts: 20

    one that is vitamin e based and the other that is shea butter based.

    hey bigguy,

    Any chance letting us know the brand of the shea butter based lube? I am currently using pure unrefined shea butter which works great, but wouldn't mind aa alternative of ready made product for "on the go".

    Thanks in advance!
  • J4J4
    Posts: 124

    From the internet I have had good luck with AAA Shea Butter. From Wholefoods, and still my favorite, is the Alaffia brand.

    For a quick shea butter info link take a look at this thread: Unrefined shea butter,how much?, which is currently located on page 2 of the forum. There is a lot of good information on this forum for shea butter if you just search "unrefined".

    One other thing I have done is to go to Whole Foods and write down the name of the products and google them when I get home. That way you can get information on the company, ingrediants, testing procedures, etc.

    Good luck with it!

  • ndrondro
    Posts: 20
    Thanks J4.

    Unfortunately being in Australia we don't have "Wholefoods".
    I'll try to find them from our health food store here.
  • kuppskupps
    Posts: 8
    Is there any lube that will degrade the Aneros?? I am considering the Pjur silicone and waterbase blend Power Cream, or their anal glide. Anyone try these products??
  • Hi All,
    There is a lot of information about lubes...
    Check some of the previous pages here and you will find a lot!!!

    The one is not that old and has a lot of great info :D