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Too much?
  • kacokaco
    Posts: 12
    This might not be the place to ask if anybody is into or have tried pegging.
    I own the eupho and it doesn't do anything yet. I have read most of the forums here and have tried several times, with no more than some pleasure and tingling. I have read that it can take up to a year for a super O. With a open mind, I have been thinking of buying the Tantus Feeldoe more-red. Has anyone tried this or any other products (strap ons)?
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Hi kaco and welcome!

    Some have actually hoped for an Aneros anatomically designed pegging device! And BF Mayfield has just tickled our fancies with revelations of many more good things to cum (so he said :wink: )!

    This topic has been raised in several earlier threads including:

    Mrs. a and I have some curiosity about this area of exploration too, so if anyone here has more info or experience to offer this is a good place for it now. Thanks kaco.

    BTW, if you are starting your journey with a Eupho, that may be part of your problem. It is rated as an "advanced" model and may not get enough "traction" to start you off well. Although the Eupho is closer to my pre-Aneros practice implements, I did not acquire mine until after a year with my first model, an MGX. Now the Eupho is my regular favourite, butt I am very glad that I started with the MGX.

    all the best on your journey

  • nood1963nood1963
    Posts: 113

    i agree with rumel 100%...the mgx is a very good one to start with...n
  • Kaca,
    My wife and I have tried the Feeldoe slimline (blue) and the Fun Factory Share and the share got two thumbs up. As the receiver I can only say that that the lady has to be happy with the equipment for it to work :wink: The strapless business is a gimmick, we used a pair of "boy leg" style underpants to hold it all in. The woman would have to be and advanced user to go strapless. Good luck and have fun, I was for me!
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Thanks from us Sky_Walker

    Have been deliberating on the same choice and appreciate your recommendation. Of course if Aneros has got something in this field on the way?!!!!?!?:?:

    all the best to you and Mrs. Sky_Walker

  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,134
    While I have no first hand experience with pegging with the Feeldoe, it should be said that it was originally developed by a gay woman for use with gay women. I know one couple who swear by it. Be aware also that the Feeldoe provides a bit different orientation than what is ordinarily required for pegging. Some of you may remember Beetsplease a female forum member who posted back in 2007 about some of her experiences with pegging. Around that time I corresponded with her a bit and asked her about the Feeldoe . Her conclusion was that it was not suitable for this purpose.

    That said it is quite useful for other endeavors. When I posted on it several years ago I had said that the Feeldoe was an exquisite device for those who are interested in a more active type of prostate stimulation. Although it was designed for women, it truly is a unisex device for G and P spot stimulation and a softer alternative to the Magic Wand. The bulb end of this device is absolutely delightful, although at 1.5 inches in diameter it's more for those who are accustomed to slightly larger fare. Once inside however, the pony end of the unit may be rocked forward/back/and all around to produce some wonderful sensations! At the same time the ribs at the base provide some very nice anal stimulation. When I was using it once I remember thinking of it as a stick shift for orgasms!

    For more information on strap-ons check out:

    BF Mayfield
  • The "Bend Over Beginner kit" by Tantus is excellent IMHO. And a good value, 2 silicone dildos, a harness and a little vibrator (for under $100). Plus the dildos are not molded to look like a penis which was something I was not interested in.