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My MGX arrived today
  • My wife and I are ready to begin the first steps with my MGX . We are a mature couple who are very secure in our relationship. I brought the possibility of getting a prostate massager up due to a small amount of symptoms of a slightly enlarged prostate . My doc has checked me out and even done a prostate massage during a couple of office visits .

    So , I would like to ask some of the experienced married users for their advice on how we ahould begin ,and what we should do to keep the experience rewarding for us both .

    In a way , I feel like I'm about to lose my virginity ! lol
  • hlaser99hlaser99
    Posts: 785
    Hi drjohnny and Welcome to the Forum!

    I am no longer married, but In my opinion you should begin your sessions solo!

    After you feel you have a good handle on how's and why's, etc. and get a little
    success under your belt, I would feel more prepared and qualified to bring a partner
    into the action!

    Also, you may feel a little more confident and less embarrassed about it???

    I just think it will be easier to relax and concentrate on the Aneros session, without
    feeling like you have to dedicate part of your time and attention to your mate!

    Just me . . .

    Hope this helps!

    Later, Hlaser99
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,460
    Hi drjohnny,

    Welcome to the Forum.

    I agree with ‘hlaser99’, you should spend a good amount of time getting familiar and comfortable with the use of your new toy through solo sessions first. It will probably take many sessions for this to happen and begin the rewiring process. You need to know the path to the Super-O is a very different paradigm from penile orgasms. Understanding this essential difference will allow integration with mutual love making to proceed easily and with fewer frustrations.
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Hi drjohnny! Welcome indeed, to you and your wife!

    First I think you would be wise to follow our experts hlaser99 and rumel. If you have not had any previous solo prostate massage experience, the differentiation of orgasm from ejaculation as physical and perceptual experiences is most important in rewiring. This also requires breaking the "need" to masturbate in order to finish a solo session.

    My Aneros practice began as part of the great adventure my wife and I launched when we decided to bring my previous solo prostate massage practice and her new interest in her G-spot ejaculation potential into our sexual relationship about two years ago. My solo Aneros practice focused as much on therapy for my chronic BPH and off-setting to some degree the ED due to a cardiac meds. Our Mutual Prostate Practice for M/F Couples has been an astounding adventure of orgasmic bio-energetics, energy sharing and Soul Mating as described in Mantak Chia's The Multi-Orgasmic Couple. My blog here follows our journey:

    Therefore we mixed practices from the beginning and I think in hindsight (so to speak :lol: ) it would have been better to have gone solo for a "break-in" period first, even in my case of almost 50 years of periodic solo prostate massage and other rewiring that had already been accomplished.

    We also adopted KSMO (a paralllel complementary practice ) early and mixed them immediately (using both in one session), mixing of practices also being cautioned and not recommended by the experts. I/we are now going back and teasing the best out of each separately to enhance things further now.

    That said, this could be the most extraordinary journey you and your wife as couple will ever make! It has been for us and the new heights possible never seem to be exhausted!

    all the very best to you and your wife as your journey begins

  • I wish to thank hlaser99 , artform and rumel for the excellent advice and counsel . My wife and I do almost everything together and she would like to be a part of this adventurous experience. I have spoken with her about me being able to have a get acquainted session with my MGX in private and she is cool with that .

    It is wonderul that three of the forum members would take the time to write such helpful posts .

    :D Johnny