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My first few experiences
  • JoelJoel
    Posts: 3
    I have never really been into butt play, with myself, or anyone else for that matter, until reading an article on prostate orgasm, and stumbling across this site while trying to find some toys to satisfy my wife of 12 years new found sexual inner self.

    After doing some extensive reading here, I decided that the SGX might be for me. (I'm 5'4'')

    After deciding to spend our day off in bed and explore a small fortune in new toys, we finally got around to the aneros.
    We were both quite aroused and yet relaxed at the same time. I think the bloody Mary's may have helped.
    We inserted the SGX in me, and rolled into the spoon position, with me being the bigger spoon. We continued to watch erotic movies, as I held her and began the initial contraction process.

    The sensations were quite interesting after I went to the quarter to halfway holding period. The spasms began, and it was quite surprising how things started working somewhat automatically.

    It wasn't long before my whole body was shaking and trembling, and this was truly enjoyable!
    I found that I could stop the spasms by relaxing a few minutes and then start them again. I'm not certain if this was a big O or just the start up the hill to it. But after about 45 min or an hour I had to get in her. I left the aneros in, and had a mind blowing orgasm. Then I needed a break, cleaned it up, and let her have a go at it.

    I talked her through the start up procedures, and helped her with her breathing, and before you know it, her butt too was in spasm mode, and she really liked it. She didn't shake like I did, but she still thought it enjoyable enough for me to order a set of the peridise.

    She has tried the peridise, but thinks she likes the SGX better. I haven't tried it yet.

    The next time I tried it I was by myself, I got to the point where the spasms and shaking would start, but then they just seemed to fall off. Nothing like the first time. I may have been rushing things a little trying to get there.

    Today I was by myself again. I popped a little erotica into the VCR, made a drink, inserted, and laid on my back. Things were feeling good, even though I must say I'm a little too new at this to know if I've even found the prostate yet.

    I got up to the point of spasms, and a little shaking, but again they fell off. So I stood up to take a break and have a smoke. I noticed standing was a completely different sensation. I experimented with contractions standing, and could feel a greater deal of travel.
    I decided to go with it, and things were working pretty well. Well, up until the point it fell out, and I find myself running to the pot to defecate.
    At that point I gave up for the day, and just took another shower.

    I'm not giving up on this yet. But I can see a fair amount of time needs to be dedicated and available for this to really work.
  • ffd71ffd71
    Posts: 93
    Count yourself blessed that you have a wife that will enjoy this type play with you. There are not many out there that will join in with you and also experiment with the aneros herself. I have tried to get mine interested and she shows no signs of interest yet, anway.
  • If your lubricant contains glycerin, it can have a laxative effect for some people -- me, included.