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A question about modification
  • I modified all of my aneros....... (mgx, helix and progasm) by removing the little handle (not the ptab). I was wondering if anyone thought that it would be a good idea to purchase them all over again in order to have them the way the company intended as the ptab absolutely does not stay centered anymore and it is very difficult to keep it there.
  • I purchased another Helix after I cut the handle off the original one. IMO it stays centered better -- and the handle contacting my butt feels nice (a little bit like the K-tab on the Progasm).

    The modified Helix is still preferred for situations where the handle would be in the road (such as in a hot bath).
  • Love_isLove_is
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    Hello there Jayman and slipperybugger, :)

    I never saw this post, as I think I was not posting regularly at the time due to having a girlfriend. I was doing a search for something else and found this.

    My experience has been similar to slipperybugger's in that I also found the Helix to not stay centered without the handle. Meaning the P-tab keeps going off to the side when laying on my back, legs somewhat apart and knees up. Which interrupts the session for me when I have to keep re-setting it. Although, I've never replaced mine as this model hasn't done much for me in about a year.

  • It's really a matter of personal preference, and personally, I have removed the handle from my Helix and the K-tab from Progasm. I find that mobility for both toys is greatly improved with the modifications. Beside that, I like to use both toys while sitting in a chair, and the handle and the ktab are impractical for this practice. I have experienced no "centering" problems, and I reeeeeeally enjoy the fact that my Helix can massage both sides and the center of my prostate! Ooooh. The Progasm is so large that it's pretty much self-centering, btw, and removing the K-tab truly improved performance for me.

    I realize that it's an immutable change to the toys, but many here feel that it's an improvement for them. There's really no way to say it it'll improve things for you or not, but IMHO, nothing ventured, nothing gained. And again, just speaking for me, my Aneros experience really took off when I took off the handle and K-tab (ooh, that' a pun).

    YMMV (Your mileage may vary)

    Good luck and as our multi-posting leader says: "good vibes to you".