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One year and finally making progress Part 2
  • I have been using the aneros for about a year now....and at first it was nothing but disappointment after disappointment. i had tried EVERY thing under the sun to get to were some of the people on this forum are. i was almost on the brink of just giving the hell up.....i thought maybe i was just one of those people who just were not capable of this. i would feel like i was getting some were sometimes and just end up no where. I have read the forums and the wiki till the wee hours of the night studying every word. still nothing... i tryed different models still nothing..... spent hours and hours with nothing but a sore butt. as i said i became obsessed with trying to make this happen untill i learned you just can't. its something that happens when you are not trying to make it happen. I want the people reading this who are in the same situation as me to not give up....what happened to me yesterday was truly a life changing event...i mean it had to be.....who the hell sticks something up there butt and wants to tell everybody about it.....if your like me it ain't exactly something i bring up at the bar with the guys.....but In here i guess its safe LOL!!!!! just like alot of people say this is not something that you can approach with the I'M GOING TO DO THIS RIGHT does in fact happen when your not trying to...

    HERE IS WAT HAPPENED......(and you won't believe how it ended)

    I was working late and i was reading the forums like i normally do trying to find a hint maybe i missed....when i read what one user did and it seemed to work when all else me he had tried everything and every position.....but he did so on his knees this time because he had a problem with the Aneros seeming like it would go in to far after a while so just using the force of gravity to keep it it place....i had the same problem so i thought i would give it a try.....i got home and prepared i got my helix and my syringe and my KY jelly. i lubricated the outside with the KY then filled my syringe with ID Glide.....lubricated internally then coated the helix with a generous about of KY.....inserted it and got on my knees and just relaxed...though about somethings that turned me on and my prostate....i had always though that none of the models fit me like they were not touching my prostate but they just don't have the sensitivity to detect them....i started with some really light contractions for about 20min....being on my knees seem to give the Helix the angle it needed for me......(MY HEART IS POUNDING FROM JUST WRITING THIS).....i started to feel something......something i never felt before....i knew i was onto something and that feeling started to build and build i started getting this warm feeling all over my body heart started beating faster this feeling of a glow started to build up inside i was stroking my prostate gently then one stroke just changed everything.... BAM.... suddenly i was in this euphoric state i had stopped moving the helix .....on my own and my body took over .....i was totally out of control of what was happening suddenly the helix was stroking my prostate on its OWN!!!!!!! I was is utter disbelief of was was happening My dick was rock hard it was like i was in a totally different state of mind i could not belive wat i was feeling...... the movement of the helix stroking my prostate was.......i can't even describe it..... it was like GOD came down and touched me.... i was in total exctasy.... i really did lose all track of time i really could not tell you how long i was under this AMAZING SPELL and it was getting better and better i was nearly in tears..... my body felt like it was going to explode with pleasure but i still knew i was still building up to something better all i could think was the SUPER O!!!!!!I"M GOING TO HAVE A SUPER O!!!!!!!! then it happened.......

    I'm sorry to say it wasn't the SUPER was my Daughter banging on my bedroom door in tears because she was having a bad dream........ i was instantly snapped out of it......but it took me a few min to come back to reality.....all i could think was F#@K!!!!!! i looked on the floor and there was cum all over it....i must have been ejaculating and didn't even know it....

    all i can say is even though i feel that i have fell short of the SUPER O....i know now it is possible and that it is going to happen for me......i can't imagine how good its going to feel and i can't wait to experience it.....

    i have one question for the EXPERTS of this forum.....HOW CLOSE WAS I???? and is it always like that even after you have been having SUPER O's for a long time???? is it still just as good or is it never like the first time....
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    First of all South 7856 Congratulations! It's so great to hear from those that are experiencing what we've known for a while and yes I recall wanting to shout it from the rooftops. It sounds to me like you already had one, except for the ejaculation which may have actually tempered it. Yes it is great but imagine that it can be even better. After nearly three years of experimentation it's never the same and for one that's easily bored - this isn't. Look for a PM with some more individual thoughts! Congrats again, keep up the good work and feel free to share anything here. That's how we've all made progress and benefit from this brotherhood of the super O !
  • rumelrumel
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    (Note : Underlined Text is a Hyper-Link)

    I concur with ‘ohmy06’, from your description of feelings and actions, you WERE in the midst of experiencing a Super-O. Congratulations on sticking with it, your patience has paid off.
    While it is a shame that your suffered a superOitus interuptus event, at least now you know a path exists to the next one.
    As to your questions : “… is it always like that…?” No, some Super-O’s are going to be less intense, some more, some of less duration, some of more. “…is it still just as good…?“ YES, have you ever had a bad orgasm? “…is it never like the first time...?” The day you lose your virginity is always special because it marks a transition to an alternate view of the world and yourself, so in that respect it, it is never like the first time. There is a joke women tell about sex being like a snowstorm, “You never know how much you’ll get or how long it will last”, Super-O's are like that too.
    I am glad you made this post with your cogent observation “…I became obsessed with trying to make this happen until I learned you just can't. it’s something that happens when you are not trying to make it happen.” How very true, this is a lesson every newbie needs to learn. Thanks for the post, you might want to consider cross posting it into the Sticky: My First Super Orgasm… thread.
  • BusterBuster
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    Congratulations South7856, I concur with my esteemed colleagues that you in fact DID experience a Super O. An interesting point for some here would be that even in the middle of such a major event, when you needed to come back to earth and be a Dad, you were able to turn it right off.

    I look forward to hearing more about your future sessions.

    Again, congratulations!
  • LOL.....i would not say i was able to turn it off but was distracted in the sense that i knew i could not go on......i must have looked like a idiot if i would have been able to see i am half way laying in the bed.....drooling at the mouth with something stuck up my but trying to get back to reality
    LOL!!!LOL!!! looking back i can't belive how far away my mind was taken.....its like nothing else mattered at the moment....its like i cannot belive the human body is capable of such pleasure....thanks for all your input guys and i will keep you posted....
  • darwindarwin
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    how about cross posting this to the My First Super-O sticky. (to do so, go to your post in this thread, and in the upper right corner, click Edit. then copy and paste it to a new entry in that thread.)

    by the way, when you say you were "on your knees" were you on all fours, or kneeling upright?

  • I was on my knees laying my upper body on the bed if you can picture what i mean.....kinda like i was leaning over and using the bed for support
    i have re posted like you said
  • South7856-

    Wow! Congratulations! I had an experience very similar to yours, long time searching, not knowing what I was looking for. Then, finally, by going with the flow I was able to finally get somewhere. It was like a invisible switch was turned on in the Aneros. It just started pumping like a piston by itself! Amazing!! And before anything really got started (for me) the phone rang and broke the spell.

    At least now you know it works! :wink:
  • Thanks, South7856 -

    I tried your position and, though I didn't have an orgasm, it really kicked things up. (For those viewers interested, I posted my experience in my blog (pretty boring, I know...but it's MY personal recordings)). Funny....early on I tried this position with no difference in sensation. Now, with a little experience under my belt, it was like my body sort of knew what needed to be done and this position fit right into that scheme. I just held onto the cushions and tried to stay relaxed.

    Thanks for your post. It was a breakthrough for me...

  • no problem.....I've taken so much from this forum its nice to know i gave something back and it helped...
  • BusterBuster
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    I have often thought that a person should never write off a position or activity completely because as you move along in your journey, things change and what didn't work is now great. I spent the first 2 years never laying on my back because it just didn't do anything for me. On my stomach was the place for the most pleasure. I flipped over on my back at some point and it was like a rocket ship.
  • I too have had mixed results with positions but posts like these keep me trying new things. So the knees are on the ground and your stomach/torso is leaning over the bed?

    I think it would be a cool idea for someone who is good with graphics to do silhouettes of a person in various positions. They could do like the top 10 positions and we could do a poll at the end to see which are the most popular/successful. It would be way more helpful than trying to explain something via text.
  • melisma123-

    Here is the link to the position poll (sans graphics). "On back with knees bent and feet flat on bed" is #1.

    I too have had mixed results with positions but posts like these keep me trying new things. So the knees are on the ground and your stomach/torso is leaning over the bed?

    I think it would be a cool idea for someone who is good with graphics to do silhouettes of a person in various positions. They could do like the top 10 positions and we could do a poll at the end to see which are the most popular/successful. It would be way more helpful than trying to explain something via text.

  • melisma123

    my exact position would be knees on the floor....i have put a towel down so my knees didn't hurt and my body would lay half way on the bed giving my body a slight angle....
  • South7856South7856
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    well i'm back i had problems with my computer and have not been on the request of SLIPPERYBUGGER and because i want everybody to know about my progress...

    well i'm happy to say i'm a member of the SUPER O club.

    After my ground breaking experience a few weeks back things have been getting better and better...
    After one year of trial and error brick wall after brick wall i have finally broken thru..

    I am still in disbelief that the human body can produce such pleasure and why GOD hid it from us so well....LOL.

    the times i use this thing pretty much start out the same now and lead me to a place that seems to be out of this world i'm sure the experts of this forum will agree with me...

    I start out now i lube up internally with ID glide and then i coat the aneros with KY jelly....I get on my knees and lean over my bed so my chest is being supported. it seems like the lube stays were i need it better...then i just start contracting very very slowly...sometimes it takes awhile but when it starts..... i found as long as i keep the same pace it...even though its hard my prostate seems to start glowing and them BAM!!!! I'm suddenly in heaven....all i can say is the feeling of that thing stroking your prostate is enough to make you want to cry it feels so good...

    I remember when i thought about giving many times i did and i know there are alot of you out there that feel the same way I did.......DON"T GIVE UP!!!!! this thing will turn you into beliver...

    It does not happen every time sometimes nothing happens....but i'm getting better and better..

    Special thanks to RUMEL- DARWIN- BUSTER and Brian Mayfield...your posts have made the difference
  • tdt422tdt422
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    As one who is still getting there - but enjoying it every minute - thanks for the inspiration & of course congratulations!
  • South7856South7856
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    I have read about modifications and i have heard a few really good ones...I have one that is pretty easy and works pretty well for me and may be helpful to some others with the P-tab. i was shopping in target and was walking thru the baby section when i can across the clear nipples...i thought HMMMMM
    bought 2 of them and cut the tips off and slipped them over the P-tap and have had good results...