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can not dry orgasm
  • jdoo98jdoo98
    Posts: 8
    Hi folks,

    Been away for a while, did practice a lot and enjoying my progasm more and more. Recently I broke of the KTab accidentely, but that doesn't matter, it can pivot a lot better know and the pressure on the PTab is much more pleasant! :lol:
    I think my rewiring has not been completely well.
    During my sessions, lasting 60 minutes everage, I'm now in a stage that I feel building "the glowing" feeling (some call it the urge for peeing) and it is great! But I always ejaculate at climax. Can not dry orgasm.
    Do not touch penis at all. Has someone of you experienced the same? How did you solve this?
    Hope to hear from you.

    jdoo98 (also known as SuperH)
  • hlaser99hlaser99
    Posts: 785
    Hi jdoo98!


    It's good that you are enjoying your sessions . . .

    This being said, the only person I can recall having a traditional orgasm
    in a normal Aneros session, without touching the penis (an HFO), was some
    time ago!

    We finally figured out that their penis was so sensitive that "just
    the penis touching the towel under them or bed clothes" was enough to set
    his orgasm off!

    If you could describe in more detail exactly what you do during your sessions,
    maybe we can think of something else that might help???

    But, IMHO I think that just getting some more experience and more sessions under
    your belt will probably take care of this! (although, I wouldn't mind having a Hands
    Free Orgasm myself from time to time! LOL!)

    Later, Hlaser99
    Posts: 70
    I discovered a quick way, at least for me, to have dry Os. I was setting in my easy chair with my massager inserted to see how it felt rocking back and forth. As I rocked the massager keep hitting my prostate. It felt so good I did not want to stop. I hadn't had an ejaculation in about 5 days so I was also pretty horny. My dick always goes flaccid when I insert the Aneros - it always has and still does. I reached down and slowly stroked my limp dick as if I was jacking off real slow. It felt like I was going to cum so I stopped stroking but kept rocking. It felt like the massager was pushing the cum from my prostate with every rocking motion. The feeling I was about to cum subsided and I began slowly stroking again. When I got close to an orgasm I stopped stroking but kept rocking. I repeated this until I could not hold back - I kept stroking slowly and rocking until I began to have very nice orgasms. The orgasms continued for a long time as I kept rocking and stroking. I looked down to see what kind of mess was being made and surprise!!!! There was only a very little cum that had oozed out - not enough to even make a mess. The orgasms were full blown and intense. The whole process from setting down to the orgasms was about 15 or 20 minutes. One word of warning - be very careful doing this. I can see how if you set wrong you could really damage things.

    I repeated this one time and it worked again. I may try it again this weekend. (I have to recharge for a few days as my GF visited me last night and she always uses me up - so to speak).
  • OH!!OH!!
    Posts: 260
    Yep, I have them...they are great IMO. Also, this must be really good for your prostate as you really expell all the old fluid buildup.
  • jdoo98jdoo98
    Posts: 8
    Hi Guys,

    Thanks for response. I enjoy the handsfree anal triggered wet orgasms, but I 'd like to reach te point of dry orgasms, to have longer sessions and finally the SuperO. Let me try to describe what and how I 'm acting during my sessions. I use a lot of lube, to prevent friction. I lay on my right side, legs slightly bend. After the contractions start I try to relax more. That is really moving things. Then from time to time I twist my hips in a subtile way. Whow man that's triggering my prostate. While doing this I relax my sphincter, then after some time I climax with ejaculation. Man it is intense! But then I have to "recover" as with a regular orgasm, before I can repeat again. Last night I' ve managed to repeat within 30 minutes. With same result, intense orgasm, ejaculation but with less fluid of course. During this climax my penis is flacid (lets call it semi erect). No touch at all, no contact with body or ground.

    I also can do this without the progasm inserted, by strongly contracting my sphincter and focus on climax (in a mental way) don't no how to describe this.


  • jdoo98jdoo98
    Posts: 8
    Hi Guys,

    After practising a lot, lots of great handsfree (wet) orgasms I've decided to try another model, the Helix. I think the progasm is to tight to my prostate I think more movement of the aneros is the key for me. What do you think?

    Kind regards,

  • Hey jdoo98-

    Your wet HFO's sound mighty intriguing… something to add to my wish list.

    As for another model Aneros, either the Helix or the Eupho would be a good choice in my opinion. Both offer considerably more movement than the Progasm. FWIW, of the three, my fave is the Eupho.

  • jdoo98jdoo98
    Posts: 8
    Hi SWW,

    Can you dry orgasm? If yes, can you describe how you achieve it? Handsfree wet orgasm is on your wishlist. I suppose that both are not possible. It is either dry or wet because of the rewiring process I understood. But I maybe wrong on that. Maybe one of the more experienced ones can clear this? Or are there guys who can do both? Hmm........ interesting thought!

    Well any way, I will let you know how my date with the Helix worked out, when it arrives.

    Kind regards,

  • Hi JDoo98-

    No dry orgasms for me either… guess that’s another item to put on my wish list.

    Yes, by all means keep us posted on your progress.

  • Billy11Billy11
    Posts: 272
    Hey you seem to be having the same 'problem' as me.

    I also can do this without the progasm inserted, by strongly contracting my sphincter and focus on climax (in a mental way) don't no how to describe this.

    I too am able to achieve hands free wet orgasm without using the aneros. For me I do no muscle contracting at all. I just build the arousal mentally and then mentally bring myself to orgasm. I used to use the muscle contracting but I don't need that anymore. When I first began learning this technique I thought I was working towards bringing myself to hands free multiple dry o's but so far that hasn't been the case. I feel like I kinda have screwed up the rewiring process as well and need to back track to figure out what I've done wrong.
  • jdoo98jdoo98
    Posts: 8
    Hi Billy11,

    Interresting to hear that there are more guys with similar experiences. I think the whole thing is about mental focus. IMHO when we can learn to get handsfree wet orgasms, it must be possible to learn how we can achieve dry orgasms. I 'm starting to understand how this rewiring thing works. I think it is possible that we can create multiple wires ("circuits", to stay in the analogy), just by visualizing and focusing on certain fantasies and feel all sensations coming along. To be relaxed and have an open mind is a must I believe.

    I've ordered a Helix and can not wait to experiment with it.

    Kind regards,

  • Hey jdoo98 and Billy11,

    I'm having exactly the same problem as you guys. I bought my Aneros about 3 years ago and have been experimenting with it a lot. I do get a lot of pleasure when using it, but always when things start to feel *really* good, I cannot help but ejaculate. Actually, I had already given up the hope to ever experiece a true, dry super-o, as I grew tired of reading all these how-to posts and extatic testimonials on this forum. So, lately I just used the Aneros as a regular masturbation toy - and the wet orgasms I get from it feel really good. But recently I decided to give it another try, and now I'm really happy to read that there are more people struggeling with this.

    I'm also able to achieve 'wet' orgasms just by mental stimulation, so it looks like there is a connection here... So I think this might mean that I have somehow conditioned my brains to associate 'mental' sexual pleasure with ejaculation. That also means that I could 'unlearn' this by repeatedly letting myself experience sexual pleasure without ejaculation: long masturbation sessions with no 'happy end'.. Still think it's a bit weird though, that I will have to practice the 'penile' part in order to improve the 'prostate' part; aren't these things supposed to be totally different? And another thing: I thought I was sexually quite advanced, but now this ability to achieve 'mental' wet orgasms by seems to be totally blocking my progress... That is a bit frustrating. But now that I see I'm not the only one, I'm quite sure that we will get there eventually.

    So I'm very interested in your progress and what your theories are about this 'rewiring' process...
  • jdoo98jdoo98
    Posts: 8
    Hi You all,

    Been away for while and practising a lot. I discovered the Helix is it for me.
    I can walk around with it inserted and it does not flip out, like the progasm does once and a while.
    To make a long story short, much more comfort when using.
    I can now achieve small dry orgasms. I managed to have three in a row one session. I discovered that I get better and more pleasurable stimulation as the Helix can freely move.
    Before I start a session I now first use a regular buttplug to flex my sphincter. And I use a lot of lube, actually I drench the buttplug in it. After that I insert my Helix and can feel the difference compared to when I am not doing that, much more movement.
    I think I'm on the right track now. I'm starting to get control over the orgasm in a way that I can avoid the ejaculation. Don't know how to express it in words.

    Kind regards,

  • Hi jdoo98-

    Glad to hear the helix is working out well.

    I too have had positive results using (wearing?) a butt plug before starting a session. For me the plug does a couple of things. One, it helps ratchet up my arousal, and two, it sensitizes my anus and rectum allowing me to feel and savor even the most subtle movements of the Aneros.

    Seems we both have had good results using a butt plug before a session, but have come to different conclusions as to why. You feel the butt plug flexes your sphincter which allows more movement of your Aneros, and I feel it sensitizes my anus / rectum which allow me to feel the Aneros’ movements better. Whatever works is fine by me! :)