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  • I'm contemplating buying one of them but I'm not sure which. It was said that the SGX was for shorter people, and i'm about 5''6-5''7ish. I was wondering which I should get. Any help?
  • PromassPromass
    Posts: 84
    I am about the same height as you right around 5'6"- 5'7". I have both models i started with the sgx and ended up getting the mgx later on. I can say that the sgx seems to work better for me but it leaves me hanging on the edge most the time so far i have had variable luck with it i get some mini o's but they are more subtle in feeling.

    The mgx works about the same the feelings are a little more intense but it also leaves me hanging waiting for something more to happen. I do get more mini 0's with the mgx though but both these units fall short of the helix and the eupho that both take me farther than these.

    The eupho and helix have giving me what i think are full body orgasm and are wickedly cool my hips thrusting on their own is fun especially when i have that warm feeling all over like when you climax on a regular orgasm.

    My main issue with the sgx/mgx is the p tab quickly starts to hurt and i loose concentration i need to mod them to not hurt on the p tab so much. Maybe this will allow them to work better for me. I hope this helps you out some keep us posted.
  • Take my advice, I'm 5ft5 and love the MGX much more than the SGX. MGX is great and essential for beginner. I don't feel the Helix is for everyone though.