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Not even the need to piss feeling yet? How do I get there?
  • MyTurnMyTurn
    Posts: 435

    I would consider myself on my journey or making strides once I acheive the needing to piss feeling/stage of prostate stimulation. Even that would be progress.

    Are there people that have not even reached that far yet?

    Is it a definate feeling to notice, like when you REALLY need to pee, or is it something that you have to listen out for, like a flea farting (sorry, I'm a sarcastic mood atm). No but seriously, the peeing thing is true of female G spot stim. so I would be relieved to even get that far. All of this "it really IS touching your prostate, POSSIBLY, IF you inserted it right and IF you're contracting right" stuff is a good confidence booster, but what would really boost confidence, not to mention progress me along, is FEELING progress. Undeniable progress.

    I am a Helix user, but have had no pleasure yet. I'm tall, 6"3 or 6"4, so it should (so they say) be fine.

    I have my sessions without towels under me, etc, as I try to avoid expectation, and I don't expect Pwaves or SuperOs soon, I would just like to FEEL contact. Not be reassured that it might be, but FEEL it.

    Any tips other than the wiki?
  • MyTurn

    The sensation of needing to pee for me is VERY subtle. I'm 6'5", thin-framed, and also use the Helix and would describe the feeling as the very beginning of a sneeze. Sort of a tickle. For me, if I lie on my right side with knees bent at 90 degrees and then gently press my hips forward (think intercourse thrust), the Helix will contact the prostate and usually the P-tab will press on the perineum. If I then contract the PC and anal muscles and keep my abs tight, I can create a strong pleasurable sensation.

    If it helps, I haven't achieved anything remarkable, either- no involuntary contractions or any of that fun stuff. But the above technique can get me aroused enough so that after an hour I am craving release. That's where manual override is useful (but from your previous post, that may not be pleasurable for you).

    At any rate, let me know if the above tip does anything for you. I don't want to continue giving bum advice. Do 'listen' for that little sensation right about bladder level - it usually occurs shortly after insertion.
  • MyTurnMyTurn
    Posts: 435
    THanks. Other than an urge to purge, I've had no real indications that the Aneros is in there. After a while, it's forgettable somewhat.

    I will try your advice in a few moments time as it's bedtime.
  • Ahh..the dreaded purge urge. Something I suffer from, myself. Avoid any glycerin based lubricants as glycerin is a recognized laxative. I still get the urge from silicone based lubes but seem to be doing best with the Maximus. One thing I found with glycerin and silicone is to use a condom with the Aneros. I place the condom over the lubricant applicator, drive it home and then deposit the lubricant. Next is the hard part. I have to REALLY squeeze hard when extracting the applicator so that the condom stays in place but the applicator is removed. Then, I can lubricate the Helix and slide it through the opening of the condom. I can go all night this way without any of the purge distraction and the movement of the Helix doesn't seem to be restricted by the condom. It increases your cost per session, but it's better than violent evacuations! Although the chemicals in latex aren't great, either, it does provide a barrier between you and the chemicals in the lubricant, which can be immediately absorbed into the bloodstream (see Love-is's post on the Dangers of Anal Lubes).
  • I got the urge to pee once using the aneros, I was like "Yeah! I'm going to precum!!" But then I just ended up peeing on myself :?
  • PromassPromass
    Posts: 84
    What is wierd with me being shorter to most it seems here. I am 5'6" and i used to get the urge to pee when inserting the Sgx it was a pleasant feeling. Now i my have advanced or something because i no longer get that urge to pee when inserting the Sgx like my body has become accustomed to the aneros.

    I do however get new strange feelings like a building of pressure feeling at the very base of my penis on the bottom side centered around the urethra tube near cowper's gland it builds and feels like someone is putting their fingers on my penis and squeezing by making the OK sign at the base its awesome. I also get the feeling of millions of ants walking on my scrotum its tingles coincide with that pressure feeling of the base of penis.
  • MyTurnMyTurn
    Posts: 435
    Well, after another Helix session on my side, one knee raised, breathing, nothing. I admit, I didn't get to do much breathing because I only get to do secret nighttime sessions when I should be sleeping, but I still don't get the need to pee feeling. I really doubt that contact is being made.

    I really don't want to have to get a THIRD Aneros. I'm not ready for the width of the bigger models, but the length may be what I need? I am not looking for any pleasure at the moment, I just want to feel contact and know that it is being made. I want the need to pee feeling. That would set my mind at rest.

    What I feel like cheekily doing is when sleeping next to my girlfriend, waking up in the middle of the night, inserting the Aneros, and daring it to be boring as usual. If it is, then I won't wake her up or precum the sheet up or be running to the bathroom, etc. A kind of bluff. But should it choose to work, I win that way.

    But I just cant be sure contact is being made. Maybe I have a wide anal canal and the Aneros is just missing the spot? If I got the pee feeling, I'd be so relieved and would calm down the daily posting, and would begin blogging, etc.
  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,357

    what happens if you *gently* push it forward, towards your navel, inside you?

    try stuffing a washcloth folded a few times under the p-tab.

  • I use a toothbrush along with my aneros. (not at the same time lol)

    Anyway, with the toothbrushes handle I can definitely hit the prostate, it allows for a deeper massage of my prostate, alternating between the two has allowed me to start feeling the aneros a little more. This might help you too.

    You can use anything that's that shape, a toothbrush, drumstick, a marker (as long as you have some way that you know you won't lose it up there)
  • Oh, I've also done what darwin suggested, except I use my finger instead of a washcloth. When my fingers down there I'll contract my undercarriage and that really pulls the aneros to the target.
  • MyTurnMyTurn
    Posts: 435
    Yesterday I tried to push the Ptab down, so the Aneros would dig into my pubic bone and thus, prostate - I probably did it too harshly BUT I didn't feel anything, so I guess it didnt touch the prostate. I will keep trying.

    I may need a new toothbrush. The next time I sleep alone might be Monday night. An Aneros I can hide in big underwear while walking out the room but not a toothbrush, so no toothbrush attempts for me til next week.

    I really appreciate your help.