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  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,140
    [b]To All,

    I resurrected this thread as I finally came across a pic (below) of the Aneros Booth last month at the Erotica U.K. Expo. A user also sent me a video that will provide you with some some sight and sounds:

    The Expo was an absolute blast! It was also quite a surprise to us all. Having attended several of these shows in the U.S. and one in Berlin I thought that I had a pretty good idea of what to expect. The truth is while Erotica U.K. wasn’t the wildest show that I’ve been to (Berlin has that title…hands down), it was without question the most fun and the most open and receptive to the concept of anal / prostate play and… the Aneros. The Aneros booth was continuously flooded with people, most of them couples who all seemed genuinely interested in learning something new for the purposes of enriching their sexual encounters. And I have to say that despite the economic downturn everyone was in a very festive mood. Yes, scantily clad attendees abounded, lots of leather, latex and such, even a clan of gilded satyrs on stilts! But for the most part it was all about real people having a great time.

    The Aneros booth was their best one yet, filled with large colorful graphics of the various models with other panels featuring quotes straight out of the threads of our forum! Every Aneros model was on display including Progasms in five colors! They also debuted a new product at the show…a CLEAR PROGASM! Guys, this is without a doubt the coolest thing to come down the pike in a long time. These Progasms are crystal clear perfection! Each unit has it’s own distinctive pattern of bubbles that appear to be gracefully floating inside the Progasm’s body. In this way each unit is unique. They really look like works of art. I couldn’t wait to get back to my hotel to give it a test drive!

    I was also delighted to meet a half a dozen or so fellow forum members who stopped by to say hi. Most notable among them were Enigma and his wife who came bearing gifts! (Thanks again, you guys were too kind.). I also had a wonderful time with Aneros user Patrick and his wife Julie Peasgood the author of a terrific book entitled The Greatest Sex Tips in the World. (The book includes a short chapter on the Aneros!) All and all, meeting other forum members validated everything that I’ve always felt about the people who come here regularly to contribute. Namely, that we’re a robust group of intelligent, inquisitive people who are unwilling to settle for anything less than living life to the fullest!

    I was also very happy to meet and hang out with the good folks at (that Poking Wall was too much) and C.B. of Monkey Spanker who was kind enough to show us around town (btw. the absinthe was devine).

    One last thing, if Aneros is exhibiting at a show in your town, make sure to stop by and say hi. The owners and staff of this company are terrific people of high integrity who are dedicated to making quality products, I guarantee you will enjoy meeting them. Furthermore, there are often freebies and specials that are a part of these gatherings that will be of interest to you. Lastly, meeting other users can be a tremendously uplifting experience.


    BF Mayfield

  • TeeJayTeeJay
    Posts: 55
    Hey Brian --

    I have to say that I'm always surprised when the Aneros units get a good response at these type of shows because they are oh-so mis-understood.

    I know you have been at the forefront of this for years, but trying to convince folks that these units are not "sex-toys" but bio-feedback/tantra devices must be tough (?)

    How do you bring that point across? that is; how do you describe to people that the Aneros units are really for deep solo-play?

    I'm a married hetero man and I consider my aneros sessions totally separate from my married sex life. It's more like a meditational/well being thing.

    Just asking :-)

    Take care.

  • enigmaenigma
    Posts: 90

    This may be of interest to all you Fleshlight aficionados out there, this was located just across the isle from the Aneros stand where Brian was, there was a Rabbit vibrator wall on the other side.

    Scroll down a bit.

    A Very Happy New Year To You All
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,140
    Thanks to Enigma for posting the link to the Poking Wall (above). That thing was absolutely hysterical! It got quite a workout over the 3 days that we were there. And yes, I tried it out myself....prior to the show opening, mind you, (after the first day and literally thousands of people stopping by to feel of it, I was reluctant to get near it, lol).

    Here's a video of a piece of the stage show that was happening while we were there. The detail on what was going on here is that a scantily clad woman in patent leather (both breasts exposed) seen in the center of the stage, comes out with a large steel strap-on phallus. Another woman in similar attire, seen crouching in the foreground, pops in for some artful, simulated hand and mouth play. As the tension builds, the lady in background takes an industrial grinder to her Steely Dan, effecting a pyrotechnic ejaculation. Hail Britannia!
  • Thanks for the report Mayfield! That fleshlight board is too weird.
    Anybody have anymore photos?
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,140

    Thanks for the report Mayfield! That fleshlight board is too weird.
    Anybody have anymore photos?

    Personally, I found it pretty funny. But I'm fairly sure that they sold hundreds of them just by having them so prominently displayed. Weird was glancing over there and seeing some guy having his photo taken with his tongue inside one them....YUCK!

    BF Mayfield
  • skeeter_gskeeter_g
    Posts: 240
    Hey BF, and enigma,
    That is some great information on the show. Sure would have been fun to check it out!!
    Keep us posted on the next one BF!!
    Las Vegas would be fun if they let in the public :wink:

  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,140

    Unfortunately Aneros is not exhibiting at the AVN show in Las Vegas this year! I'll let you know of any others that I hear of.

    BF Mayfield

    Here's another pic from the London Expo. A little trick of the tail....