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I'm absolutely giddy. Ican have multiple ejaculatory orgasms
  • First time I managed to do this intentionally was yesterday, and now I managed it again today. I wrote a post on a different forum, one not related to the aneros at all, and rather than type something new here I'd like to basically just copy and paste it. My description will eventually get rather detailed, but I don't think any of you will have any issue with that. To explain my first post there, I wrote it without wanting to mention the aneros because I wasn't sure if it was necessary for what I achieved, and I didn't want to scare any of the readers away with descriptions of anal play.

    First post:

    "It's something I've been working on for a bit. I haven't really been seriously pursuing it though, I tried for a little while years ago and again for a longer time the past two or three months. I figure it would be cool to make a topic about this whole thing so anyone else who is interested can try it, I know there was at least one other successful topic a while back.

    The first time I ever tried to force myself to cum twice in a row a few years ago, I managed it but it wasn't as pleasant as I thought it would be. I basically came, then took a break for about one minute, and forced myself to keep going.

    Just now though, I had a bit of a break through. I've had other experiences that I could call multiple orgasms, but this was different. I was jerking it and basically edging, but I cut it so close that I basically had an orgasm and came, but not all the way. I spurted just once, and was able to keep going with no break (I did slow down for like 5 seconds to stop myself from cumming all the way) and was able to do it again immediately afterwards. So I came twice, and stayed hard and kept jerking it. I know that I would have been able to do it again and again, but I had to stop cause I was cooking something.

    I've kind of been able to do that before, but this is basically the first time I've managed to REALLY cum twice in a row. Like, ejaculation coming out cum. I've had some experiences with what I would consider to be ejaculation free orgasms, but that's a really fuzzy distinction. I'd say those feel REALLY good, but I'm never really quite satisfied with calling it an orgasm. Mainly because it's different than a traditional in that you're not satisfied or sated. Like, you can and do keep going. Kind of like the mini-ejaculation multiple orgasms I had just before writing this.

    Anyways, is anyone else experienced with this? If you guys are interested I have quite a bit more to write about.

    Edit: Posting quite a bit more relevant info in a sec, make sure to read it as well as what's here."

    Second major post:

    "Ok, so I was holding back one piece of info from you guys cause I figured it might scare some people off due to it being somewhat of a taboo, and I at first did not think it was completely relevant. I bought two aneros prostate massagers (the helix and progasm) about 2 months ago, and what I've described in this topic is done with them inserted. Yes, in my butt. I don't care if you think it makes someone "gay", it feels fucking good by itself and has some additional side benefits I'll spell out in a bit (there's more info online, though I think a lot of the subjective descriptions are inherently inaccurate). I'm fucking giddy, because about 10 minutes ago, I managed to have THREE ejaculatory orgasms. I realize I wasn't quite as specific as I could have been in my first post, when I said that I "spurted once" for each stopped ejaculation, that is a bit misleading. I can feel the muscle contraction that forces the semen out, and I sort of stop the additional ones, but the semen did not spurt out in force. In both cases yesterday, I clearly felt the pulse and felt the semen released, and then it sort of dribbled out a second or two later. Today was a little different though.

    To make sure you know all the info, I was looking closer into orgasms and ejaculations on wikipedia, found out that and it mentioned a few things: first, that one unrecommended (because it can have bad side effects like retrograde ejaculation which causes sterility) technique for non-ejaculatory orgasm is to put pressure on your perineum (area between balls and anus, also called gooch or taint) immediately prior to orgasm and ejaculation, which can apparently deny the ejaculation. It also mentions that stimulation of the prostate itself can cause multiple non ejaculatory orgasms. The aneros, though the pressure is not intense, does have a tab which presses into the perineum. It is not enough to truly prevent an ejaculation, but perhaps it does have something to do with my newfound talent. It also (obviously being a prostate massager) stimulates the prostate, seminal vesicles, and cowpers' glands. You can find more information about that stuff online, keep in mind that I am not a doctor or anything, so everything I say from now on is purely anecdotal and just my own experience, not the result of any clinical studies or anything.

    I've noticed that with my massager inserted, despite the fact that there is more sensation, it actually takes MORE for me to cum. I'd describe it as though even though you're feeling more pleasure, it's as though the actual point of no return has been moved, and you can actually dip clearly into orgasm territory without going completely over the edge. I didn't want to mention this because as I mention before, the distinction between ejaculation and orgasm is quite fuzzy: I'd say that I have managed to have dry orgasms, but it's a rather subjective definition because there isn't physical evidence of the event.

    It's a lot like edging, but I go just a bit further: it feels like I am trying to cum, in that I can feel my muscles tighten and start to spasm, but the ejaculation doesn't come. Not because the aneros makes it impossible to ejaculate, but I'd say that it feels as though it takes stronger contractions to start than it otherwise would. So what ends up happening is, I feel intense pleasure, and it feels like ejaculation is trying to happen, but then I slow down considerably and just hover at that edge for a long time, perhaps up to a minute. Again, it's like I'm just STARTING to cum, but it doesn't happen. Then I go a bit faster when I choose to (or make a mistake and just accidentally go over) and have a full ejaculation. This is distinctly different from any edging I experienced before using my aneros, back then I could only go to the "just before orgasm/ejaculation starts" phase and back off. Now I am able to actually go to the start of it (and since two days ago, literally over the edge so that ejaculation occurs) and then back off. This feels incredibly good (FAR better than the regular masturbation that was my only option a scant two months ago) but now that I am able to have multiple ejaculations I'll probably be doing that most of the time, rather than just trying to hover in that starting zone. It just feels a bit better, and technically I am spending time hovering at that zone before each ejaculation.

    And to be clearer about how I am able to also have multiple ejaculatory orgasms, I'll describe in exacting detail how I was pleasuring myself right before I started writing this. As fair warning, this will be somewhat graphic in detail, but I am not a squeamish person by any means, nor am I embarrassed by sharing these details. If you don't want to read about a man sticking things in his ass and jerking off, don't continue. Some of this is what I do regularly, some of this is specific to what happened in this instance.

    To start, about an hour before I intend to masturbate, I make sure to fully empty my bowels. I take a full shit, clean up, and then browse the internet for about 10-30 min, then go back and try to shit out what little I missed the first time. You may not be aware of it, but there is usually a little bit left over that you couldn't poop out the first time. If you've done any solo anal play though, you probably know this. So by going back I'm able to get rid of that as well. It's not an important issue, just my personal preference for how I do things.

    After that, I wait another 20 min or so, and then insert a lubed peridise (another anal toy by Aneros, not necessary but I start with that), and look at some porn. I can sit comfortably in my chair, so I do. I get more and more aroused, and flex my anal and PC muscles to make the peridise move around. Think of it as like a warm up. Then, I put a pillow on the ground near my computer chair, lubed up my helix (yesterday I used the progasm) and replaced my peridise with it. I don't start actually jerking off for a good while, though at this point I have an erection. I kneel on the pillow and put my torso/arms on the seat of my chair because sitting down messes with the massager. It's possible, but I prefer not to do it. I keep looking at porn for a while, still not touching myself, while I adjust to the feeling of having something a bit bigger in my ass. I'll do some contractions, and maybe rock my pelvis a bit so I can feel it move around. Sometimes I gently rub my dick through my underpants.

    When I feel ready, I start to jerk off. Like normal, as I approach orgasm I slow down and become much more cautious. Even with the advantage of the aneros, it still takes pretty intense concentration and intimate awareness of my sensations in order to stop in the middle of ejaculation. I hovered at the edge of orgasm for a little while, stroking slowly, and then felt the contractions start. I honestly don't know exactly at what point I stopped entirely, or indeed even if I really did stop fully or just slowed down, but by focusing I felt that first spurt and managed to stop the contractions from continuing. I waited until I was sure that I wouldn't be driving myself entirely over the edge (basically until just after I am sure it was just that one spurt, immediately after the semen dribbles out), and then kept stroking. There's a slight drop off in arousal, but nothing near what you experience after a full ejaculation. My dick stays completely hard and I don't feel that sense of relaxation. I'm still tense, but not at the same level as it was just prior to orgasm so I have to work up to the next one. Within a minute or perhaps two, I'm at the edge again. This time, I thought I almost went too far because in addition to the first contraction there were a few more, and my semen actually spurted, and more than once. However, I was still able to stop the full ejaculation. I was worried for a bit that I went too far and wouldn't be able to continue, but my fears were unfounded. I did have to stop for a short time to clean up a bit because, as you know, though semen starts off slippery it quickly gets sticky, and at this point there is enough on my hands and my dick that it was making me uncomfortable. I got up and rinsed my hands in the sink and grabbed some lube. I normally don't use lube when jerking it (I am uncut) but this time I decided to because of the sticky semen residue. I went a little bit soft during this slight break, though not all the way and the whole process took about 45 seconds or so. Then I laid on my bed and kept going at it, still not quite sure if I'd be able to have a third or not. But, through some intense fantasy and vigorous stroking, I quickly built up to a final orgasm. I felt that if I cut this one short I probably wouldn't be able to have a fourth (I guess that's probably what that one guy was talking about) so I figured I'd go for the gusto and cum all the way this time. As I approached orgasm again, the aneros was starting to poke pretty hard into my perineum (it's more noticeable when laying on my back, not so much when I was kneeling at my desk) so I decided to take it out. Then, I basically just jerked vigorously up to and all the way through my ejaculation. I kind of have the feeling that might have been able to force myself to stay hard, but I didn't have the desire to, and I think I was entering the refractory period. Then, I cleaned up and started writing this post immediately. To be clear, after the first ejaculation it was 1-2 minutes until the second, with no break in stroking, and from the second to third probably took 5 minutes, with a break of about a minute. But before the first ejaculation I spent a good long time both building up my arousal and jerking off. I don't have a good sense for how long the entire process from first stroke to final took though. Also, keep in mind that I was in some sense intentionally trying to make the time between orgasms short, to prove to myself that I wasn't just forcing myself to have two rather separate jerk off session in a row, which is basically what I did the first time I attempted this (without the aneros) 3 or 4 years ago and never did again because it unpleasant.

    And that's about it. I hope at least one of you will be interested enough to try this."

    Note: I edited to fix two accidental mistakes in the post. Nothing major.
  • FuzzyFuzzy
    Posts: 99
    That does sound interesting.
    I can relate to what you say about the aneros making it so that you last through a bit more stimulation than normal before triggering the ejaculation.
  • Congratulations. I wrote about a similar experience in my blog, teasing out an ejaculation for about 10 minutes. It's unbelievable, isn't it?
  • I've had somewhat similar experiences.
    I often try edging and if I get very close to cumming, slowing stimulation more and more as I get closer, I can get a small amount of thin, slightly white fluid come out (at least as thin as pre-cum and with a white tint). Occasionally I am able to stroke slowly enough and relax all the muscles down there and I'm able to let semen ooze out without a full blown ejaculation (but with plenty of good sensations!). After awhile of very slow stroking, the immediacy of ejaculation goes away and I can continue at a faster pace until, once again, I get close to cumming. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to ejaculate more than twice in one session - the second time is always a full blown orgasm with ejaculation. It feels like I'm doing everything the same the second time, but the ejaculation comes full tilt.

    Edging with the helix is also pretty good and, I think, helps me last a bit longer. It feels to me like the aneros may physically inhibit the semen from coming out, but obviously I can't see what's going on in there. I haven't had any luck with getting pleasurable sensations with the aneros alone (without penile stimulation).

    I'm interested in hearing if you have more experiences with multiple ejaculations.
  • Unfortunately I haven't been able to experiment with this much the past month. I'll note that I definitely have been able to sort of replicate the results without an aneros product inserted, but on a much smaller scale. Like, I can get to the point where I cum a little and it will dribble out while masturbating normally, but it's not as powerful as with an aneros inserted, and it seems I'm more likely to just end up ruining an orgasm. I think that's just because of the pressure the aneros puts on the urethra, which I think is the reason why it seems like it takes more to make you cum when using one.
  • I've been trying to edge towards ejaculation recently, as well. I still prefer having my sessions without the aneros inserted, because it's a little more convenient, and anyways, edging is more penile centered. I've had a couple amazing experiences where I've edged so close and slightly contracted my pc muscles. I then orgasm, but this type is slightly different than an ejaculation because it's gentle and lasts much longer than an ejaculation. What's special about these is that you feel relief afterward (some institutions define orgasm as a build up of sexual energy and release). I think I could have just stopped and felt like I didn't need to masturbate any more, but after about 5 seconds of continued stimulation, I felt like a stronger orgasm was coming.

    I haven't been able to consistently produce these results, but it's definitely possible. Trust me, it's much better than pure edging or edging with multiple ejaculations. I find that my multiple ejaculations are just ejaculations that are halted midway through and require lots of concentration and muscle control. Since they're halted ejaculations, you don't feel that same sense of relief, which I find as part of the pleasure. Also, ejaculation reduces your sex drive and makes you sleepy, so if you can orgasm without ejaculation, it's much better because you can feel satiated (or if you're bored and want to continue, you'll get even stronger orgasms). I personally would recommend staying away from the multiple ejaculation route, which can take a toll on your body by constantly requiring sperm production.