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Marijuana! and Aneros
  • pot. aneros.
  • aneruaja
  • Billy11Billy11
    Posts: 272
    For me every session I've ever had have been some of my best when eating MJ :D
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,782
    Hey Guys,

    I've yet to try this as I very rarely use weed, and therefor never have/own it. But am curious to try it as there have been a few other threads regarding fantastic experiences during Aneros sessions while high.

    You can find the other threads by using the search function in the forum. I used the word "pot" to search and got a few results.

    Love is Peace
  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,356
    i've done it a couple of times.

    it was amazing.

    see my post from long ago "my fucking poem"

  • My experiences have been more intense and pleasurable as a result of being high. Whether it was the weed, a more relaxed state of body and mind, or a combination of both I'm not sure.

    I look at it like I look at the Aneros. It can help move things along, though it may not work the same for everyone.
  • thhnthhn
    Posts: 426
    I agree with Justn_Otherguy, however for me I think it works better becasue It calms me down to a more meditative state and lets me concentrate on the feelings. Although I don't smoke weed every session, those that I do seem to be more special.
    If I have the opportunity to plan a specail session, it will always include weed.
    I'm very curious to hear of your results in eating rather than smoking grass. I've never tried eating weed but have tried eating hash and found that to be a real trip
  • nood1963nood1963
    Posts: 113
    Weed always enhances the whole experience for me!!!!!!!!!! Nood
  • O'sheaO'shea
    Posts: 38
    It always works for me. I don't smoke often but I have to say my very best session ever happened after I smoked a bowl. It was the most intense, mind blowing orgasmic experience of my life!
  • What kind of work do you guys do that you can use illegal drugs and not get fired? I work around a police facility with a pass to the facility and i am subject to random drug test if i fail just once its termination for me.

    I have never used any form of illegal drugs and i can only imagine what the effects are but i like my job far too much to loose it.
  • So, with the aneros inserted, eat and/or smoke MJ. So where are all the purists that worry about
    what lube to put in their bum, or how to breath, or which fish oil to take.
    Seems like a dicotomy to me. No, I don't think doing ANY illegal substance is what Aneros is all about! Good Golly, it's a piece of plastic you stick up your arse, and it feels good, WOW how simple.
  • Promass said:

    What kind of work do you guys do that you can use illegal drugs and not get fired? I work around a police facility with a pass to the facility and i am subject to random drug test if i fail just once its termination for me.

    I have never used any form of illegal drugs and i can only imagine what the effects are but i like my job far too much to loose it.

    I know many people who have used dope at some point in their history. I know very few who used it frequently who amounted to much. It seems anathema to the process to alter your state of mind and then use an Aneros. If Darwin says it is amazing then I can only imagine that it is. I wonder sometimes if Darwin finds anything that ISN'T amazing. I'm jealous at times.
  • mobilesub said:

    I know many people who have used dope at some point in their history. I know very few who used it frequently who amounted to much. .

    I got my bachelors in business, now I'm in nursing school. When I graduate I'll do travel nursing, they work 3, 12 hour days so you have 4 days off a week so I will have time to invest in my other interests, and I'll get to do all sorts of activities! (Which is great cause I'm the guy that is dragging everyone to the mountain at 6am so we can be the first ones on the life, or paddling out at the break of dawn for glassy surf). Eventually I want to move into nursing administration and then get my masters in health care management and do hospital administration.

    Along with that, I've smoked pot, to the best of my guestimates, 750 to 1000 times. I HATE tv when I smoke.

    My best friend who has smoked just as much has his masters of accountancy.

    Althought I can certainly understand the stereotype; there are a lot of successful people that smoke, they just don't go around wearing big pot leaf shirts and smoking spliffs. :D
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,492

    I think we need to be careful in our judgments regarding the use of mood and consciousness altering substances. These naturally occurring compounds can have beneficial attributes when used in moderation and only occasionally. Making blanket condemnations or recommendations only raises the perceived level of threat of these compounds.
    I think it is important to understand that a paradigm shift in thinking is needed to successfully obtain a Super-O. The change of focus away from penile centered orgasms to Aneros stimulated prostate centered orgasms requires one to alter their thought processes, this is not easy for many men to do, as evidenced by the requests for help on this very Forum. In many cases it is entirely necessary to alter one’s state of consciousness to effect this paradigm shift. Historically, one of the oldest methods of accomplishing that altered state is through the use of psychoactive compounds such as marijuana, peyote, certain mushrooms etc. In more recent times, powerful synthesized compounds such as LSD, Ecstasy, etc. have also been used. I am of the opinion there are healthy modern alternatives to these chemicals. The use of bio-feedback devices and self hypnosis techniques can accomplish similar altered states of consciousness with no detrimental effects to the body. Meditative practice can facilitate this change of focus, even the experience of orgasm itself can alter one’s state of consciousness. These are all valid (though some are illegal) methods one can use to get to the altered state. The method of choice is an individual one, just beware of the consequences.
  • :D
  • I thought smoking had bad effects on your sex drive and prostate or something.... That's why i quit smoking cigs and I try not to smoke weed during aneros use, or does the good outweigh the bad in this situation?
  • FuzzyFuzzy
    Posts: 99

    I thought smoking had bad effects on your sex drive and prostate or something.... That's why i quit smoking cigs and I try not to smoke weed during aneros use, or does the good outweigh the bad in this situation?

    I've known weed to do very good things to the sex drive.
    One of my best masturbation sessions ever was when I was high as a kite.
    That was long before I discovered the aneros though. I gave up drugs years ago.
  • thhnthhn
    Posts: 426
    rumel said:


    The method of choice is an individual one, just beware of the consequences.

    I think this statement hits the nail on the head. How true that what works for some will not work for others. I never have been much of a drinker, and a beer buzz would be a mood killer for me when using the aneros. Smoking weed however is another story.
    To each his own. I think it would be quite irrisponsible of one to make a statement that pot (or whatever) will enhance a session, however keeping an open mind and trying new things is not a bad thing
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,492
    Heads up Guys,

    While this is off topic re: Aneros usage, I know some of you use marijuana in your sessions, here is something to consider, there now appears to be an association between Marijuana & Testicular cancer.

    Being a prostate cancer victim (now in remission) myself, I tend to be overly concerned with some of these health issues but I feel a necessity to pass along this information for the benefit of us all. At the very least, you have the right to make an informed decision about what goes into your body.

    P.S. On the right side of the web page there is a prostate related video regarding a new biopsy proceedure that is worth watching.
  • Good info to know Rumel.
  • interesting read Rumel, thanks
  • BusterBuster
    Posts: 953
    I wish I would have known that in college, Rumel. Thanks for the info.
  • BilldoBilldo
    Posts: 25

    I respectfully suggest you change your language around the event. You're a prostate cancer survivor, not a victim. It may sound silly, but reality exists in the words we use to describe it. Don't describe yourself as a victim, but the survivor that you are.
  • I highly recommend marijuana during your aneros sessions if you're experimental and want to broaden your horizons a bit. If you're scared or weary of trying this drug because you've never done it before, then don't do it. For me, I wouldn't have the pleasure I get these days without mj. It really helped me with the rewiring process. Still haven't had a super-o yet though, but all in due time- no worries. For me, mj gets me hornier than a dog in heat every single time. Maybe that's a little extreme- It puts me at just the right level of arousal where I can focus on what I'm doing and get results. I may not even be thinking about having an aneros session, or feel like it, but as soon as I smoke a little bit of dope, it seems to put me right in the mood. My prostate becomes alive, my entire body just feels incredible, relaxed, and at ease. My penis, nipples, and testicles are electrified, and those mini-dry o's can feel like a full ejaculatory orgasm. I become more aware of my body and senses, and I can feel the sexual energy moving throughout my body. I have never had a dud session with mj. This is just for me though, and may not be that way for everybody. If you're having trouble with your arousal and just relaxing during your sessions, try smoking some mj, and see if it helps. Just be smart and responsible about it, smoke until your as high as your comfortable with, otherwise it can make you a little paranoid if you over-due it. Don't smoke it if you're scheduled for random piss tests at your job. Just remember you're taking the risk. I keep myself in great shape by running and lifting weights, so I hardly have any body fat. The less body fat you have, the less time thc will stay in your system, which is what they are looking for in those tests. Its said that thc can stay in your system for 30 days depending on how often and how much you smoke, the quality of the weed, your body fat, metabolism rate, etc. it really varies from person to person how long it'll stay. Look it up on the internet if you want to know more. I'm 6'2 and 190lbs. Usually its out of my system in a week after use because of my exercise and fitness. Marijuana should be legalized, those tv commercials are a bit harsh in my eyes, good for kids to pay heed to, but we're all adults here and should be able to decide for ourselves. Sorry, I'm not gonna preach about that shit, who cares what I think. Dope is not for everybody. I only smoke dope occasionally now, and my sessions are just as good without it, but it was a great jump-start for my journey.
  • TeeJayTeeJay
    Posts: 55
    Weed works super for deep aneros sessions because it is a mild psycho active drug which allows you to forget about the normal things that keep your arousal ramp down. -- In other words, it let's you fully concentrate on your session.

    Since weed is not legal (in the US) I cannot recommend it but, with that said, some of my best sessions have been fueled by weed. It really does work. Not a lot though --

    For me, two/three hits will fuel a two hour session.

    Also folks -- I know this sounds crazy but eating three cans of sardines per week makes your response cycle work much better. -- It really works wonders for me. -- I discovered this by accident :-)
  • Interesting thread. I am going through something very interesting right now, so I have a unique perspective to share. For years (over 20+ give or take) I have been a regular pot smoker. That means at least a couple of one-hits a day, usually in the evening after work, more on the weekends. Due to being a victim of corporate cutbacks, I am now actively seeking a job. Due to the fact that 85% of employers in the US now do pre-employment drug testing, I have abstained to better my chances of getting a job in this horrible job market. During this time of abstention, I bought my first Aneros.

    I can honestly say that my overall physical and mental acuteness has changed over the past few days that I have not smoked. My sleep patterns have changed, I am not as tired as I used to be, and I feel that I am more sexually attuned than before. I would be the first to say that I LOVE smoking pot, and hate admitting this to myself - but it's undeniable. It's been such a difference in several ways that I can't ignore the impact that not smoking it has had over just the past few days alone.

    My experience with The Aneros has been great so far, and I feel that it probably would be a good feeling to be high and do it. However, I think it would actually dullen (rather than heighten) the subtle energies I have felt. For anyone who questions this, I would recommend abstaining for at least a week and see if it makes a difference. I would bet that it will, and not in a negative way.
  • TeeJayTeeJay
    Posts: 55
    beevee --

    I'm gonna have to disagree with you on this. I haven't been a regular weed smoker for 25+ years. I would estimate that I comsume approx 1/2oz per year in one-two hit increments. In fact, the only time a use is for Aneros sessions.

    For me, it considerably hightens the experience. When I take a hit, I almost immediately experience "Aneros-Lust" -- Just gotta have it in me.

    Take care.
  • TJ, I don't think BV is disagreeing with you.
    He also said that he could imagine the session being good while high. But he's saying regularly smoking lessens the flow of energy, a 1/2 oz a year is nothing, he's talking about regular smoke.

    I completely agree with BV about the overall dulling. You know when you're listening to a song and it hits you just right and you feel a wave of sensation flow up your body? I would NEVER get that when smoking everyday. Then when I quit, within a few days I was experiencing that.
  • Beevee, as a former everyday pothead(only a 4 year user), I can relate with you on your changes in sleeping habits after you quit. I almost forgot what it was like to have dreams, but as soon as I quit, I couldn't stop having them. They were all crazy and seemed so real- it was nice having them again. My energy levels also sky rocketed which was great, but it messed with my sleeping schedule for a week. My conscious mind had reawakened and I had a hard time turning it off before bed. I was in a different place in my life during my pothead years, and I smoked to help with my depression which was the wrong way to go about it for me. Word to the wise, never smoke pot if your mentally unstable or depressed, because nothing good will come out of it- no drug out there can fix that. After a while you build a tolerance to mj, like any drug, and you don't get the same pleasing effects. If anything, yeah, I think it dulled my senses, and it just made my depression worse. I find the best high you can get is from a good run and workout, no other substitute for that. Now, I'm so much happier in my life since I discovered this site and the aneros. It has helped me get my shit together and overcome my depression. When I smoke dope now, occasionally, it's so much better and its for the right reasons. Each time I feel like its the first time I got high all over again, and when I use it during my sessions its awesome. I will never go back to smoking dope on an everyday basis, because I don't need to, and the toll it takes on your body isn't worth it. Like any drug out there, best in moderation, and you won't experience the negative side effects. Also my sex drive is as good as its ever been, but I definitely think mj had a negative effect on my libido as an everyday user. Either way the effects were very minimal for me, and I made a full recovery in a short period of time. I'm 25 years old by the way.
  • I agree with alot wildturkey is saying. I smoked probably a half ounce every week for 2 years. Before then it was much less for about 2 years too... I have recently stopped smoking due to a new job, where I havent been drug tested yet. Ive also been hitting up the gym every other day, got to say I feel the best now than at any point of my life. When I first bought my helix I only had 2 sober sessions before trying it with weed. I used to smoke blunts to the one hitters wont do it for me. I ended up smoking 1 or more bowls by myself, and noticed a big difference than being sober. Like someone said before, it helped put things out of my head so I could focus more on breathing and contractions, and just felt MUCH more pleasurable. I havent seen it brought up anywhere else but it also sorta seemed like the rectum was tighter :?: this made it reallll easy to pull it in and hit the prostate for me.

    As a (former) stoner and a new fan of aneros, I would DEFINATELY recommend that if you have the opportunity to smoke without getting canned from your job, to use your aneros when your high. I cannot wait to get tested so I can smoke and use the progasm thats in the mail as I type.
  • It's interesting to hear both sides of this issue. However, when reading the posts that sing the praises of using the Aneros while high, I have to say that they sound a bit defensive regarding their point. I would argue that no matter how good the experience with artificial means may be, that it cannot compare in the end with a natural experience, simply because of the fact that those experiences ARE artifically induced. In other words, if you have to rely on artificial chemical means to induce or properly intensify the experience, then you are eventually dependent on that artificial chemical means to produce that experience or intensity. In my opinion, in the long term that is a less-desirable position to be in than if you can summon the experience on your own without artifical chemical additions.

    That doesn't mean that a good buzz doesn't make something more enjoyable sometimes - because I know first-hand that it can. Concerts are an excellent example of that when it comes to pot. But, eventually pot can actually hinder the creative experience - and I know this first hand as well, being a musician, songwriter, and producer. What once in a while can be a liberating experience can become a deterrent to creativity and productivity if used all the time in conjunction with the activity. However, it's impossible to be objective about the negative effects while continuing to use. Your desire to defend the use will always cloud your objectivity in determining whether it enhances or detracts from the activity at hand (whether creating music, art, or an orgasm, IMHO). Being such a long-term pot smoker I have often wanted to defend it's use in many different circumstances - but the fact is, the number of times I was TRULY more creative, in-tune emotionally or physically, or basically more aware while high was not near the number I'd like to think. As much as it hurts to be truthful about it, I would probably have to admit that my MOST creative moments came without the use of drugs at all - and that subsequent use of pot to complete the project was just ancillary and really didn't have much to do with the creative impulse. In fact, if anything, it actually slowed down the process of completion.

    Maybe in the case of prolonging an orgasm it can have that effect (if that is the effect you're looking for) just as alcohol does. But that doesn't mean it's a superior experience. It means you have used a chemical to effectively dullen your experience so that your body does not respond in the time it normally would. Again, that may be pleasurable, but I would argue that it's not necessarily better than an experience without the drug.

    It's laughable to me that I am in a position of suggesting that pot may not truly enhance an experience over time, because I have smoked for so long and would have argued the opposite just weeks ago. Yet I can't deny what I have felt and experienced since abstaining. That doesn't mean I won't smoke again, or that I'm anti-pot. I'm definitely NOT. I think it's a great way to relax, and a great way to enjoy one of nature's gifts. However, like alcohol and any host of other drugs, it is still a drug and has a certain pharmalogical footprint on the mind and body, and it is by nature transient and temporary. Given that, I refuse to accept that the only superior way for humans to have a superior orgasmic experience is through the use of external stimuli. That would include BOTH pot and the Aneros, because I believe that eventually you should (and just about every single mystic that has walked the planet would agree) be able to summon the experience at will with proper training of the mind and body. Is it easier with the Aneros? Yes. Is it easier with the Aneros and pot? Yes, it probably is in the short term. But eventually, the experience of nirvana, the "Super-O", however you want to describe it - should be a completely natural experience and that is what I hope to eventually achieve.

    Having said all of that, if it feels good, DO IT. Just remember that to become dependent on anything in order to achieve that "extra boost" to orgasmic super-bliss (or to claim that it's superior or necessary) is to eventually rob yourself of having the experience through your own mind and body's resources. I.E. - you'll find that your servant has slowly become your master... and I feel I am discovering this now.
  • I was not trying to sound so defensive about pot. I too have quit for the time being, and probably wont go back to how I used to use it everyday. Pot is one of those things where its good for some activities, and bad for others. You could also consider how high someone is. Im a bassist, and if I smoke a bowl by myself I can actually play better (as unlikely as it sounds its true). If I were to smoke another, I would play worse than sober. Being really high and trying to read a paragraph would take longer, and you would not remember as much of it.

    I know plenty of people that are dependant on pot, they smoke it multiple times everyday. I would say I USED to be like that, and having stopped using for about a month twice since the summer, I know it can really have negative effects. For people that arnt long-term smokers, the tolerance for it just isnt there. I only recommend people to just try it, because it really is a unique experience, as is masturbating or sex high. Like beevee says if over done it can make some senses dull. At the height of my drug use, I snorted pills, drank, smoked weed... :shock: it really made me feel burnt out, uninspired, lethargic, and depressed. Some people say they smoke to make them happy, but we all know its not helping...

    Now I dont do any of that, workout every other day, just sorta "rewired" my brain :wink:
    I will always have a special spot for pot in my heart lol, but I dont ever want to get into using it like I used to again. BTW ive never had a super-O, and Ive only used my helix high about 3 times of probly well over a dozen sessions Ive had. I recently got the HypnAerosession download, and plan on using that when I can smoke again, as well as sober. Constanly making progress every session, hope it doesnt take me over a year like some users :shock:
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Dr. Unk, hello and welcome to the Forum

    I tried MJ in my youth and found other things (not drugs/drinks) were contributing to my head's development, whereas pot and caffeine gave me rapid and irregular heart rhythms. Not good!

    In my blog is a post about my youthful experiences and the beginning of my prostate massage career at about age 14 and into my early 20s:

    Those Intellectual Orgasms reflect some of the rewiring potential in a younger brain. Maybe you would like to create your own blog here and tell us your story, expanding from these posts that will gradually fade back into the pile-up of pages as this General Discussion part of the Forum keeps growing daily.

    It would be interesting, if you tried staying clean somewhat longer, to see just how far your practice and experience might grow, particularly with potentially powerful day-after effects that may be possible for a young man with your background. Everyone's journey is unique to them, their experiences and their contributing factors. Who knows what your potential may be?

    all the best with your growth and development, your Aneros journey and your life's journey

  • I wont be doing any smoking for at least another month. I will probably reserve it to the weekends, or on the days when Im not working out.

    I have been wanting to start a blog, I just got my progasm today and had a session with it. It was nice but not much has changed from my previous attempts. Part of it might of been because I was still a little sore going into it, and the progasms pretty big lol. Im gonna take a few days off and let everything get back to normal.