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  • I am realy addicted to my Aneros Progasm. Is there a maximum of times I can use it a week?
  • Seventy times seven!
    Posts: 70
    I use mine until I can't walk.
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,778
    Hello sander speedo,

    And welcome to the Aneros forum! :)

    While both GrandTiger and JIH's posts were quite humorous to read, I'll add my comment on the serious side.

    It's generally recommended to have Aneros sessions no more frequently than every other day. With that in mind, it's also good to listen to your body. It you are sore, or hurting from a previous session, you might need more than one day to recover. And vice-versa if you feel fine and particularly horny, you might find yourself trying everyday for a while. I suspect it is more a matter of what you feel you can physically and mentally handle. And that may differ from person to person.

    Love is Peace
    Posts: 70
    My post was not intended to be humorous. Time permitting, I use mine until I get so sore I have to stop. I seem to be wonderfully addicted. I had made a post several weeks ago about how my Aneros has kept me from roaming bars at night, which some may have taken to be a humorous comment. I now stay home at night. This is also true. To each his own.