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Thats it .. Im done with Aneros ...
  • NatNat
    Posts: 90
    I have had the Helix since March, and try to use it as frequent as possible. I have read through the wiki multiple times. I have tried different types of breathing and meditation music. I have tried different positions, different times of day, when in different moods. I have tried while watching porn, watching porn before using, and without porn. But nothing seems to work or gain progress.

    I do get body movements, and if lucky a pleasurable sensation for about 2 seconds once every 5 minutes. But thats it. My sessions last about 90 minutes as well.

    I love the idea and all the great stories, but close to a year and still no results of pleasure.. I believe I have been more than patient with the rewiring process. But no progress at all. They literally should put a note on the packaging saying "dont expect results in this lifetime".
  • OH!!OH!!
    Posts: 260
    That's too bad. Sorry you are having so much trouble man. I guess I've been really lucky and began taking right away. Well, not exactly true. I actually had a 1 or 2 month period after my first session where I had some nerve issues during my rewiring process. But once that cleared I'm a natural. I no longer have to think or strive at all for pleasurable sensations during a session. I start out with pleasurable and go to extreme as the session winds up.

    Only thing I could say if you haven't tried it is fish oil as described in the orgasmic diet. You might check Marrena's book. Other things such as smoking or anti-depressant meds, etc can also affect your orgasmic ability completely apart from the Aneros and that's where fish oil can help. Best of luck!
  • It took me about fourteen months to get to a place where it is totaly mind blowing and It's getting better still =)
    You probably have read this before but I believe the lube is VERY important.
    Also ..the fact that you are receiving ANY pleasure at all is a good signe that you WILL be able to progress...what you need to do now besides having the right equipment (Lube, aneros, relaxed mind, privacy) is to concentrate on those moments during use where you do feel pleasure.
    Don't allow for ANY pain, if it burns or is sore etc take it out and dont use it for several days.
    Eat right, excercise, get plenty of water and be ware of prescription drugs.
    I hope you don't give up as you already have a respectable amount of time invested.
  • NatNat
    Posts: 90
    I actually used fish oil for a good 2 or 3 months, because my dad wanted me to start taking suppliments. In the past I have tried goat weed (its said to help with sexual stimulation). And used Lecithin (which helps with memory and blood flow). I have not been sick since I got the helix, so no perscription drugs. And I have never bene on any anti depressants.
  • OH!!OH!!
    Posts: 260
    But have you taken fish oil in the concentrations mentioned in the Orgasmic Diet? I'm not sure that is the key, or only key for me - but I think it is a definite contributing factor. I also take a lot of other herbal supplements. I take Tribulus regularly. I've been taking Ginko Biloba fairly regularly. Lately I also occasionally throw in Ginseng, Maca, Horny Goat Weed, Aveena Sativa.

    Orgasm is complicated. If you read forums for orgasm for women you will see that it can be a bit difficult to learn and many things / problems can affect it. Some of those can be emotional / mental, some can be diet, and some can be physical problems.

    All I can recommend is try and be in tune with yourself, and see what you like and what makes you tick. I have orgasmic ability apart from the Aneros now which isn't dependent on it. I think the Aneros helped me learn it, but there are other ways. You need to focus on orgasmic ability and skills. Perhaps for some learning to use and get something out of the Aneros is more difficult. It appears it is easy for some and difficult if not almost impossible for others. No need to cut the Aneros off though. Before I ever used the Aneros for years I was curious about anal stimulation (particularly when I was really horny). I just wondered what it would be like. I tried different things - dildos, etc. I didn't do this much, but over time I learned at times I would get a 'craving' for that feeling. Then I would put something back in there. Later after a session / ejaculation, etc I would think it was kind of stupid. But regardless my point is initially it was an occasional thing to experiement with. Later when I learned and tried the Aneros I enjoyed it more and got better at it. So point is - don't worry about it. Keep the Aneros around even if you don't use it much. Occasionally you might feel really primed / horny and be in the mood to give it a go. When you do the Aneros will be there and who time it may really hit the spot.
  • NatNat
    Posts: 90
    Honestly, I dont have a lot of money. I am trying to start up an entertainment career, and a possible move. The Aneros alone cost me a bundle, but I did it because I was interested in what it could do for me. Through buying different lubes, and a few suppliments, I have spent quite a bit on this for little to no reward.

    I cant say the product is dissatisfying, because I have heard nothing but great reviews. But its more than a disappointment for me, but a waste of time and money. For the matter of seconds of light pleasure I get, I could go to a dildo and get just as much (I do own 2 dildos, and they barely do anything for me). So really, I didnt get even half the bang for my buck.

    Im willing to keep trying, but in other words, I dont see the point in wasting my time.
  • Sorry you are giving up. It's been over 4 yrs for me and still no super O. But everytime I use it , it feels great. I have some health issues which don't help, but I would not give up. Set it up for awhile and come back to it. As stated lube is an important factor in the grand scheme of things. The other night I pumped a lot of cocanut oil in me and had one of the best sessions I've had. I also got a set of peridises when they first came out. They rock my boat. I could actually have one of the smaller ones in me 24/7. Best purchase Iv'e made in a long time. You might try those. I like the little ones. Good luck with your journey.
  • BusterBuster
    Posts: 953
    Hi Nat,

    As others have posted I am sorry you are having such issues. It was a good 6 months for me so I can understand. While the others here have posted some great suggestions, I am reminded of some others (I cannot remember their names) who have had experiences similar to yours.

    What I keep thinking is that maybe you would be better served if you just slide that Helix into a drawer and forget about it for a while. Frustration can be a huge stumbling block to you making some progress. Above all, DON'T THROW IT AWAY!

    You might be surprised what great times you have ahead of you if you give it a break and re-group.

    Just a thought. I wish you well.
  • NatNat
    Posts: 90
    Oh, its not like m at it everyday. I would say about once a week.
  • That can be the main issue for me the more often i use it the faster i feel/have new steps of pleasure. I use mine about 5-7 times a week i just use it at night lock my self in my room and insert it turn the lights out have my session which usually ends up in some mini o's then i fall asleep and i usually wake up mid way threw sleep to a major hard on at which i do two things remove aneros and clean off excess lube and go back to bed feeling very very good. I wake up in the morning feeling like i had sex all night no kidding its great.

    I honestly believe using it at night into sleep is the best method for me at least that way i can relax to the point between sleep and consciousness that's the most relaxed you can get and i love it. I would suggest using it at night and if that doesn't work then give it some time your mind is fighting against your body hehe.

    Either way we are here to help we just want you to enjoy aneros like we are i was once a heavy non believer and if i can believe now i hope you too can soon.
  • JayDJayD
    Posts: 38
    Whatever you do, just don't throw away the Aneros.

    Just hide it away and don't think about it anymore. Several months later you might come across it and just give it a try for the heck of it and you can possibly get better results. I found my expectations too high when I first got it as well, it was only till I wasn't expecting it to work when it did.
  • NatNat
    Posts: 90
    The point being.. I didnt just get the thing. We are talking close to a year ago here.

    I was told to buy that CD you guys have. But why should I spend even more money on a product that doesnt even work?
  • Nat,

    Here's the main thing: sexual experience should be profoundly enjoyable. That's that. If you aren't getting enjoyment from this toy, forget it. Don't even think twice!

    This forum is interesting, but in many ways it reminds me of another forum I used to visit, a group that dealt with making espresso. They all wanted the best shot of espresso that could possibly be had, and, like here, there were very complex and lengthy discussions of "technique." They called that shot a "God shot" and here an aneros-assisted orgasm seems to be called a "Super-O." Same thing pretty much...

    I fear this emphasis on rules, techniques, terms, etc., misses the point of pleasure. Pleasure must be a relief from the anxiety that characterizes so many lives -- a relief from the idea of rules, and *the right way* of doing things.

    My tip. Find a tasty girl if possible, and once it really gets going, break out the old almost forgotten aneros and see if you can't find a use for it.
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,492

    It is unfortunate you haven’t achieved the level of pleasure you were expecting with your Helix. I agree with some of the other responders in suggesting that you just lay away your Helix for the time being. It sounds like you have much more important matters to attend to in your life and this probably is not the best time to be attempting to learn about Aneros usage. You have made an investment in time that need not be discarded just because the investment has not yet begun to return a profit. While your attitude now may be "… don’t expect results in this lifetime", after a period of time to re-evaluate your approach, you may think the packaging should say “… lifetime results start without expectations.”
  • NatNat
    Posts: 90
    Because no one on this forum personally knows me, I am not so sure that anyone can say for me what expectations I have or had at one time or another. Sure, when I used it the first few times, I did expect a lot. But after I started noticing no results, I began to try different things, and understand why it wasnt happening for me. Within reason, regardless of what time I did have open, I tried everything that I could. Whether it be anything I listed above, or other ideas. The only thing I havent tried is the new CD product. If the Aneros wasnt so pricey, I might not have had any reservations about buying the extra material. But how am I supposed to trust reviews, when I have hear nothing but great reviews of the original product, but didnt even get 5% of what everyone else is getting?

    Rumel, as you said, I have other things to keep in mind right now. However, that should not prevent me from getting any results out of what I have already worked on. I would be interested to know from anyone here, how many other people are in my position. All members that I have read, seem to get some type of results after 6 months of use, or by following through with guidelines such as the wiki or highlighted posts. But also, are there reports of people making progress, but for no reason at all going backwards in their progress?

    Is it at all possible that Aneros doesnt work for some people?
  • Try sending your sexual energies straight to your prostate.
  • Nat, it sounds like you are getting past the point of frustrated and nearing 'bitter'. Obviously, in such a state, the Aneros isn't going to provide the satisfaction you are craving.
    [Is it at all possible that Aneros doesnt work for some people?]
    I think the Aneros may not work for all people, but is that because not all people are willing to do what is required for the Aneros to work or is there something unique to certain individuals that prevents them from enjoying the product? From what you describe, it doesn't sound like you are in the latter.

    I agree with everyone else that you need to put the Aneros away for a while. You aren't in the mindset to achieve much progress and I fear you will only further frustrate yourself. I've been at it less than six months, and have made almost no progress. Is that the fault of the Aneros or something to do with me? Well...let's see...the Aneros is this inanimate piece of plastic and I'm a complex system of chemical reactions and cell membranes. Which of the two parties has the greater potential for having a problem somewhere?

    Interestingly, this morning...without having the Aneros inserted...I awoke to a thumping in my perineum which felt like the PC muscle rythmically contracting all on its own. It was in that state of wakefulness where you are neither asleep or conscious. In fact, I wasn't sure if I was causing the PC contractions or they were doing it on their own. Being in that place between reality and dreamland, it could have been either and I guess it really doesn't matter. What I discovered was that the sensation was pleasurable and it felt like it was not under my control. So my goal with the Aneros has now shifted. I think the sensations you are craving reside in that bridge between sleep and awake, and you are too frustrated to get your mind to float in that state. I think when we are concentrating and expecting too much, we are either awake or asleep, not in between.

    But it always ticks me off to hear other people explain what they are feeling when I'm feeling zip. So rest assured that my sessions prior to this morning haven't been remarkable. In fact, I'm jealous of the two second intervals where you are feeling pleasant sensations --I've never felt anything like that, even. So heed the advice of those who've been doing this sometime. Give yourself a well deserved vacation. Congratulate yourself on sticking it out this long. Fantasize and concentrate on the physical sensations you detect during that time. When you understand more about replicating those same sensations, then gradually reintroduce the Aneros when you fantasize.

    I'm REALLY rooting for you...because I have that same fear I'm gonna be in your place after seven more months. After a while, your patience wears thin. But, that only makes the unapproachable even more ellusive. I vote take a break...
  • Nate (and Slippery)

    Number one. Relaxation, quiet and low expectations are crucial when first starting. Patience and persistence are key ingredients as well.

    Nate, and give your expression regarding the expense already, you may want to try a Progasm instead of your Helix. It's a lot bigger, but not that much, but yields a great deal of satisfaction for many, many of us on the Forum.

    I have found, that now I'm responding well to my Progasm, that my Helix works well, too...just differently. Different pressure points. The awakening is a strange emotional and physical thing, and may just take you longer.

    Put your toy away, forget about it for a while. Begging your pardon, but you sound like a younger guy, and maybe there is something to a little more experience, so maybe it's just not your time to engage the kinds of personally inward-facing emotions and sensations required.

    Peace, brother, and success at another juncture in your life.

  • Nat said:

    I have had the Helix since March, and try to use it as frequent as possible. I have read through the wiki multiple times. I have tried different types of breathing and meditation music. I have tried different positions, different times of day, when in different moods. I have tried while watching porn, watching porn before using, and without porn. But nothing seems to work or gain progress.

    I do get body movements, and if lucky a pleasurable sensation for about 2 seconds once every 5 minutes. But thats it. My sessions last about 90 minutes as well.

    I love the idea and all the great stories, but close to a year and still no results of pleasure.. I believe I have been more than patient with the rewiring process. But no progress at all. They literally should put a note on the packaging saying "dont expect results in this lifetime".

    It took me about two years of patience an frustrations before I relaxed enough to truly feelwhat was going on. If you feel the need to quit, there is no shame. Although, I promise you it is out there! :)
  • i may be quitting too. ive used a progasm several times this past year, with no suck luck. i first thought it was too small, since day one it popped right in. then i thought it was too big, because after a 3 month absence it felt like a train running up my ass! but ive been using it along w/ a dildo, plug and beads lately, and the feeling just isnt that great.

    yesterday i had a 90 minute session as soon as i woke up, i was very horny and relaxed. i used quite a bit of lube, and it just didnt do anything. once inside me, i couldnt feel much. i'm not sure how other guys do it? do you guys push it out and then suck it back in? does it go in naturally and you just push it out? or does it go out naturally an dyou pull it in?

    i cant seem to get the deep "in and out" motion others do hands free. i can barely get the ting to move, while others seem to move it in and out a few inches, handsfree. the only way i ever get any precum is if i push it real hard with my hand, pressing it hard against my prostate.

    im not saying its a bad product, clearly many enjoy it, i just find once i get it in, the fun just isnt there...

    id pay to have a super o like you guys describe...
  • BenjamBenjam
    Posts: 1
    I too have been having trouble getting anything at all out of the Helix. And I don't mean pleasure and orgasms, I'm having trouble getting ANYTHING other than a slight urination sensation out of the sessions. I try to get into every session relaxed and and with a clear mind as to what may or may not happen. I try to keep in mind and exercise what everyone says: Breathing styles, lower expectations, relax, etc.

    I wish I could say that the words of this forum community helps me. But in the end, everyone seems to give the same general advice; and this advice is not working. As time goes on, it's becoming increasingly difficult for me to be interested in using the Aneros at all.

    The objectives and procedures are set forth in front of me like waypoints to a destination. While everyone is charging off with their comparatively quick and exciting results, I am chained to the ground and can't get very far from the starting point.
  • mewnzmewnz
    Posts: 1
    Nat, you're not alone. I too have been 'at it' for about a year with the Helix & Progasm with very little results.

    I have found they make normal orgasms better, much like any other (and cheaper) dildo/butt plug.

    I did once experience a single involuntary spasm some months ago.

    feel I've tried most things and am also hesitant to spend more money on things that may not work.

    I am still hopeful and continuing my use a couple of times a week
  • Keep trying new techniques that's what did it for me. I have been making tremendious results within the last month compared to the 11 or so previous months, because I stopped tring the same thing that I tried before.
  • I wish I could say that the words of this forum community helps me. But in the end, everyone seems to give the same general advice; and this advice is not working. As time goes on, it's becoming increasingly difficult for me to be interested in using the Aneros at all.

    Benjam -

    I'm sure I'll take heat for this one, but you've hit the nail on the head with the above statement. Have you tried contacting other members directly through their personal mailbox? I find more motivation from the contacts I've made through personal messages than from the general advice posted on the forum.

    I categorize the general advice as follows:

    1. Relax -- don't try to force anything. (We're already relaxed. That's why we're falling asleep in the middle of our sessions. And I'm's counter intuitive to suggest by controlling our breathing in a set pattern while contracting specific muscles that we are relaxed. If we're completely relaxed we shouldn't be controlling anything)

    2. Remove expectations. (Including the expectation you could have done something more productive with the 90 minutes/session X 3 sessions/week X 52 weeks/year = 234 hours spent hunting for a pleasurable sensation. Just forget about it. It's out there waiting for you....but you're just too stupid to find it. Nee-ner, nee-ner! Uh, uh, UH! Relax......)

    2. Enjoy the sensations for what they are, not for what they aren't. (I'm sorry, but what sensations are we talking about, here? See how we're falling asleep in the session -- do you think that might have something to do with lack of interesting sensations?)

    3. Don't get hung up on a particular method, we are all wired differently and there are no set number or types of contractions, blah, blah... (Hmmm. So these subtle sensations we're supposed to be feeling occur outside our control? And, therefore, anything we consciously do will actually be deleterious to receiving pleasure. Doomed if you do, doomed if you don't...)

    4. Mix things up. Try different techniques. (i.e. you can spend years trying things and they probably aren't going to do anything interesting OR what works one day may not work the next and vice versa -- so your chances of experiencing enjoyable sensations diminish exponentially with repeated use unless you stumble across something by complete happenstance. Hey, maybe this is it -- the shotgun approach! Then, sensations. I guess we should try something else, even though we've exhausted all ideas.)

    Sorry. I didn't mean to vent like a Ray Vega! I'm making a point that non-specific, generalized comments may be fine for the General Discussion forum, but for members that are looking for encouragement and specific ideas, they may be better off developing a support network through personal messages with other members.

    As for me, I'm still sifting through sensations. I'd be ecstatic if I had an involuntary contraction of any kind. Oddly, I've been told not to worry about it...even though the involuntary contractions are specifically listed as one of the keys to opening the door. And it's that type of contradiction in advice that breeds frustration which eventually leads to our demise.
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,492

    You are quite right that much of the information presented on this Forum is general in nature. Hmmm, why do you suppose that is? Could it be because there is no specific formula one can use to get to a Super O or to incite one to sensations they do not feel? Don’t you think that if someone had found any specific technique that was consistently successful they would have posted it sometime during the past six years of this Forum’s existence?

    The frustrating truth is there is no formula for success and most men will never experience the pleasures of prostate stimulation.

    Why? A certain percentage of the male population do not have the mental discipline necessary to learn the process, a certain percentage won’t even try it for personal moral or religious reasons, a certain percentage are simply not interested in the capability and a certain percentage may have other psychological blocks that also preclude them from ever obtaining the Super-O. Of those who do try to learn to use these little devices, not all of them will be successful either. Some will be so fixated on their previous penile induced orgasms they will not be able change their point of focus to the prostate. Some will still have any number of psychological issues blocking their progress. Some simply will not perceive the sensations they receive as pleasurable. Some may actually have physical/neurological problems that preclude them from receiving sensations. In all there are probably more reasons for failure than there are for success.
    The information contained in these forum posts presents tips, techniques and strategies from many users in their pursuit of the Super-O, but YOU are the one that will be re-wiring yourself to/for new sensual experiences, their technique may have no effect for you.

    The generalities that are frequently expressed here exist because they seem to be the most consistently expressed thoughts that have led others to successful progress along the path to the Super-O. That is the state of the knowledge as we know it today.

    I have tried a number of the various techniques suggested by members of this Forum, most of them, while interesting, did little or nothing to further my progress. A few have proven to be generally true, but even then, no technique has been 100% consistently successful. At some point, if you are not having any success, you will evaluate your efforts and contemplate the probability of future success. You may conclude your time can be more effectively spent elsewhere and whatever decision you make will be the correct one for you.
  • rumel

    Excuse my rant. If I've touched on a nerve, I apologize. One of the last members I would intentionally offend would be you. But you've approached some topics I feel need further discussion.

    Please understand that I never expected to hit a home run my first time at bat. In fact, I don't expect to EVER hit a home run -- period..., so any talk about the Super-O is way beyond my expectations. But after being up to the plate as many times as I have it would be nice to make contact with the ball at least once --even if it's a foul! Anything for reassurance that you are still in the game -- anything to keep the spectators interested so they stay at the ball park.

    The generalized advice given on this forum tends to limit additional investigation into what the advice seeker is trying to generate. The pat answer always ends with the disclaimer that every man is wired differently and he will need to discover his own path; that there is no consistent method that will work for everyone. I understand that we all perceive sensations differently and that trying to identify them will result in several different descriptions. But this statement that everyone takes a different path on their journey implies that there are infinite possibilities to achieve sensation and that investigating them is impossible. I find that defeatist and can't help but believe that there are categories and sensory descriptions that are frequently present in those users who can be described as successfully achieving a 'milestone'.

    Speaking as a frustrated user (and I've been at this longer than the date of my forum registration), I feel the general advice and pat answer approach closes the door on the potential collection of key information that may be currently going undetected. Personally, I would enjoy collecting and analyzing information to detect any trends or similarities. Is this some preverted attempt to salvage hope for my own potential gain? Probably. But, unfortunately, I am so far removed from experiencing the sensations described on this forum that I don't know what questions to ask. Is there an expert willing to help in this regard? If so, I believe many users who are not experiencing any gains would end up worshipping you.

  • PanPan
    Posts: 249
    Hey slipperybugger,

    you really struck a chord for me when you mentioned the need for 'milestones' in one's practice. That is, in my opinion, the fundamental challenge both for those giving and receiving advice here. Finding the best approaches most likely to produce 'milestone' events that give the practitioner a sense of progress towards their desired goal.

    For obvious reasons, most of the questions asked here are for the most direct route to The Super-O, and most responses are, by necessity, like a finger pointing in the general direction as opposed to a precise map.

    Perhaps the problem is the question, rather than the answer. Perhaps we should begin along the lines of - "How can I even start to feel any pleasure from this damn thing!?!?"

    Personally, I'm much more interested in trying to answer that question. Of course, I don't have "the" answer. And it's much easier to answer that question on an individual basis. But I do have suggestions that just might help some people who are struggling.

    Here goes:

    1. Drop any rules you've been following thus far. Special breathing, contractions, etc. Throw it all out the window for awhile. When you're aroused enough, your body will create those contractions spontaneously. So focus on whatever turns you on and do that.

    2. Go ahead and stroke your penis if you want to. Why not? It feels good. And, there's always a chance that you may notice new sensations of pleasure from the combination of penile stimulation with the aneros. You may even have a 'milestone' event. If you do have a milestone event, maybe you can re-create it without the penile stimulation. Or maybe you can intensify it with more penile stimulation, edging, fantasizing, porn, etc.

    3. If you feel you've put in a lot of time and effort (at least a few months) using the general tips with no Super-O and no 'milestone' events, consider changing your goal to simply achieving the most pleasure possible, doing whatever works best for you at the time, while using the aneros. Just let it be the "background" contributor rather than the main event.

    Final tip:

    My own personal aneros practice is somewhat different from the general advice methods in the forum, so I thought I'd include it.

    Here goes:

    1. Get comfortable (i.e. relaxed, whatever). I usually wait at least 10-15 minutes after insertion (read a book, watch TV, etc) before I get started.

    2. Without touching yourself, or using contractions, get lost in a sexual fantasy (use porn if necessary, personally I find my imagination is more effective). Focus almost exclusively on the sensations of being brought to full blown ejaculatory orgasm over and over again, or just one long, continuous ejaculation. Imagine that you can actually feel it happening.

    3. Keep fantasizing that you are being brought to orgasm over and over again until you are extremely aroused. That is your only goal in this session. In fact, try to make yourself ejaculate purely through fantasy. It's not likely to happen, but it's fun to try.

    4. Once you are sufficiently aroused, chances are, at some point, your body will respond with occasional, spontaneous contractions, especially if you are erect. Don't do anything about them, just enjoy them. The longer and more vividly you imagine yourself having orgasms, the more intense and pleasurable these contractions tend to become until...well try it and find out for yourself. :wink:

    5. Above all, have fun. Treat it like a game and nothing more. How turned on can I make myself? How vivid can I make this fantasy feel? How close to actual ejaculation can I get just by fantasizing?

    This is the best way I know to help create pleasurable awareness of the prostate, and quite possibly, a 'milestone' event, with minimal effort and maximum enjoyment. I know it has lead at least a couple forum members to their first Super-O's when the general advice methods weren't working. At the very least, it's easy to do and a lot fun. Hope it helps.

    Best of luck to you!

  • BusterBuster
    Posts: 953
    Great post Pan. I am often reminded of how confused I was in the beginning stages of my journey in regards to what I was feeling as opposed to what I thought I should be feeling. Am I doing this right or that right? It can be pretty complex. What you state here is take all that out and chuck it. Start with the basics and use that giant orb sitting on your shoulders. Orgasms seem to start and end there, so let it run wild.

    Take it easy guys.
  • PanPan
    Posts: 249
    Thanks Buster.

    Yeah, that's exactly what I'm saying. If "rules" and expectations are getting in your way, just chuck 'em and do whatever feels good for you and whatever makes the session enjoyable. I've learned to always ask myself two questions while learning any new sexual technique:

    1. Am I turned on?

    2. Am I enjoying myself?

    If either answer comes up "no," I stop until I figure out what I need to do to change that. Otherwise, it's pointless.

    That's why I prefer the fantasy approach, because it puts all of one's attention on whatever is most pleasurable and arousing to that person. As long as that is your primary focus, you're virtually guaranteed to at least enjoy your session and it leaves more room for those new pleasures to "sneak up" behind you.
  • If you read Livinglarge's blog he refers to it as "the elusive super-o", so maybe that is the norm. After all, I have often read that many women never experience orgasm in their sex lifetime.

    I have not experienced anything other than some pleasant local feelings from pressure on the prostate. However, I have found that the early signs of prostate problems no longer exist, most notably, that of sometimes losing the ability to control my bladder when full, also waking up at night needing to pee, they no longer occur so maybe there are secondary benefits to carrying on trying.
  • gm501gm501
    Posts: 87
    I feel fortunate that I started having super O's after only a few weeks. The key milestone for me was not just relaxing, but taking an active role in moving things along. Specifically, this is what I did during the session that was my "breakthru":

    * After a few minutes of laying still, I started thrusting my hips, as in having sex. Real slowly.
    * I fantasized actively about real women that I knew (sans clothing).

    Good luck!
  • Well, I got what I deserve...and now I have to eat crow (I've heard its more palatable if it's still warm...)

    Rumel and Pan were gracious and communicated with me via private message to help me get through my slump. Through Pan's post on the use of fantasizing to increase the arousal level and rumel's recommendations to jump start the sensations in the area, I was able to have a wonderful session (all right....wonderful from MY perspective. All you crossed-over creeps would roll your eyes...but tough Helix residue!). I described what happened in my blog 'Pastiche' under the entry entitled "Ooooh! THAT was GOOD!..."

    Rumel explained to me that the sensation of the Helix repositioning itself beyond my conscious control was actually the involuntary contractions I was craving to experience. So, all of you who are struggling out there, trying to generate any pleasurable sensation, please drop me a private message and I will pass on as much help as I can. I think I have a clear understanding of what you are going through. All of you who are trying to jump immediately to the Super O, please read my blog. There truly is a wonderland out there that deserves your exploration. do I find an emoticon with a bag over it's head?:oops: