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Chronic Multiple Super-O Syndrome (CMSOS)
  • I have a very severe case of CMSOS. If I were not on a monthly cycle I don't know how I would survive it! I'm actually looking forward to having a break! Anyone else ever feel this way?
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    I feel so lonely during the breaks.
  • Eventually ejaculating will calm it know that.
    Just do it once though... don't break down and jack off several times or you will have an extreme come down(I do ).
  • Yes Tiphereth, I know, but I'm afraid if I ejaculate I'll need to take three days off work to recover, and I've already used up all my PTO for this year :lol:
  • realy get tired when you spend .
    Have you tried Ibuprofen? Or maybe tylenol PM?
    Those will numb you slightly and help with the sleep or you could try a combination of
    Valerian and Nettles if you prefer the natural.
  • Yes, I never had a problem back when I used to spend every three days, but now I'm going for two or three weeks and then usually control it so I only fire a couple of rounds which doesn't put me down. If I really let myself go with a super-T then it totally wipes me out.

    I have some Enzymatic Therapies capsules with valerian and passionflower. I think I'll take a double dose tonight.

    Funny isn't it. Now we've got to the multiple super-o stage, here we are talking about how to turn it off :!:

    Perhaps CMSOS should be added to the Wiki :lol:

    I wonder what the next stage will be, hyper-o's :?:
  • Hyper O's = )
    I think it might be that the difference in our energy levels is just VERY apparent now that we go so long without spending.
    Not sure that spending makes me more tired than it used to but I think it seems so extreme because I'm not used to it anymore.
    I can't believe that I was, like you said, spending soo often.
    So it seems that sleep is the only negative way we are being effected...maybe we are not wearing our bodies out during the day like we could?
    Think I will pick up a gymn membership and see what that does...
    Hope you get some sleep.
  • OH!!OH!!
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    Yes, I've got something similar fairly severely. I believe it has something to do with the dopamine release addiction from having orgasms which is similar to the release from heroine or cocaine. Now, I'm not saying it has all the bad side affects of such addictions, but I watched some informational programs on these drug addictions a week or so ago. They talked about how the brain rewires and starts expecting the dopamine release / fix. Eventually damage to the brain occurs from overuse and the body tries to shut down the dopamine receptors which is why it takes more drug to get the same effect. Anyway, I just get really horny and have a hard time motivating myself on many days where I have free time because I'd just about rather have a long session for hours than do other activities.

    I usually ejaculate once or twice a week. When I do I may do it one to three times in a row. Days following I notice a definite typical drop in energy level. So it does seem to make a difference. I guess if I keep having problems I could reduce the fish oil and other herbs I take and maybe ejaculate more. But it seems the body really gets used to the anal / prostate stimulation and even craves it in a special way. It's kind of a distracting hunger. It can almost be annoying particularly if you aren't getting a lot of activities done because of it.
  • Thanks Oh!! for the info.

    It is understandable how damage caused by drugs results in a person needing more of the drug to get the same effect. I guess that is why a person becomes addicted, needing more and more for less and less in return.

    This craving for more super-o's really is like an addiction except for one thing. The intensity of the super-o's keeps on getting stronger and the pleasure better and better all the time. The more I do it the better they get, as if there is no limit to the degree of pleasure and ecstasy. And they go on for longer too the more I practice!

    From what you say, it is definitely a good thing that we are so wonderfully designed to experience a monthly cycle in which our desire rises and falls, so we naturally have a rest for at least a few consecutive days every month. But it has been my experience over the last months that when I start up again on the next cycle that the orgasms notch up to a new higher level. And at each new level it is impossible to imagine that it could get any higher! That's why I asked what's next - a hyper-o? It is indeed a never-ending journey ...
  • you made me afraid ADICTS Aneros :?: :?: :?: :idea: :idea:
  • I'm beginning to get a little afraid too Plantation. The term, "point of no return" seems to be taking on a whole new meaning. I'm afraid that someday I'll hypergasm out of this universe never to be seen again!
  • espere that to have fun to you
  • artformartform
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    Could CMSOS call for orgasmic energies transformation or transmutation?

    Tao and Tantra are based on conserving, energizing and transmuting this energy for a balanced, joyous and spiritually adventurous life.

    Jing(orgasmic energies) into>>> Chi (life force energies) into>>> Shen (spiritual energies)

    Most of my Super-O-ing is with mrs. a... and usually, but not always, she/we like me to finish with a Super-T! However, I try to time and redirect the Super-O generated energies to other sites in our bodies, and the Super-T "spend" actually seems to help pump their transmutation. There are others who report the ability to "cook" the Jing relatively rapidly and be able to have transmuted most of the energies before the actual ejaculation.

    The great thing is to be able to have all these energies flowing simultaneously through you and your partner and voyaging out while remaining safely energized at home. 8)

    all the best energetics to all, all year round

  • Hey, all, first time poster here, though I've been lurking for some time.

    This thread has me worried, actually. I've only had my Aneros for a bit, and I haven't had a ton of success, but I've gotten past the point of dislike. However, what I've read here has me thinking about whether I want to actually continue with the thing or if I should put it a drawer for the rest of my life. I mean, if I find success and then can't function at school or job I don't really want to continue exploring.

    So my question is as follows: how worried should I be about this?

    Note that I've read much of the "Multi-Orgasmic Male" book by Mantak Chia (interesting book, actually, and it addresses much of what artform said in this most recent post) and so I'm able to have an orgasm or two without ejaculation. But really, this CMSOS stuff has me scared shitless and I'd like some reassurance of some kind--any kind, really.

    Any takers?
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,492

    Welcome to the Forum,

    IMHO, while there may be a tendency to become so enamored with the pleasure induced through use of the Aneros devices that their use might be considered a habit or even an addiction, there is little to worry about from a physical standpoint. You are not about to develop a physical dependence or lose psychological control due to their usage. I think there is just a bit of exaggeration in some of the reports of an individual’s ecstatic experiences. It is true that while in the middle of a Super-O experience one can feel a loss of ‘ego’ consciousness and experience altered states of consciousness, time awareness dilation and even synesthesia effects, you are always able to terminate the experience through force of mental will. It is our mental ability to so thoroughly control our thoughts that makes obtaining the Super-O so difficult to begin with. I think you have little to be concerned about, certainly not to be “… scared shitless …”.
  • Heh . . . thanks, rumel. That's exactly the kind of thing I was looking for. Luckily, I'm no stranger to . . . erm . . . altered states of conscious so it's quite a comfort to read that. You pretty much aleviated my fears, so thank you very much. I'd give you a hug, but you're not here.

  • zanebluezaneblue
    Posts: 224
    I find I can easily put on the brakes by drinking caffeine, or eating starchy meals. Having ejaculatory orgasms also takes the wind out of my sails. In drastic cases, taking Deferol will kill my libido completely.

    Although I usually like being this way very much. I've been crazy orgasmic for years now, with no ill effects.
  • I had almost two weeks break while away from home, but now I've started up again my orgasms seem to have stepped up yet another notch. I haven't discharged for nearly a month and I'm almost having orgasms just thinking about them! But now I know that it is possible to recover for a while from CMSOS.

    Anyway, I've decided to "go Pro" and just ordered a Progasm with two-day shipping. Can't wait to experience new dimensions! I've got CMSOS real bad again right now! I'll keep you posted ...
  • BoPBoP
    Posts: 96
    When you have orgasm you have a stream of energy passing through your body and it is possible to use it and control it, most people do not try that since they just want to enjoy the feeling but when you have enough of it comes to mind to try to monitor yourself from the side when you orgasm.

    You can point, transform and expand this energy and use it for things you want but that needs allot of dedication and work, one of the first skills you need for this is to call this state on demand you can then shift your state and orgasm will go to the background and become very dull while energy flow will become evident and accessible.

    It seems to me that what ever causes you to have uncontrollable orgasms is related to poor control of that energy flow and some triggering factors open the valve.

    My question to you people is can you call in an orgasm on demand anytime?

    I will try to make some kind of technique to let you maybe gain some control over it need more info though.

    I am able to call in an orgasm on demand with no stimulation, doing some tension in pelvic region and can expand it to very intense feeling and can also fade it, I never had it jump on me and take over, I am pretty sure you can do the same.
  • alvalv
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    Being 57, and the Urologist after a ultrasound checkup told me I had a slightly enlarged prostate gland - nothing to worry about at this stage and this explains the nightly trip to the bathroom - this prompted me to search the Internet for prostate health and that is how I discovered the Aneros

    After only 5 days use I think I am a CMSOS sufferer.

    Yesterday I enjoyed a 3 hour plus Orgasmic sessions, I just cannot stop the Aneros from doing its dance - afterwards exhausted, bed wet with sweat - must be equivalent to 1 hour strenuous gym session on the cross trainer - and afterwards without the Aneros, laying in bed and dozing off to dreamland the whole body was tingling as if wired up and current passing through me with short involuntary shaking periods - all pleasant and relaxing.

    This morning after a deep and refreshing sleep (no getting up at night for a leak) instead of 1/2 hour morning yoga I opted for 1/2 hour continues orgasmic bliss (without ejaculating) - wow how that energised me.

    I am writing this during lunchtime, cannot wait for tonight - and have a long weekend ahead of me ....
  • plantationplantation
    Posts: 253
    super cheer for your experiment keep us informed of the continuation :P :P :P