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The rule: solo-explore before partnered experience?
  • MyTurnMyTurn
    Posts: 434
    Is it always best to get the results/any results/some or any pleasure/the O/P-wave/Super-T/contractions on your OWN before introducing it into sex with a partner?

    I wouldn't say I've had any real pleasure with having the MGX inserted and contracting, one or two contractions - but I expect that those were the result of breathing rather than prostate contact or anal sensitivity, etc.

    But I don't get pleasure from my penis anyway (considering seeing a sexologist. Im not on meds. Depression, yes, but I'm not in "depressed mode" really when I'm masturbating or on good sex sessions), but I do manage to orgasm most times.

    I wanted to explore how the "brains of male sexuality" the prostate/perinium could help me out with solo/partnered sex in terms of adding pleasure rather than wanting the orgasm.

    I masturbated a little with the MGX inserted and felt a longer "arriving at orgasm" than ever before when masturbating. I also felt (psychologically? tactile-wise/touchwise) that I was including (like full-inclusion) all of my so-called sexual pleasure spots (penis, peri, prost).

    The MGX did feel ok during one contraction, but seemed to "miss that spot" at all other times. I might add the Helix to my arse-nal (pun).

    The point: I am going to a hotel with my gf tonight and was wondering whether I should bring the MGX along and explain it:

    - Should I wait til I have positive results so I can share them with her?
    - Should I bring it along so I can at least enjoy the perinium and "full-inclusion" (mentioned above) of it, and if anything good happens, great?


    I won't take it with me. I wanted to ejac with it in (wasn't expecting a super-T, I just wanted to ejac now so I can last longer later), and TBH it wasn't as intense as the normal penile orgasms during sex, so I think I have a lot more training to do before bringing prostate toys into the sex equation.
  • I think solo practice is best at first. You are opening yourself up to an entirely new level of sensation in an area that has never felt anything like this. If you try to include a partner you may confuse your body and end up making the process of awakening to these feelings take longer but I'm no doctor and I've only tried intercourse with an Aneros inserted once. Either I tried it too early or I still wasn't sure what I was supposed to be feeling, but the resultant ejaculation wasn't as spectacular as I expected based on what I read from others that had tried it.

    Plus, we are at our most uninhibited when we are by ourselves. I'm still wrestling with insecurities about anal play and with discussing these matters with my partner. By allowing myself some "alone time" I am free to explore without being concerned about what my partner thinks.

    The bottom line is to do what you feel most comfortable with. Maybe try talking to her about it first, if you haven't already done so.