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My first time
  • Well, I decided to pick up a Helix as I have heard some good things about the Aneros products. I just got it today, along with a Hitachi magic wand, which I have heard can help hasten the process if you get frustrated. So, I slipped it in, trying to follow the directions as well as possible and ensuring the placement was correct. Unfortunately, I really felt nothing at all. I tried some pornography to get things going, but to no effect. Then I tried the magic wand, which helped, but ultimately I found it more enjoyable to use the wand by itself. I also had some slippage, which prevented the helix from making contact with the perineum. I have no doubt that the aneros is a good toy, and effective, for some, but unfortunately, like so many other toys, for me this is a dud. I may experiment with it further, but I just can't see reaching the Super-O from the nothing I have now. I do recommend the magic wand though, that is pretty nice.
  • Hi fizzle,
    Do you expect to reach a super-O the first try?

    No my friend, it takes a bit of time.... and it may take six months, or it may only take weeks!
    It is truly up to your body, as each person is different.

    You have to let the Prostate "learn" what you want from it.
    It will take some time for the mind and body to learn the new technique from the Helix.

    Your body and mind now only knows that for pleasure, you are going to stroke yourself.
    You now need to teach the brain the prostate is now important as well.

    Don't give up on only one try!!