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Doctor's opinions?
  • I am fairly new here and am wondering if there have been any opinions expressed on this forum by family doctors. I am sure the doctor will not be interested in our sexual adventures, but what about from a prostate health perspective.

    I have enjoyed using my Aneros about every other day. My wife will not get involved. I have not had any orgasms that I can attribute to my Aneros, but I do frequently masturbate while it is inserted.

    My wife wants does know that I am using the Aneros and wants me to discuss my use with our doctor. I don't know if I will be comfortable doing that. I started using it because I was having some bladder control problems and the Aneros seems to help.

    I do not do long sessions, usually about a half hour while getting ready and taking a shower.
  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,353
    your wife is concerned about your health. if you have bladder control issues, she's right, you probably should have a visit to the doctor. but, go to a urologist, not your family doc. if you need a referral, use the urinary frequency/urgency as the reason.

    you can certainly discuss the aneros w/ the urologist. don't waste your time w/ the family doc. he won't know and will offer a self-important but uninformed opinion.

    if it is any help, i have discussed the aneros (even brought it in for a show-and-tell) with two urologists, who were quite interested. they had no concerns.

  • I went to our family doctor today to get my wife off my back. Told him about the Aneros and he said "go ahead and use it, you won't hurt anything"
  • Hi Big Jimbo,
    Good for you, at least you went to the doc.
    That should at least ease your wife's mind a bit.
    Now, go have some fun!! :wink: