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Home brew lube
  • Hello,

    A tip for home made lube:

    Get some guar gum, xanthan gum, your favorite lube (i use probe thick & rich)

    i use 1/2tsp guar, 1/2tsp xanthan, 1-2 tblspoons lube, 1 cup water.

    mileage may vary but if you use the aneros ALOT and maybe a fleshlight, its nice to have lots of lube :)

    i toss it all in a food processor, but, little bit at a time as the gums tend to get gloppy and the longer u blend, the more air goes in the mixture.

    the lube has to be kept in fridge or it goes off in a few days, i make that much then freeze half.

    see yas

    happy orgasming
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,778
    Hello breonyx, :)

    Neat idea! Thanks for sharing it with us.

    What does this recipe give you that the Probe thick & rich alone does not?

    Is it about cutting it with lower cost ingredients to make it more cost effective?

    Does the texture and thickness become different?

    Were you aware that there is a thread about different lubes and home made lubes at the following link?

    Love is Peace
  • Yes, it's the cost. Was going thru too much probe. Found this mixture to work really well.
  • Hi breonyx,

    Have a look at the thread Love_is sent to you. They are not expensive, natural, and last a long time.

    It is just another alternative without using any of the Probe Thick & Rich at all.

    Thanks for the tip!! I may try it down the road. I think I have a left-over bottle of probe. :D