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Cumming in the office
  • Good day forum, end of a busy week, and I'm bushed! Things have gotten a bit weird recently. I haven't used the progasm in a couple of days, but I've been quite sexually charged nonetheless.

    For the last two days I have been able to orgasm while sitting at my desk with other people milling around me. For those of you that thought the inflammatory title of this post meant that I had someone bent over a desk and was going at it with them for several hours...i'm sorry to disappoint, but a romantic encounter with any of my office many of whom are long term drug addicts would absolutely kill my libido permanently.

    That being said, I found it utterly bizaare that I was able to generate anero results with little to no effort. I haven't ejaculated for over a week (although several times during the course of my day I have been fooled). I should repeat - I haven't ejaculated for well over a week. That's unheard of for me!

    So, I am multi-orgasmic, I focus on my prostate (imagining the aneros working its magic) and within a few short minutes I am having a nice continuous stream of mini-Os, oh, and believe it or not I am getting some work done!

    I rarely get hard during these daytime sessions, I just feel my prostate fluttering and being massaged by...I don't know what, there's no progasm to massage it, it's a self massaging prostate...good god, what have I done?!

    I was at some point asked to run an urgent errand, to which my reply was 'ummm...does it have to be done right now?'

    I'm not posting to brag, but I'm just wondering if anyone else has got to a stage where the aneros seems almost redundant and you can have as much pleasure as you want during the course of the day, no matter what you're doing. I haven't chanced upon these dry orgasms idly, it has been quite a strained course and a LOT of sessions over the past week have seen me going to work exhausted because of a session the night before where I usually fell sleep with the progasm still inside.

    I'd say for most, the aneros isn't synonymous with pleasure, I've had plenty of dud sessions and..well, I won't start up about the p-tab again!

    I would say that the progasm can still generate results faster, but my mind (and my prostate) can get me to extremely pleasant orgasmic states without it quickly now...what happens next?

    On a sidenote, I should also say that I haven't really used the progasm much in the past few days because it feels like I have plateaued with it, and I don't know where I can go from from there. The plateau is very nice, I enjoy the view from the top, but is it a false summit? Have I already attained the super-o? Hard to say.

    Thanks for reading, and I hope you've had a great week
  • I'm a lot like you except that I won't orgasm in the office.Ii like to make noises and that might get me fired!

    I had to forgo my aneros sessions for 10 days but I had dry orgasms each day and they kept me satified. I too don't cum very often now that I've discovered this new sexuality. However I find that when I want to cum I have a few dry orgasms in a row then masterbate myself during one of them. I must say these are the most intense orgasms I've had for a while.

    This new sexuaity is so much fun!
  • ha ha...i know exactly what you mean, the office isn't exactly the best place, is it?

    you've given me an idea with the combining of masturbation and dry orgasm....thanks, i'll try it out!
  • Another beautiful post Magma1984, it's like you've finally reached the understanding of your nickname - the energy of Magma that rarely becomes Lava. Big congratulations on your progress (or should that be Progasmess) - I for one am really encouraged by this - I love the way you are just beginning to integrate this continuous access to orgasm into your life - I bet you're glad you didn't force the issue on hands-free ejaculation as that would probably be a bit messy at work :)

    Could you reflect back on your progress and just give us an estimate of length of training with the Progasm (number of hours conscious with it in and hours asleep with it in) before reaching this capacity of (non)anero-sexuality.

    I had a most enjoyable session last night - based on thinking the anus is just another mouth, let's give it a variety of shapes and textures to suck on - I started with the Progasm for half an hour and just before going to sleep exchanged it for the advanced set Peridise (smaller) fell asleep with it in, woke at 1.00pm had a pee and made union with the Helix for another blissful hour and this morning, man does my anus feel good, slightly twitching and bewitching me.

    So where now, well for you I guess Magma - diversity, depth and dependency - keep us posted from the frontier.
  • Could you reflect back on your progress and just give us an estimate of length of training with the Progasm (number of hours conscious with it in and hours asleep with it in) before reaching this capacity of (non)anero-sexuality.

    For you hapticbear, anything. I might not be entirely accurate in all the details, but I'll do my best. I received the progasm on the 10th sept (checked my emails...resourceful little critter aren't I?) This means I've had the progasm for roughly three months...thought it was longer than that. That gives us ninety days of which I probably spent 60 percent of the time having an aneros session, so we'll say I have had 60 sessions, but it could be slightly higher. On average my sessions are about three hours, so that's 180 hours of conscious play time...wait...let me figure out how many songs my ipod would play during that time...just kidding.

    I'd say about 20 of those sessions I fell asleep with the progasm inside, so that adds about 100-120 hours unconscious time, assuming I had five or six hours sleep.

    My first week, I felt little pleasurable sensation, I took about a week off to be miserable about it before trying again. I then started to get minor results, tingles of pleasure, feelings of the progasm spinning around at lightening speed inside me. At about this time in my nightly experiments, I was doing really stupid things, like contracting so hard that the progasm would likely rip a hole through to my prostate - direct access - clever boy magma, clever boy.

    About a month in, I had my first really intense session, and the day after, I noticed my prostate was still going haywire. I was still half asleep and felt like I had been f**ked, rather than the other way around and I didn't know how to feel about that, but while sitting at my computer on my day off, the contractile phase of ejaculation started happening and I had a dry ejaculation right there at my desk. I looked down in disbelief wondering if that had just happened.

    After this, I had many a session where I was just reaching for the heights of my last intense session. You can't do this. Reaching for something is the same as expecting it, and until you release those expectations, you'll be lucky if anything happens. I'm sure this is the reason that a lot of my sessions have been bad.

    I have had quite a few memorable sessions though, and these are what have made the progress for me. If you can wake up the morning after and have those pleasant prostate buzzes follow you around for most of the day, you are definitely on your way.

    Another really helpful thing which you have alluded to in your comment is visualisation. Crazy shit like imagining your anus as a mouth is exactly what I'm talking about. Your sub-conscious mind lives for that kind of thing! Getting into a hyper-sexual state will intensify a session beyond anything you could have imagined.

    The 'always on' button for my prostate has only really been pushed in the past few days. It will eventually turn itself off when the pleasure becomes unbearable. Today is a prime example. I think I'm just sexually exhausted! While sitting here typing this, I can still generate fantastic sensations on my prostate, but not quite as intensely as two days ago - I did ejaculate yesterday though - too much sexual tension had built up within me! Thankfully recovery time is greatly reduced nowadays.

    The one other thing I will say before this comment becomes a blog, is that you have to recognise the build up of tension, because the anus and the pc muscle will naturally clench when you get sexually excited and whenever I notice this happening, I always tend to release and relax those muscles and let the pleasure flow through and around them. I almost imagine that the cum will just ooze out instead of like the quick release following a build up of hydrostatic pressure!

    Today, I will try an anero-less session in the bath - I'll report back. Magma and his crazy experiments...sigh.
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,782
    Wow magma1984!

    That's fantastic where you have gotten so far!
    I'm a tad bit jealous.

    I have no idea where you will progress from here as you have passed over where I am at.

    I'll have to put more attention and thought into the relaxing and do nothing approach again. It's just so difficult to keep from forcing the issue by consciously contracting when I feel some pleasure.

    Anyways, I'm happy to see you have made so much progress so far.

    Love is Peace
  • cheers love_is, appreciate your jealousy...just kidding :wink: I wish I knew what was going to happen next because I have a feeling this daytime orgasm thing might become very distracting!!

    I know exactly what you mean about the conscious contractions - I found it pretty damn hard (and still do) to tell my conscious brain to stay the hell out of my session! It's allowed to watch while I go at it with my subconscious mind!

    oh yeah....the bath. It was pretty intense, but I just couldn't relax, and beads of sweat kept running down into my eyes which broke my state continuously. I had some very pleasant orgasmic contractions, but no big O. It wasn't quite the sensual experience that the movies make it out to be (no, not those movies!) Ever seen Romancing my prostate? Great film...about a guy that takes a two hour bath, you can watch beads of sweat run down his face from seven different angles on the DVD.

    I'd quite like to do a progasm session tonight...but I also kind of want to explore this new thing which has happened to me...we'll see where the evening takes me ;>)
  • Reminds me of the SNL Short: I Jizzed in My Pants
  • hlaser99hlaser99
    Posts: 785
    Hey ALL!

    Sounds like a "Chair-Orgasm" to me!

    They are great . . . Aren't they???

    Later, Hlaser99